11 Twitter Widgets That Make Your Blog A Magnet For New Followers

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One of the best known ways to get new followers on Twitter is to turn your blog readers into ones.

And one of the best ways to funnel your blog visitors to your Twitter account is of course using a fancy Twitter widget somewhere on your blog.

So… without further ado…

Twitter Widgets

Twitter widgets let you add Twitter related items to your blog’s sidebar and footer. No need to spend hours learning how prep and customize them, just spend a few minutes setting them up and you’re good to go.

Doesn’t that sound easy?

It is, which makes it perfect for you to start your twitter endeavors with. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Minimalist Twitter Widget

Need a widget that displays tweets in your sidebar without being too flashy? Then this is for you. This widget is indeed very minimal, and you can barely tell it’s for twitter at all. Sound useful to you? Then check it out.

2. Random Tweet Widget

Want to make sure your older tweets aren’t forgotten? Do they deserve to be among even your newer tweets? This widget will rotate a preselected number of tweets within your sidebar, ensuring all visitors get a chance to see both the old and new tweets you’ve made.

3. TweetDis

Do you want to increase your contents tweet rate by 200%?

TweetDis can help. By allowing you to turn any passage of writing into a tweetable one, readers need only click it once to tweet it with ease. Perfect for those of you who want to create ultra-shareable content.

4. Rotating Tweets

Would you prefer that visitors are simply up-to-date with your latest twitter posts? Perhaps you just want to encourage them to check out your twitter account? This basic widget lets you show your latest tweets, retweets, and includes a follow button as well.

5. WP Twitter Feeds

This neat widget lets you show off your twitter avatar on your sidebar, letting people get a snapshot idea of your twitter account. If twitter is your social media focus, then this feature could be useful to you.

6. Recent Tweets Widget

This widget combines a minimalistic look with reliable service. How? By caching tweets onto your website, tweets display even if twitter’s api is not responding. So if you ever have issues with twitter not displaying in your sidebar, this widget is a perfect solution.

7. Simple Twitter Tweets

Like the previous widget, this widget also has measures that prevent tweets from not displaying if Twitter’s api isn’t working. But unlike “Recent Tweets Widget,” it doesn’t use a minimalistic design. In fact, You can display your twitter account’s avatar and follower count with this widget as well.

So if you’re interested in reliable sidebar tweets but prefer something more jazzed up than “Recent Tweets Widget,” then give this one a shot.

8. Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach

Need a simple widget that displays tweets with specific keywords? What about one that displays #hashtags as well? Then this widget is what you’re looking for. And if you want to know just how far your tweets are actually going, this widget has got you covered.

9. Twitter Widget with Styling

Want more control over how tweets look in your sidebar? This widget gives you design options to modify its appearance for that extra bit of control. Great for those of you who like to mix it up sometimes.

10. Twitter Widget Pro

This is another minimalistic widget that’s perfect for those of you who want a lot of control over what your twitter feed is displaying. You can display #hashtags, URL’s, or even profile images, so try this out if a minimalistic design with several feed options is the kind of twitter widget you’re looking for.

11. Wp Twitter

Need a widget really that integrates twitter into your blog? This widget automatically tweets posts, has share buttons, and can add twitter features to any page, post, or widget area on your blog.

Over to you

What are your favorite twitter widgets? Leave a comment below with your answer because I’d love to hear it :)

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. I am very disappointed that you did not include any widgets for Blogger. I am trying to switch to WP, but I have not had the time to truly devote to he switch. until then, it would have been nice to see something for that platform.

  2. Hi Ericson,

    Smashing list of widgets here.

    Since I’m super active on twitter the widget meld with my blog makes sense. I’m definitely seeking the minimalist route since it vibes with my blog’s design, so I’ll dive into this post more deeply with a bookmark.

    It seems many are missing the boat on twitter, in terms of blogging. If you’ll just retweet, engage, and not stuff the stream….and stay on topic, you’ll attract a ton of RTs and grow your blogging audience swiftly. So easy, compared to other networks, if you’ll just persist with your strategy.

    I love the variety though. So man goodies to choose from…..may have to think a little more “fancy widget style” :)

    Thanks so much Ericson for the helpful widget share.

    I found this on Triberr and will be tweeting through there.


    • Glad you like the article, Ryan. And thanks for the Triberr Tweet!

  3. Hello, I’m the owner of the illustration of Twitter Anatomy. You have not given permisson to use and are liable for a lawsuit. Please take it down immediately! You may find my original work on my Behance site https://www.behance.net/mkn-design. Please link the image to my website – http://www.mkn-design.com

    • Tim Soulo

      ouch.. I’m terribly sorry for that inconvenience.. I just found that image in Google and didn’t see who the author was… I’m going to fix that right now!

  4. I will Remember your Great this Information! Nice post,it is really very helpful for me.One of the few articles I’ve read today.I’m saying thanks