How to Cancel your Semrush Subscription or Trial

Very important disclaimer: I work at Ahrefs, so my views on SEO tools are, of course, biased. I want to state that clearly before we begin. Semrush folks, please don’t take this blog post too seriously, but your cancellation process IS tricky :)

Over the past few years, I have personally witnessed dozens of tweets complaining about the Semrush account cancellation process. So, I decided to check if it was that horrible for myself.

Here’s just one of the recent tweets:

I signed up for a personal subscription with Semrush to get a firsthand experience that I could share with you.

Spoiler alert: I really faced a few challenges, and the whole process required quite a few actions.

Challenge 1: Locating the “Cancel” button

In the tweet above, Ivan wasn’t exaggerating. Okay, he was, but only by a small margin. It’s not that easy to find the sacramental button.

The account menu in Semrush has only a few sections, and it seemed pretty obvious that the Subscription info was the place I should go to cancel my account.

To my surprise, I could not find any button or link labeled “Cancel” there. I used the browser search and even scanned through the page code—it wasn’t there.

There was only a link to the Cancellation Policy, which did not interest me much.

Having failed to find the button, I turned to the official documentation from Semrush.

Challenge 2: Searching Through the Documentation

Semrush’s help center, the “Knowledge Base,” has around 600 pages (according to Ahrefs’ Top Pages report). As expected, one of them ranks first on Google for the “how to cancel Semrush” query.

Surprisingly, the page titled “Canceling Your Subscription” requires some time to scan through to find the exact solution.

It warns you about all the negative impacts of this action on your well-being and recommends requesting a personal demo instead, or in the worst case, downgrading your account to a less expensive plan.

And somewhere below the fold, inside an expandable FAQ-like block, you can finally find two ways to cancel:

  1. Follow a link to a dedicated contact form or
  2. Request cancellation from the Subscription Info page (the one where I failed to find the right button).

Semrush documentation about cancellation

It turns out that you need to click on the “Active” indicator of your recurring subscription and then click on the “contact us” link (which, by the way, takes you to the same form recommended as the #1 solution).

a cancellation button, finally

Sidenote: I need to confess here: I’m the wrong type of marketer. I would rather not contact anyone if I could avoid it. That is why the upcoming process felt a bit disturbing to me. I think many people will understand.

So, having overcome my sociophobia, I clicked “Contact us.”

Challenge 3: Filling out the form

Of course, asking for mandatory feedback on cancellation is something that many SaaS companies implement. However, this experience with Semrush might seem overwhelming.

Step 1:

I’m truly amazed by the number of human resources that Semrush possesses. You need to have a huge team to offer a personalized one-on-one call to everyone canceling their subscription or even their trial!

Step 2:

Another distraction on your way to cancellation, but of course, many SaaS companies do that. Everyone cares about customer retention rates.

Step 3:

Now, you land on a mandatory 4-question questionnaire.

Sidenote: Here, I had to start the process anew because they changed the confirmation button style from grey to colored.

Interestingly, the questionnaire is dynamic, and the next question will vary depending on your first answer.

Step 4:

Of course, if you select “Other,” you cannot leave the text field blank.

Step 5:

That’s a provocative question. I’m almost sure I know what’s going to follow.

Step 6:

I’ll be honest here.

Step 7:

Naturally, you get a warning that all your projects (though not all, in fact) will be deleted.

Final cancellation stage Semrush


I took some time to play with this form a bit and found that if you select “I have another Semrush account/I want to change my subscription” as the answer to the first question, you will skip steps 2-6, saving you some time.

Step 8:

To me, the previous step was expected to be the final one. Only it wasn’t.

Hopefully, the final step in semrush cancellation process

This would be an understandable security measure if it didn’t require so many actions to reach this point.

Step 9:

Finally, check your inbox and click on the orange button:

The message says you will keep one of your projects when you cancel.

Step 9.1:

It took me one extra step because I’m using a Chrome extension that warns me about tracking. You won’t necessarily see this screen.

Tracking the clicks in the email


And finally, your paid subscription is canceled!semrush finally cancelled

It took me ~10 clicks to cancel my subscription.

Luckily, even though the process started with the “contact us” link, I didn’t have to actually contact or message anyone, which is a huge improvement.

Previously, the only way to cancel your subscription with Semrush was to contact their support team and request cancellation.

Parting words

I mean no offense, but the cancellation process at Semrush is, indeed, a bit painful.

And it’s not like Ahrefs is flawless :)

I hope you won’t need to cancel an Ahrefs subscription anytime soon, but just in case, here’s our process, which is probably less complicated.

Nick is a product marketer and a seasoned SEO specialist at Ahrefs. He is also a regular contributor to the Ahrefs Blog, dedicating his remaining time to enhancing the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar.