Nick Churick

Nick is a product marketer and a seasoned SEO specialist at Ahrefs. He is also a regular contributor to the Ahrefs Blog, dedicating his remaining time to enhancing the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar.

How to Get 100 Results on Google SERP in 2024

In 2022, Google introduced continuous scroll for desktop users, making it much harder to “hide a dead body” because “page 2” effectively ceased to exist.

Naturally, the search setting for the number of search results per page, which most SEOs set to 100 by default, no longer made sense, so Google removed it.

Fast-forward to June 2024, and Google has reverted to the classic pagination model for the desktop search results. However, the “results per page” setting has never reappeared.

So, how can an SEO specialist get 100 results on the SERP now?
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SEO Guide for Start-Ups

Startup SEO involves increasing a startup’s website visibility on search engines like Google in order to attract valuable search traffic. Investing in SEO can lead to free organic traffic that can grow over time, making it a cost-effective alternative to paid advertising. SEO has the potential to become a key part of a startup’s marketing strategy.

SEO costs can vary, from expensive agencies to more affordable DIY approaches. Learning SEO is not overly complex and does not require special skills like coding. There are many online resources available, including free guides.

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7 Wayback Machine Alternatives to Explore Website History

Even the biggest, most popular websites had to start somewhere, right? Well, have you ever wondered what these websites used to look like back in the day — or how they evolved over the years?

That’s where tools like Wayback Machine come in:

These resources give you access to billions upon billions of archived web pages — with Wayback Machine being one of the oldest examples of digital archives.

If, for whatever reason, the Wayback Machine doesn’t meet your needs, no worries — there are quite a few Wayback Machine alternatives worth checking out.
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Top SEO Conferences to Attend in the 2nd Half of 2024

Every large topical community has its conferences, and SEO is no exception.

Every year, thousands of SEOs from around the world gather at numerous conferences to share knowledge and experiences, find inspiration and motivation, and, of course, network and meet their online SEO contacts in person.

Several outstanding events have already taken place in 2024, including SEO Vibes in Poland, SEO Meetup in New York, and brightonSEO in the UK. However, the rest of the year promises many more exciting events.

Here are the top SEO conferences to attend in the second half of 2024:

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Best Enterprise SEO Tools for 2024: Choosing the Right One

SEO software provides valuable insights that your business needs for content marketing success. However, the larger the business, the more demanding the process is.

At this organizational size and level, your enterprise needs a platform that can efficiently handle large data sets and lead your company’s organic marketing efforts.

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