50 Respected Bloggers Gave Me WRONG Advice On Twitter Marketing. Oops!

I will probably get beaten real hard for this headline, but at least it should effectively steal your attention (…you will thank me for this very soon).


And if you think that this is going to be “just another list post” with advice from bloggers – you’re terribly-terribly wrong!

What I don’t like about such posts is that those brief pieces of advice that are stacked together are too easy to misinterpret. Which leads to thinking: “This guy was probably wrong” (see my headline).

But in reality…

Nobody is actually wrong.

I’ve reached out to pro bloggers and online marketers with one simple question:

What is your #1 tactic for getting traffic from Twitter?

And every piece of advice I got was different, but completely legitimate.

However if you decide to follow it – you are very likely to fail.

That’s because of the gap between “what the blogger meant to say” and “what you thought he meant”.

So in this article I’m not just thoughtlessly copy/pasting the text that I’ve got from pro bloggers, but I’m actually going to explain the context that stands behind each answer.

Which is going to look like this:

1. How To Make Your Content Spread On Twitter

When thousands (or better hundreds of thousands) of people tweet about you – you get huge traffic to your website. That’s a fact!

Which means that…

[tweet_box]Making other people tweet your articles is the best way to get traffic from Twitter[/tweet_box]

Most people think that growing the number of their twitter followers is the best way to get traffic from Twitter and I’m afraid they can’t be more wrong.

Studies have shown that on average only 1% of your twitter followers click the links that you tweet. So if you want to get at least 100 visitors from your tweet – you need to have over 10.000 followers on Twitter.

[fancy_box id=1]Exclusive bonus:?[content_upgrade id=5356]15 Tools To Amplify your Twitter Marketing Success[/content_upgrade][/fancy_box]

But when you make other people tweet your articles you get a bunch of visits from every tweet. And those new visitors might tweet your article too, which creates the so-called “viral loop“.

I talk a lot about this in my “Twitter Marketing for Dummies“, but let’s see what the experts have to say:



1. Jon Morrow of boostblogtraffic.com


My favorite Twitter tactic is asking influential people I know for tweets. But if you’re a beginner that won’t work for you. So ignore Twitter.

Follow Jon Morrow on Twitter.



2. Tia Kelly of unbounce.com


Two things we do at Unbounce:

  1. We post our content repeatedly at different times to make sure we’re reaching different segments of our audience in a variety of timezones
  2. We always make sure to include tweetable quotes in our blog posts to make it easier for people to share our content

Follow Tia Kelly on Twitter.



3. Lewis Howes of lewishowes.com


Don’t do what everyone else does and create your own unique headlines. Set yourself up to win by using HootSuite to schedule posts so they go out at a time when people are on Twitter the most.

Follow Lewis Howes on Twitter.



4. Matt McWilliams of mattmcwilliams.com


I got a 400% increase in Twitter engagement with one simple thing: I put a click to tweet under the main image. Twice as many people read the caption under images than read the body of your text. “Tweet this” is often my biggest call to action, so I want to make sure I put it in a spot that will be read and acted on.

Follow Matt McWilliams on Twitter.



5. Jason Falls of socialmediaexplorer.com


My number one tactic is to make sure the content you’re providing and sharing with your network is so good people can’t not share it. That’s how you win the content game — make it insatiable. Period.

Follow Jason Falls on Twitter.



6. Ileane Smith of basicblogtips.com


Most of traffic that comes to my blog from Twitter is the result of my blogging friends sharing my content.

I’m really thankful for all of the relationships that I have built with other bloggers over the years. And I really appreciate that some people have added my blog’s RSS feed into tools like Twitterfeed, Dlvr.it or Autoshare on Triberr.

It really boils down to the fact that they feel confident that I only publish quality content on my blog. It’s key for bloggers to connect with one another and build that trust factor.

I know people like quick results but that kind of trust only comes with time and consistency. You also have to be a giver and I always try to give just as much if not more than I receive.

Thanks for asking the question Tim, because Twitter is one of my top traffic sources and I think it’s important that new bloggers understand what it takes.

Follow Ileane Smith on Twitter.



7. Niall Devitt of ahaingroup.com


My #1 tactic for getting traffic from Twitter is to engage with influencers in your niche, via blog posts, interviews, group interviews, industry roundups etc. And when you do, make sure to tell them about it and ask them to share.

Follow Niall Devitt on Twitter.



8. Kevin Muldoon of kevinmuldoon.com


For me, getting traffic from Twitter relies on two factors: A high quality article and a catchy article title. You need one to entice people to click on the link on Twitter and the other to encourage others to share the article too.

Follow Kevin Muldoon on Twitter.



9. Daniel Scocco of dailyblogtips.com


Make sure you have a Retweet button on the post itself, and get the ball rolling by tweeing it yourself and asking for some close friends to do the same. With these two pieces in place, if the content is useful and/or viral, it will start spreading naturally.

Follow Daniel Scocco on Twitter.



10. Ian Cleary of razorsocial.com


My number 1 tip for getting traffic from twitter is writing awesome content. If you write awesome content and provide a simple way for people to share that content on Twitter that will generate more traffic.

I use filament.io to enable social sharing on my site and as people scroll through my post the option to Tweet is always there. But if you don’t have awesome content nothing happens!

Follow Ian Cleary on Twitter.



11. Ben Pickering of benpickering.me


A strategy I’ve employed to effectively increase distribution of my content on Twitter, and in turn generate more traffic, is in some ways the #antisocialmedia approach to social media…

If I have a particularly important piece of content I want shared I will reach out to key influencers in my network directly the “old fashioned” way (i.e., via email) and ask them to share or RT.

Obviously this is not something that can be done all of the time but I’ve used it for some of my most successful blog posts. You can’t be afraid to ask for a favor, especially if you are actively sharing the content these people produce.

Follow Ben Pickering on Twitter.



12. Brian Carter of briancartergroup.com


Write evergreen blog posts – that means topics and advice that will be valuable and interesting for at least a year, maybe two or three years. Although current events are shiny, your time invested in them won’t pay off for very long.

Then keep sending traffic to your evergreen blog posts by tweeting about them, week after week, month after month. I prefer to do that with Rignite and with Buffer + “Buffer My Posts“, a wordpress plugin.

You can tweet at all hours because of the world’s different timezones, and you shouldn’t be too worried about people getting tired of your tweets – most people miss most of your tweets anyway.

This strategy gets me thousands and thousands of visitors per blog post.

Follow Brian Carter on Twitter.



13. Zac Johnson of zacjohnson.com


The best way to grab attention on Twitter is by tagging other events or people that you can incorporate into your content as well.

A good example of this would be if I was to attend a conference and did a review on the event and the various speakers. I would then use the conference hashtag and include the @ for all speakers mentioned.

The end result is usually getting more retweets from those tagged and mentioned. Apply this same concept to any niche, topic of event.

Follow Zac Johnson on Twitter.



14. Anil Agarwal of bloggerspassion.com


My list posts use to drive good amount of traffic from twitter. I use to mention some power bloggers name whenever make sense and hashtags in my tweets to get more retweets. Suppose I had written a post around best Indian blogs, then I don’t forget to mention those bloggers twitter handles in my tweets.

Follow Anil Agarwal on Twitter.



15. Melonie Dodaro of topdogsocialmedia.com


Keep track of people that share your content in a Twitter list called “Tweeps That Retweet”. Go into that list at least twice a week to schedule the best posts from those people and be sure to mention them using “via @username” at the end so they see you shared it. This has helped me ensure that my biggest evangelists continue to share my stuff over and over again.

Follow Melonie Dodaro on Twitter.


Now let me boil down all the tips to one single strategy that will make your content spread on Twitter naturally and guarantee you tons and tons of traffic:

  • Write epic content – epic content gets shared naturally. There’s no tip or tactic that could beat “writing epic content”, I’m sorry;
  • Create magnetic headlines – because this is what people see on Twitter when they decide whether to click the link or not. And besides, many people will retweet an article without even reading it, just because they like the headline;
  • Make it easy for readers to tweet your article – most people are extremely lazy and if you don’t give them a button they can click to send your article to Twitter, they won’t do it;
  • Give your readers something cool to tweet – a “tweetable quote” that is. People love sharing smart things that make them look good in the eyes of their followers. So plant some cool quotes in your article and make them tweetable;
  • Mention other people and events in your content – this gives them a great motivation to share your piece of content with their followers;
  • Frequently tweet content of other bloggers – because this will entice them to reciprocate and tweet your stuff;
  • Ask influencers for a tweet – these guys can send tons of visitors your way, which will serve as a nice start for your “viral loop“.

In other words, it’s not that simple to make your content go viral on Twitter. You have to do tons of things to make it happen.

By the way, you can easily see me using almost all of the aforementioned tips in this very article.

But let’s move on.

2. How To Connect With Relevant People on Twitter

These tactics do not actually bring you a lot of traffic from Twitter, so if you just need a big number – ignore them.

But if you are looking for quality and not quantity – read each of them attentively.

I love how Dan Virgillito said it below:

[tweet_box]For people selling services, traffic is really worth less than zero if it isn?t targeted[/tweet_box]

So let’s see, what the experts suggest you do to get highly targeted traffic from Twitter:



16. Ramsay Taplin of blogtyrant.com


I’m really big on getting targeted traffic from users that are directly relevant to each blog post. One tactic I use is to do a simple search to find people who are actively looking for something specific.

For example, I can do a quick search for “fashion blog” on Twitter and talk to people about my guide on how to start a fashion blog which helps them get started and gets me more people on my mailing list.

Follow Ramsay Taplin on Twitter.



17. Matthew Woodward of matthewwoodward.co.uk


One of the best ways to get traffic from Twitter is using something like HootSuite to have multiple search columns open that provide real time conversation around topics you have content about.

Just jump in on the conversation, offer some advice and build a small relationship over a couple of tweets before dropping your link. This is a great way to pick up traffic and highly engaged subscribers at the same time.

Follow Matthew Woodward on Twitter.



18. Dan Virgillito of danvirgillito.com


For people selling services, traffic is really worth less than zero if it isn’t targeted. That’s why I love Twitter Advanced Search: whatever your business does, you can quickly search relevant keywords and locations, jump in conversations started by potential clients, and grow your business by building relationships.

Follow Dan Virgillito on Twitter.



19. Heidi Cohen of heidicohen.com


My favorite tactic for getting traffic from Twitter is to participate in relevant Twitter chats. Twitter chats help you to build relationships with other people on this engaging social media platform. Understand that the “90% are active, 9% do something small 1% lurk” ratio still holds.

A great Twitter chat to join is #UsGuys. It’s 24/7 water cooler of friendly folks that extends offline. Here’s the low down on #UsGuys. I’ve met some amazing people online and offline through this network.

Follow Heidi Cohen on Twitter.



20. David Aston of whyamiunhealthy.com


My #1 Twitter traffic tactic is actually a three-part process. What I do when I need a flood of new Twitter traffic is follow the “followers” of the other players in my niche – daily.

I like to target smaller users from within my niche who have around only 2k or less followers (larger accounts tend to have many phantom users) and follow everybody that follows that particular individual. These accounts seem to have more active followings that are likely to re-tweet and respond to my content.

All of your new followers need to see that you’re active which is why I make it a point to tweet at least 8 times daily to all of my accounts:

  • Tweet #1 – 1 link to my own content
  • Tweet #2 – 1 quote
  • Tweet #3 – 1 link to my own content
  • Tweet #4 – 1 RT of a power player in my niche
  • Tweet #5 – 1 link to my own content
  • Tweet #6 – 1 quote
  • Tweet #7 – 1 link to my own content
  • Tweet #8 – 1 question

The last part of this process is utilizing a free service such as ManageFlitter to unfollow everybody that does not follow you back, which keeps you looking like an authority and not somebody simply trying to gain a ton of followers. I’ll typically do the unfollowing every other day or so.

Follow David Aston on Twitter.



21. David Meerman Scott of davidmeermanscott.com


When I am about to go deliver a live talk, I schedule a tweet using the event hashtag providing a link to one of my blog posts providing additional information about what I am talking about on stage (Example).

Follow David Meerman Scott on Twitter.


Looking for quality traffic from Twitter? Need some highly targeted visitors? Here’s what you should do:

  • Use Twitter Search to find people who are potentially interested in your content and reach out;
  • Setup HootSuite to follow relevant keywords and topics and start conversations with people;
  • Regularly follow people from your niche and connect with them;
  • Participate in relevant Twitter Chats.

Obviously these tactics will take tons of your time, but hey, you can get paying customers this way!

Let’s see what we have next…

3. How To Get Attention of Your Twitter Followers

The following tips teach you how to get more traffic from your own tweets.

This is highly relevant if you have tens of thousands of followers and makes absolutely no sense if you don’t.

I mean if you have 1000 twitter followers and you get 10 clicks on your links (remember that only 1% of followers will click links) would you bother growing that number to 13 clicks? I won’t.

But if you have 50.000 twitter followers and you get 500 clicks – you will definitely invest some of your time to grow that number to 700, right?

So while reading the tips and tactics below, keep in mind that they only make sense, when you have a huge following on Twitter.



22. Brian Clark of copyblogger.com


Tweet content the audience is interested in.

Follow Brian Clark on Twitter.



23. Neil Patel of quicksprout.com


Most people generate traffic by tweeting about their site. And although this works, you are better off participating in the community. If you reply to other users, tweet at them, and build connections, your followers will be more sticky. This way, when you tweet about your business, they will be more likely to retweet and favorite your tweet.

Follow Neil Patel on Twitter.



24. Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com


To get the most traffic from Twitter, stop trying to get traffic from Twitter. Start building real relationships with people on the platform by adding value to existing conversations, and people will naturally be interested in what you do and what you have to offer.

Follow Pat Flynn on Twitter.



25. Danny Iny of firepolemarketing.com


Be real. Our audience knows that we like to engage as real people, and that’s what we try to do on Twitter. It’s one of those “grow your brand on Twitter” tips you see, but really it’s also just who we are.

Follow Danny Iny on Twitter.



26. Justin Cooke of empireflippers.com


I think it helps to stop thinking of Twitter as a broadcast channel and instead use it to connect and engage with your readers, peers, and people you look up to.

The people I find mentioning they don’t get great value out of Twitter are using it as a push-marketing platform. Instead, use it to curate and share other great content you come across and to build a deeper relationship with your followers.

Follow Justin Cooke on Twitter.



27. Dainis Graveris of 1stwebdesigner.com


Well… what about retweeting the same article like 5 times with different headlines in 1-2 days to get maximum exposure since Twitter is super short span. And upload image with it to stand out.

Follow Dainis Graveris on Twitter.


28. Jeff Bullas of jeffbullas.com


I automate the posting of tweets every 15 minutes with links to my blog

Follow Jeff Bullas on Twitter.



29. Gini Dietrich of spinsucks.com


This is how we do it: We have the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of what we tweet is about someone else and 20 percent is about us. We also tested and found that tweeting 11 times every day is optimum for us. Because of that, Twitter is our number one source of social media referral traffic.

Follow Gini Dietrich on Twitter.



30. Ian Lurie of portent.com


Send a crystal clear tweet. I love to write an entertaining tweet, but if I have to choose between that and a tweet that folks will fully understand, I lean towards understandable. In the end, folks generally retweet the target of your message, not the tweet itself. So getting them to see that page or video or whatever is the real goal, and you have to bring a lot of clarity to accomplish that.

Then, make sure your content makes a pitch. I don’t mean a sales pitch. I mean that, the moment I land on your page, I should see a compelling reason to stay and read.

Finally, don’t be afraid to tweet twice! If you send out a tweet at, say, 4pm Pacific time, remember it’s 7pm Eastern, and the middle of the night in Japan (or early morning – the time change in that direction scrambles my brain). So it’s OK to send a second tweet the next day. I often send one saying “For people on the East Coast.”

The rest – finding an influencer, etc. – is important, but if you don’t send a clear tweet, adjust for time zones and ‘sell’ the page, the best profile analysis in the world won’t help.

Follow Ian Lurie on Twitter.



31. Ann Smarty of myblogu.com


First of all, it’s really hard to track Tweets that actually drive more traffic than others (unless a tweet really did a HUGE difference). In Twitter analytics “clicks” mean “clicks to a Tweet, NOT clicks to a link in it”. And tracking clicks from tweets in Google Analytics is hard because clicks from each individual tweets are minor as compared to the overall scale of traffic.

That being said, with lack of data, it’s hard to create Twitter strategy geared towards incoming traffic. It’s easier to evaluate Twitter impressions and engagements. In that respect, I notice I have my best days and times of the day. Using a tool like ManageFlitter you can schedule tweets to go live at your best time one or a few weeks ahead. That’s my favorite Twitter content management trick nowadays.

Follow Ann Smarty on Twitter.



32. John Lee Dumas of entrepreneuronfire.com


Go to tweriod.com and see when your audience actually LISTENS, then tweet consiitent, curated content from those in your niche (sprinkling in your content as well) during those times always @mention the author of your curated content. Oh yeah..then IGNITE!

Follow John Lee Dumas on Twitter.



33. Francisco Rosales of socialmouths.com


I will have to say the #1 tactic for me is testing different headlines and posting at different times, the lifespan of a Tweet is way too short to be published only once.

Follow Francisco Rosales on Twitter.



34. Donna Moritz of sociallysorted.com.au


Provide consistent, useful content which is a mix of your own articles and quality articles from others in your industry or niche. Then be ready to engage with those that share and respond – the best traffic comes from those that you engage with and build relationships with on Twitter.

Also, think in terms of visual content. Add Twitter Cards to your website to allow images to pull through from articles, and ensure you have a Twitter optimised image on your blog posts.

Alternatively, uploading an image with your posts is a great way to catch attention. Tweets with images are twice as likely get retweeted!

Follow Donna Moritz on Twitter.



35. Francisco Perez of iblogzone.com


My #1 tactic to get attention on twitter is to “schedule” my newest posts when I usually get more user engagement, and reposting older ones on a regular basis. New post are tweeted at least 2 – 3 times a day during the first week and on specific intervals.

Follow Francisco Perez on Twitter.



36. Ashley Faulkes of madlemmings.com


My number one tip for getting traffic from Twitter at the moment is to use images. Images are relatively new on Twitter, and not yet being used by everyone. So anyone who does use images with their tweets gets more space in the timeline and more attention from people. Use images.

Follow Ashley Faulkes on Twitter.



37. Rick Mulready of rickmulready.com


The use of images in tweets is really powerful because they stand out within Twitter’s stream. So use an image when appropriate and make sure there’s a clear call-to-action in your tweet.

Follow Rick Mulready on Twitter.



38. Aaron Lee of postplanner.com


My #1 tactic to get more traffic from Twitter is to tweet the same tweet multiple times with different descriptions. I’ll then spread it 30 minutes to hours apart.

The secret is, instead of tweeting the article using headlines generated automatically from a blog post. I’ll change it up by

  • Writing my own
  • Asking a simple question
  • Taking a quote from the blog
  • Use a fact if there is one

It?s my little secret to get word out about a particular post faster without looking like I?m spamming other peoples timeline. Usually people won’t notice it and it helps me with A/B testing too.

Follow Aaron Lee on Twitter.



39. Dustin W. Stout of dustn.tv


My best tactic for generating Twitter traffic is relentless consistency in posting. I’ve blogged about my secret weapon, Revive Old Post, which keeps my evergreen content and Twitter traffic on auto-pilot.

Follow Dustin W. Stout on Twitter.



40. Erik Qualman of socialnomics.net


Find out what’s of interest to my followers and provide value to them.

Follow Erik Qualman on Twitter.



41. Barry Feldman of feldmancreative.com


I don’t have a tactic, per se. I simply try to build relationships with influencers, trust with my followers, and consistently share useful and entertaining stuff. Now, though I don’t believe there’s any magic button or formula, I do attempt to push emotional buttons with the passages I tweet?which is how to inspire people take action in any media.

Follow Barry Feldman on Twitter.



42. John Paul Aguiar of johnpaulaguiar.com


There really isn’t just “one” tactic to drive traffic from Twitter.

But if I had to choose, I’d say Be Active, the more active you are, the more traffic you will receive.

To really drive traffic, it will take more than “just” being active. You will also need to be available, and helpful and share good target content. This way people will start to pay attention to your shares, and will reshare and click the links you share.

Follow John Paul Aguiar on Twitter.



43. Shane Barker of shanebarker.com


The key to driving more traffic to your site is simple, just understand and engaging your audience while providing content they love. It is less about the quantity of content and more about the quality of the content.

Follow Shane Barker on Twitter.



44. Christian Karasiewicz of christiankonline.com


If you’re sending out a lot of tweets and not seeing much engagement or traffic coming from Twitter, it’s not time to give up on Twitter. Try these tips to increase your chances of getting traffic from Twitter instead.

1) Write better tweets

One reason you may not be getting traffic from Twitter is because your tweets are not interesting. Spend some time looking at the types of tweets you send out that are creating traffic back to your website. For example, do quotes or statistics from your article generate more traffic from Twitter compared to a headline?

If you’re not sure how to get started, consider writing a tweet multiple ways and see which one generates the most engagement with your audience. Once you find a formula that works, write those types of tweets until they don’t work anymore.

2) Analyze when your tweets are going out

Maybe you are missing the mark when you send out your tweets. You won’t know unless you spend time looking at when your followers are online. To learn when my followers are most active, I use Twitter analytics.

This let’s me see when my followers are online and also how many impressions my tweets are getting along with how much engagement each tweet is receiving.

I also like to pair that with FollowerWonk which let’s you analyze the best times to send out your tweets for maximum exposure.

3) Test, test, test

After you identify the right types of tweets and the optimal posting time, the last thing to do is to test, test, test.

As you add more and more followers, your strategy may need to change. Be open to making these changes. If you don’t, don’t expect your traffic from Twitter to increase.

By making these tweaks to your existing tweets, you can increase the amount of traffic you get from Twitter back to your website.

Follow Christian Karasiewicz on Twitter.



45. Steven Farnsworth of stevefarnsworth.wordpress.com


There is no hack or silver bullet for growing followers. Be a curator, not a sharer. That means be very selective as to what you tweet.

If you are trying to connect with people who love collecting red tractors, then 98% of your tweets must be relevant and interesting to people who collect red tractors. Be that guy/gal who is the go-to expert about collecting red tractors.

To do that, you need to subscribe to and read a lot of blogs that talk about all things fascinating about collecting red tractors. I mean a lot!

Share only the post and information that you think your followers and other aficionados of collecting red tractors will also love. Use a scheduling software to space out your Tweets, and seek out and engage others who love collecting red tractors, too.

Do that daily and repeat. It’s that easy and that hard to build a Twitter following.

Follow Steven Farnsworth on Twitter.


Lots of different tips in this section. Let’s see if we can organise them into a brief list.

  • Tweet only relevant stuff – people who follow you because you’re a productivity guru don’t really care what color is your fridge;
  • Talk to your followers – the more you engage with your following, the more likely they are to click your links and retweet your tweets;
  • Don’t be too self-promotional – if you solely tweet your own content some people might get irritated and lose interest in you. Mix some cool content from third party sources among your tweets and you’ll be good;
  • Send the same tweet again… and again – it’s not a bad thing to tweet the same tweet multiple times for some people might have missed it before;
  • Find out when your audience is active the most – for what’s the point of sending a tweet, when everybody is sleeping at their beds? Luckily there are a ton of tools that help you pick best timing for your tweets;
  • Use images in your tweets – this way your tweets will stand out from the rest and attract attention of your followers.

Cool tips, right?

But don’t forget, that they are mostly relevant for people with large Twitter following. Others might not benefit from these tips too much.

4. Just use Triberr

Honestly I wasn’t surprised when some bloggers said that Triberr is their #1 tactic for getting traffic from Twitter.

I am an active user of Triberr myself and I can confirm it can grow traffic from Twitter, but let’s see what the experts say:



46. Dino Dogan of triberr.com


My primary tactic for gaining traffic has been pretty much the same from the very beginning.

When I first started a blog, I had my commenting policy displayed on the right hand side of my blog at all times. It said something like “if you leave a comment, I’ll leave one on your blog. If you share my stuff, I’ll share yours”. Not only was this effective in gaining traffic but it was super effective at building a community.

This community eventually became the first few hundred members of Triberr and now everyone on Triberr implements the same reciprocal system only on a much more massive scale.

The best part about it, you can do this on day one or day 1000 of your blogging career and it will be just as effective.

Follow Dino Dogan on Twitter.



47. Adam Connell of bloggingwizard.com


One of the best ways to get traffic from Twitter is to leverage a social platform called Triberr.

It?s also been dubbed the ?reach multiplier? and that?s exactly what it does.

Triberr is full of tribes of bloggers, all covering various topics. You can search for tribes, apply to become a full member. Once you?re a full member, everyone in that Tribe will see your blog posts from their tribal stream. This gives them the opportunity to share your post to Twitter (and other networks).

You can also create your own tribes and invite influential people who are active on Triberr.

Follow Adam Connell on Twitter.



48. Mike Allton of thesocialmediahat.com


My #1 method for getting traffic from Twitter is to produce content regularly, and be an active member of Triberr. By joining multiple tribes and connecting with many, many other bloggers, and coupling that with publishing new content multiple times a week, I’m getting hundreds and hundreds of tweets of my new blog posts resulting in thousands and thousands of new visitors.

Follow Mike Allton on Twitter.



49. Kris Olin of socialmediarevolver.com


My #1 tactic for getting traffic from Twitter is using Triberr. I do a load of tweets through them just before I post a new article on my blog (Social Media Revolver). This tends to kick start my posts quite nicely.

Follow Kris Olin on Twitter.



50. Devesh Sharma of wpkube.com


It would be Triberr.

Not exactly a tactic, but it is one of the best ways to leverage existing audience to generate traffic to your site.

For example, when I first started, I did not receive any social shares at all, but it quickly changed when I signed up for Triberr. It also plays a great role in displaying social proof.

Two another great sites that you should also use are ? ViralContentBuzz and JustRetweet.

Follow Devesh Sharma on Twitter.


Well, what else can I say in this section? Just go sign up at Triberr and join the troops!


I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, because I’ve spend tons of my time creating it.

I also hope that now you see that difference between the tips and tactics that were offered by PROs. And now you can focus your efforts only on those that matter to you personally.

And if you think that this article deserves attention, I invite you to tweet it, using this “tweetable quote”:

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Thanks! ;)

Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product Advisor at Ahrefs, a leading tool trusted by hundreds of thousands of SEOs and marketers worldwide. His SEO-related data research studies have been cited by media giants, including Inc, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat. He's also a regular speaker at some of the largest industry conferences around the globe, such as PubCon (US), BrightonSEO (UK), and the Digital Marketers Australia Conference (AU).