44 Twitter Tools That Will Cover All Your Marketing Needs

Do you want to take your Twitter Marketing to the next level? Then you’re in the right place!


Since Twitter has become such a powerful social media tool, bloggers and internet marketers everywhere have been hopping on the Twitter bandwagon.

But using plain old vanilla Twitter is the weakest way to go about doing things.

The professionals don’t limit themselves to just the basic functions of Twitter, they use tools that give them an edge over the competition.

And luckily for you, some of the best Twitter tools are here for you to personally check out.

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Tweet Scheduling

You might think that just posting tweets at random is the best way to go about things, but you’d be wrong.

Fact is, if you want to get the best responses from your twitter followers, if you want them to really connect with you, then you need to tweet at the optimal times.

And that’s what these tools are for.

These apps analyze the behaviour of your followers so you can figure out when they’re most active. Even better, you can schedule your tweets to automatically to go out at those times so you don’t have to interrupt your day with constant tweeting anymore.

1. Bufferapp – I know this is one of Tims favourite tools. It determines the best times to tweet and automatically sends your tweets out at those times as well. And then you can login to your dashboard and see some useful stats on how your tweets perform. It’s tweeting made easy :)

2. Twuffer – Twuffer is an easy to use tweet scheduler which is perfect if you don’t want to waste time learning other more complicated tools. The interface is simple to work with and automatically shortens your URLs. Overall, great for those who want the easiest tool to tweet with.

3. FutureTweets – Future Tweets has two functions that make it stand out; you can schedule tweets down to the second (as opposed to hourly), and you can add emoticons to your posts (or post upside down tweets, though I don’t see the point). If a little more control over your tweet timing is desired, this might be a winner for you.

4. LaterBro – LaterBro is an app that lets you schedule posts for both twitter AND Facebook, so if you want an easy to use app for that then this is ideal.

5. Tweriod – Tweriod analyzes the activity levels of your followers, and then it determines the best time to tweet based on those results. Need a simple tool for that? Then Tweriod should work out perfectly.

Social Media Management & Monitoring

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could easily track all your tweets and brand mentions in one place?

What about tracking specific keywords that people tweet? Or organizing your Twitter lists in a more convenient way?

These tools are an all-in-one deal that can save you lots of time by adding them to your twitter arsenal. After all, isn’t it much faster that a tool finds tweets about you rather than you go searching for them yourself? Of course it is, so make sure that you pick one of these to use.

And make sure to use a lot of care when picking one as these are the most comprehensive tools with the largest applications.

6. HootSuite – Hootsuite is probably the most popular Twitter management tool out there. You can actually manage multiple social media outlets (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) right from this one tool, so it’s truly all-in-one. And, you can post the same content to some (or all) of those channels all at once. If you’re looking for a web-based twitter tool that serves as a social media hub, then this is for you.

7. CoTweet – CoTweet is a simple to use Twitter management tool. It’s got analytics, scheduling, and let’s you organize followers into separate categories. On top of which it’s web-based, so you can use it from any computer when you need to.

8. TweetDeck – In many ways, Tweetdeck offers the same benefits as Hootsuite. But if you’re only focus is on using Twitter, then Tweetdeck is the better choice for you since Hootsuite will feel more “bloated,” as it’s designed to handle multiple social media outlets.

9. Argyle Social – Argyle social is for you marketers out there. Not only does it track things like tweets and Facebook likes, but it also shows you how those interactions convert into sales. So if you’re interested in seeing how your social media hubs are creating customers, then this is for you.

10. Ubersocial – Ubersocial is also like Hootsuite, but it’s strongest benefit is it’s mobile friendly design. So if you’re always tweeting on the go, Ubersocial is a strong contender.

11. Social Oomph – Many people who love Social Oomph say their favorite feature is the ability to follow keywords and hashtags. This makes it easy to stay up to date on the latest industry news, just by listening in on twitter conversations. Aside from that, Social Oomph is like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

12. Socialbro – SocialBro is a social media manager with powerful follower analysis tools. It lets you see which followers have the greatest influence, which ones you influence, how inactive they are, and so on. This is a great tool for those who want a media manager that really lets them understand their followers.

Content Sharing/Distribution

You’re not the only Twitter user interested in getting more exposure, the tools in this section help twitterers share each others content more easily.

13. Triberr – This tool lets you create and join “tribes” of like-minded bloggers so you can share each others content on auto pilot, netting you free exposure. Tim had some nice results with this service in the early days of BloggerJet and it still accounts for a few dozen tweets on each post that’s being published here (including this one).

14. TwitterFeed – Are there any bloggers who’s content you regularly share on Twitter? Why not just automate the process with Twitterfeed? Twitterfeed makes it so you can add a blogger’s RSS to your Twitter feed, making it automatically update with tweets to their content.

Following People & Managing Your Followers

Knowing who is following you helps you better pick content that you should be sharing with them. You can adjust your communication based on who your followers are and make them love you more. Yet again this helps you to turn a random follower into a fan who will share your content with his social circles and buy from you.

15. ManageFlitter – ManageFlitter is great for analyzing your followers and cleaning them up as well. It shows who’s active, how much influence they have, when they followed you, and so on. It makes finding people who are interested in your content quick and easy, a benefit I’m sure we all love.

16. Commun.it – Commun.it is a tool that that helps you sort through your Twitter followers to find the high-value tweeters. This makes it easy to prioritize those who will get you more exposure, a valuable asset for an internet blogger/marketer. It’s also a lead finder, and finds anybody mentioning your or your brand. Definitely worth your time.

17. Refollow – Refollow has an impressive filter and analytics setup for easily finding high-value and relevant people on Twitter. You can quickly see who hasn’t tweeted in awhile (or has never tweeted), who’s talking about you, and a whole slew of other features that makes assessing twitterers much easier.

18. Tweepi – Another great tool for managing followers. One of the best features of tweepi is it’s ability to easily find and remove the “junk” twitter accounts from your followers/following list. If you find that you’re being flooded with spammy comments or want to get rid of non-active twitterers, then this is perfect for you.

19. UnTweeps – Untweeps is designed to make removing useless followers as easy as possible. If you find yourself constantly removing followers, why not make it easy and use this tool instead?

20. iunfollow – iunfollow is also made for removing junk followers. But iunfollow also makes it easier to remove in bulk, speeding up the process. So if you have a ton of junk followers, this is for you. In addition, there’s a history section keeping track of who you unfollowed and when you did as well. Useful if you feel you might’ve unfollowed somebody you shouldn’t have.

21. Wefollow – Wefollow is an interesting search tool as it not only filters by category, but it also lists in order of “most prominent” to least. This makes it easy to find industry leaders in any category. And when you add yourself, others with similar interests can find you easily as well. What’s great about this is that since they found you using wefollow’s search function, these people will be both relevant AND useful twitter followers.

Twitter Profile Design

Just like in the offline world, first impressions are everything. If you want to make sure that twitterers aren’t leaving at the sight of your Twitter profile, check out these tools that’ll help you make a great looking one.

22. Themeleon – Themeleon is a Twitter theme design tool over at colourlovers. It makes it easy to customize a personal design for your twitter account, and comes with multiple images and thousands of patterns to choose from.

23. Free Twitter Designer – Although free Twitter designer doesn’t have have as many images or patterns as themeleon, it let’s you individually change each section of your Twitter profile with colors, shapes, images, and text. So if you’re interested in having more control over your design, this is where you’d go.

Twitter Research

Finding influential people on Twitter is one of the most powerful strategies in Twitter Marketing. And like the Twitter Marketing for Dummies Guide says:

So the tools, that will help you…

  1. Find people with a huge following
  2. Connect with them

…are of the highest value.

24. TweetLevel – Tweetlevel has an intense array of social analytics. Want to know who the influencers are on Twitter? Want to know YOUR influence level on Twitter? You can do that with this tool. You can also analyze tweets that mention your brand, search topics and hashtags, measure your “buzz,” and see what links are shared the most on Twitter. If you need to know EVERYTHING about Twitter, then this is for you.

25. Tweeterspy – Tweeterspy makes it super easy to find those talking about you or your content online. It’s got a simple interface and is great for its low learning curve. If you just want an easy way to find and communicate with people who talk about you, don’t skip out on this tool.

26. Cybranding – Cybranding focuses on analyzing Twitter hashtags, so instead of being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options other research tools have, you can pinpoint your efforts on hashtags. This tool lets you quickly see who is using a hashtag the most, how much influence they have, and whether or not they’ll be useful to collaborate with.

27. Mention.net – Mention.net works like a souped up version of Google alerts. You put in the keyword/phrase you want to be alerted for, and it sends you messages when they’re found online. Unlike Google alerts, social media is included in it its results, which is why it’s on this list. So if you’re looking for a more passive form of Twitter research, check this tool out.

28. Needtagger – Needtagger is an easy to use tool that lets you quickly identify twitterers who are in need of your content, based on their tweets. Sound useful? Then don’t skip out on this tool.

29. FollowerWonk – Followerwonk is a tool that lets you do a bit of everything. Need to find new followers? Check. Need to analyze twitter accounts? Check. Need to find the influencers? Check. If you need all your twitter bases covered, this tool is perfect for you.

30. Topsy – Topsy lets you research ALL tweets since 2006 and lets you see what keywords are trending on Twitter. Need a little Twitter history lesson? Then check out Topsy.

31. Twitonomy – Twitonomy is another all-in-one package. It’s got analytics, follower/following management, and even lets you download a twitterer’s retweet and favorite tweet history.  If you’re still looking for that all-in-one twitter tool, then this is a contender.

32. Local Tweeps – A neat little tool that helps you find and connect with local twitterers.

33. Twellow – Twellow works kind of like a Twitter yellow pages. Twitterers are organized into several different categories, so all you’ve got to do is check out the ones that fit your needs and pick out twitterers.

34. Strip The Blog – of course there’s no way for me not to mention Tim’s own “Strip The Blog” tool. You can use it to analyze latest articles of any given blog based on the number of tweets (& other social shares) they got. An awesome way to discover content that gets viral on Twitter.

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

There’s actually a ton of great social media plugins for WordPress, but we want to maximize our Twitter usage, right? Integrating Twitter with WordPress is smart way to make social media just that bit better, so let’s see what great twitter plugins are out there.

35. TweetDis – TweetDis is a tool that you can use to fill your articles with “tweetable” quotes. This strategy right now is gaining popularity among bloggers and it can lead to 200% increase in tweets! This plugin was developed by Tim Soulo btw.


36. WordTwit – Wordtwit automatically formats a tweet for you whenever you publish a post on your blog. If you post a lot of content on your blog then this is a plugin worth looking into.

“Rich” Tweets

These tools can enhance the capabilities of your tweets by increasing character length and adding interactive surveys, which can increase engagement and make your twitter followers love you more.

37. Twitlonger – Twitlonger makes it so your tweets can be longer than 140 characters. If you find yourself regularly unable to condense your thoughts into that character limit, this might be useful to you.

38. Twtpoll – Twtpoll enhances your tweets with polls, surveys, and questions, in order to make your tweets more interactive and informative. If greater engagement is your goal, this the tool for you.

39. Onekontest – Onekontest turns your tweets into contest material. You can have twitterers tweet a hashtag, picture, video, or answer a question to be entered into a contest you run. If you’re looking to have some fun with your followers, then definitely check out this tool.

Bonus Twitter Tools

Some more tools that were too hard to put into any of the above categories :)

40. TweetReach – This neat tool measures how “far” one of you’re tweets have gone, as well who saw it and who’s talking about. Pretty cool for a simple, free tool to use. If you’re willing to pay for it, you can see far more than the 50 tweets the free usage of the tool provides. Great tool for those who don’t want to invest much time or effort into their twitter research.

41. Group Tweet – Group tweet enables you and several other people to tweet from the same twitter account while maintaining your individual user name. If you run a business that requires lots of people to tweet, don’t miss this one.

42. Sharedby – Formerly known as Visibli, Sharedby is a tool that works like a hellobar but contains your social media accounts. It makes it easy to get more followers and have people share your content as well. Great if you’re simply looking to build up your twitter base and share your content more easily.

43. Paper.Li – Paper.Li is an interesting tool, it lets you create a personal newsfeed based on content you handpick. Through a combination of filters and customization options, you can create a newsfeed that your Twitter followers are in love with. You can also choose the frequency and update times for your newsfeed so it’s always to you and your followers specifications. If you’re looking for an easy way to share great content with your followers, make sure not to miss out on this great tool.

44. Bit.ly – Bit.ly shortens the URLs in your tweets and tracks how many people end up clicking on them. Useful for people who want to see how engaged their audience is with them.

Over to you

So that was it! I know there are many more Twitter tools around the web, but me and Tim handpicked only the most useful ones for you to check out.

Do you know of any Twitter tools that should absolutely be on this list? Please leave a comment telling me what it is because I’d love to know what it is:)

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. Great list of tools. I thought you and your readers might be interested in what we’re doing at TweetOptix (http://tweetoptix.com). Our goal is to provide a service that helps people optimize tweets before they send them. It’s very preliminary still but we’d love any feedback. Thanks!

  2. Great list! I built an app that would fall under “Following People”. Twibitz (http://www.twibitz.com) analyzes a Twitter user based on their profile and history and gives you a 1-page profile report of their “tweet style” including data like how often they tweet, follower/following/tweets ratios, activity levels, apps used, social scoring, and a lot more!

    If I follow someone on Twitter it means that I’ve personally looked at their profile to see if they’re someone I want to follow back. I don’t believe auto-follow backs are a good practice. I built Twibitz to help me do that more efficiently. I can quickly tell if an account is someone I would not want to follow.

    If you want to check it out, Twibitz is in beta. Just create an account and request an invite.

    And thanks for letting me shamelessly self-promote my app :D

    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Mike, thanks for bringing this tool to my attention! I’ll make sure I check it out next time I write a relevant article! ;)

  3. Twitter marketing seems to be effective only if use it appropriately and the tools mentioned here are of great significance. It is very important for us to manage our twitter accounts through these tools mentioned above if we really want to boost up our social media campaigns.

  4. Great tools for Twitters., but I personally like Twibes for contacting same interest people. Anyway, nice and great post related Twitter marketing.