35 Twitter Plugins That Do Everything You May Think Of

Do you think you know all of the best twitter plugins out there? Think again.


Consider how many twitter plugins there are out there that you haven’t even checked out yet, maybe dozens? Hundreds? Thousands even? Who knows?

But one thing’s for sure – me and Tim are working hard to bring all the best ones here for your absolute convenience.

So why waste any more time? Let’s take a look at some of the best twitter plugins out there, and I’ll bet you’ll find something that’s just perfect for your twitter marketing needs.

Automatic post tweeters

The automatic blog post tweeters are great for those of you who:

  1. Create a lot of blog content
  2. Want their tweeting load to be reduced

These plugins will automatically tweet your posts as soon as they’re published, and will also tweet older posts automatically. They’re basically convenience plugins, so if that sounds good to you then definitely check these plugins out.

Evergreen Post Tweeter – Evergreen Post Tweeter lets you to schedule and automatically tweet out links to old posts.

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Twitter for social proof

These twitter plugins are great if you need a little social proof to show how authoritative you are. They’ll also will help you grow your twitter following.

Twitter Mentions as Comments – This plugin searches Twitter for people who talk about you and your site and adds their Tweets to your existing comments. Really useful if you want to boost your credibility and look more authoritative.

Twitter Like Box Reloaded – Lets you display all of your followers somewhere on your site and adds a follow button as well, but only useful for social proof if you have a lot of followers.

Similar plugins

Content Tweeting

Do you have lots of images to tweet? Do you want to make your written content easy to tweet? These plugins make it so all your audience has to do is click exactly what they want to tweet (whether it’s an image, a line of words, or a whole blog post), and then voila, easy to tweet content.

TweetDis – Want your readers to tweet your written content more often? TweetDis makes it so you can preselect certain passages for easy tweeting. Awesome if you want certain lines to not only stand out but be a marketing tool as well.

Twitter Hover Tweet For WordPress – This plugin makes your images easily tweetable, pretty useful if you use a lot of images or make your own that you’d like to share.

Hupso Share Buttons – Hupso generates share buttons for not only twitter, but Facebook and Google+ as well. Pretty useful if you need a plugin that lets you share your blog posts easily.

Similar plugins

Twitter Real-time feed display

Do you know any twitterers whose tweets are of great value to your audience? These twitter plugins will display their tweets somewhere on your blog, that way your audience always has access to them.

Twitter Alligator WordPress PluginTwitter Alligator can gather and display tweets from several twitter users all at once.

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Twitter dashboards

Is twitter like your second home? If so, then you might benefit from a plugin that turns your blog into a twitter control center.

Twitter Tools – Pretty neat plugin that lets you automatically tweet posts, archive your tweets into a section for your audience to look at, and tweet from your blog. This is great for those of you who constantly use their twitter accounts.

Similar plugins

Likehack – This plugin lets you share handpicked content from not only twitter, but other social media sites as well (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.). You can add filters to makes sure only the most relevant material is shared, which is great if you want more engagement and/or want people to sign up for your social media profiles.

Display twitter searches and hashtags

Do you or your audience benefit from a certain twitter search or hashtag? These plugins automatically gather and display the results for your readers to easily check them out.

Twitter Tracker – Is there a certain twitter search or hashtag that your audience might be interested in? This plugin lets you display a search or hashtag within your sidebar for all to see.

Hashcore – If you want to use hashtags within your blog posts, then this plugin is for you.

Twitter login

Do you have a large twitter audience? If you have a login on your site, then it might be useful to just let people access it with their twitter accounts.

Nextend Twitter Connect – Use this plugin to let people login to your site with their twitter account.

Twitter commenting

Do your twitter followers comment on your blog often? Use these plugins to let them leave comments using their twitter accounts.

JetPack – Jetpack lets users access the comments section of your blog using their twitter profile (as well as Facebook and Google+, among others). Pretty cool if you have an active twitter following commenting on your blogs.

Birdo – Twitter Comments Plugin – This neat plugin lets people comment on your while simultaneously tweeting that very same comment. Pretty cool for combining blog engagement with your marketing efforts.

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Twitter cards

Do want to beef up the appearance of your tweets so they get more attention? These plugins will add a “card” to your tweets, which adds more detail to them like an image and summary of your links.

JM Twitter Cards – Adds a card to your tweeted links, making them stand out amongst the sea of tweets.

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Over to you

Do you know of any other twitter plugins that would fit in with this list? What are they? Please leave a comment with your answer because I’d love to hear it :)

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