The Hidden Treasures of 26 Famous Marketing Blogs

Time is a precious thing.

It’s really the only thing you can’t buy more of, no matter how much money you have. That’s why it’s so important that you make the best use of the time you do have.

hidden treasures of famous marketing blogs

As a blogger/marketer, you have even less time than the average person does. You’re always reading about social media, the latest marketing tactics, list building, generating leads, and so on. But what usually ends up happening is you read a bunch of useless info before you get to the stuff that actually matters. This process is extremely time-consuming, and that lost time costs you money.

That’s where me and Tim come in.

We’ve created a list containing the best parts of the top marketing blogs around. It covers topics like blogging, affiliate marketing, copywriting, conversion rate optimization, social media, and psychology. The purpose behind these topics is to help make you money online, maybe even double your profits if you’re already knee-deep in the marketing world.

So we pulled the most valuable things from these blogs and condensed them into a single post. You can easily download their eBooks, read their best posts, take their email courses… all from this one article. This way you’ll learn 80% of what they have to offer with only 20% of the time invested.

That said, let’s go ahead and open each treasure chest one by one, shall we?

1. Smart Passive Income Resources:

Smart Passive Income focuses on helping you attain the coveted “passive-income.” The twist? Owner Pat Flynn is COMPLETELY transparent in his approach.

He provides a monthly income report showing you just how powerful his methods are. If his advice doesn’t actually work, the numbers will tell us. Pat Flynn has become famous for such honesty, and people have flocked to him for it.


Naturally Pat’s blog revolves around passive income. Popular topics include affiliate marketing, list building, and getting more backlinks. Pat has a bit of everything on his blog, so it’s a great place for marketers and bloggers of all levels to go.

  • How to build a niche site

How to build a niche site” is where Pat builds a niche Adsense website from the start as a part of a duel with his friend. You’re shown all the steps needed to make an awesome site, so it’d be good idea to check this out.

  • Income Reports

Income reports are a cool way for newbies to look behind the scenes of how pro bloggers make money. It shows what they to do promote and how much money they make as well.

  • The Backlinking Strategy

The backlinking strategy shows you all you need to know to have success on Google. Pat shares a detailed guide on building backlinks to your site, stop by if you want to improve your Google rankings.

  • Blogging tips and email list strategies

This is a collection of Pat’s posts on the best blogging tips and email list strategies he has.

  • Podcasts and Youtube

He has both podcasts and Youtube videos, that way you can learn in any way you want to.

  • Free Ebook + Newsletter

There’s a pretty cool guide (over 20,000 downloads) on how to publish, market, and automate your own awesome eBook when you subscribe by email. Subscription also comes with a newsletter containing exclusive content, you can sign up in the sidebar of his site.

2. Quick Sprout Resources:

Quick Sprout owner Neil Patel is interested in getting you one thing, and one thing only: results. Or more specifically, profits. Neil has helped sites like TechCrunch, Amazon, and Microsoft. He’s also been voted as a top 100 entrepreneur under 30 by Obama himself, so I think it’s safe to say that Neil knows his stuff.


His site provides advice on being an entrepreneur, getting more traffic, and converting readers into customers. If it can help your site make more money, then Neil’s got you covered.

  • Guides

Huge, content packed guides filled with visuals:

The Advanced Guide to SEO;
The Advanced Guide To Content Marketing;
The Advanced Guide To Link Building.

  • Email Course

Neil offers a free email course that will “Double Your Traffic in 30 Days” and includes a Secret Bonus (Valued at $300). You can sign up to this course right from the sidebar of his site.

  • Premium Product

He has the “Quick Sprout Traffic System Pro” for sale, a product that fortune 500 companies have used to increase their online wealth.

3. Shoe Money Resources:

“ has been named the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and ranks in Technorati?s top 50 blogs for the past three years.”

Owner Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker has built a thriving online business capable of generating over $130,000 in Google Adsense earnings alone. His business model is to build many sites based on one popular theme, and push traffic towards all of them.


Shoe Money provides content on SEO related news, being an entrepreneur, email marketing, and website monetization. Stop by if you ever need to catch up on the lasted Google updates, it’ll be time well spent.

  • Guides

Has several pdf and video guides listed in the resources page and in the sidebar of his blog. He covers things like Facebook advertising, key ways to make money online, and the affiliate cash tree marketing method (among others).

  • Free Shirt Friday

Free shirt Friday gives you a chance to send a shirt to Jeremy and have him wear (and advertise) your shirt to all readers of his blog (which numbers in the thousands). You get free advertisement, he get’s a free shirt – everybody wins!

  • Consulting Services

Offers consulting services to help your business grow and make more money.

  • “Bad People” List

Actually has a list of “bad people” on his sidebar. These are people you should think twice about associating with, take a quick glance at it for some interesting stories.

4. Viper Chill Resources:

Glen Allsop is the young and successful owner of Viper Chill. He’s been working online since the age of 15, when he built his first website. Since then, he’s worked for big brands such as Hewlett-Packard and sold his personal-development site PluginID for a five-figure fee. He’s now traveling the world, all the while making money off affiliates and running his popular marketing blog Viper Chill.

Glen’s got a ton of posts about SEO and SEO practices. There’s also general advice on blogging, keyword research, and getting back links to your site.


It’s a great place to learn how to improve your Google rankings, make sure and stop by sometime.

  • Email Subscription Freebies

Email subscription comes with; the latest Viper Chill posts, access to exclusive SEO tools, a free 18-page PDF on SEO products used by Glen himself, and a free guide which shows you how Glen personally gained 10,000+ subscribers to his site Viper Chill. Sign up in the sidebar of his blog.

  • Guides

Extensive guides are available:

WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need;
How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google;
The Highest Converting Facebook Page I’ve Ever Seen;
The Ultimate Guide to Making an Affiliate Income From Your Blog.

  • Free Video Course

Has the “Cloud Blue Print” video course, which has nearly 2 hours of free footage on how to make a living online.

  • BackLinks XXX

BackLinkss XXX is great product which shows you step-by-step how to build backlinks the same way Glen does.

  • Optin Skin

Optin Skin is a product which allows you to completely optimize your subscription box in any way you see fit. It has full customization options, and allows for split-testing as well. Definitely a worthy product to add to your collection.

  • Podcast

Cool podcast available for those who are interested learning about marketing on the go.

5. John Chow Resources:

“John Chow is the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards winner for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog, and is the subject of a social media and blogging documentary for CBC television.”

It’s kind of hard to believe that somebody from a small farming village in China was given best marketing affiliate award, but believe it or not John Chow was able to do it. He now lives the dot-com lifestyle and is immensely successful as a blogger and entrepreneur.


His site has articles on blogging, SEO, email marketing, and anything else involving the best ways of making money online. If you’re at all interested in living the online lifestyle, make sure you don’t skip out on this one.

  • Free Ebook with subscription

Has a downloadable eBook which shows you how he personally made a blog that earns over $40,000 a month.

  • Free WordPress Install

Will not only install a WordPress blog for free for you, but will also give you 25% off on ANY plan you decide to go with, basically a free service to you.

  • The “Blogging with John Chow” blueprint

The “Blogging with John Chow” blueprint is a seven part module which shows you the exact process John Chow used to become a blogging superstar.

6. Pro Blogger Resources:

Pro Blogger is arguably the AUTHORITY when it comes to blogging. The owner Darren Rowse has over 700 articles available to help us improve our blogging skills and make money online. Darren’s spent years learning the art of blogging, and all that knowledge is dispensed to us on his site.

With such an extensive library of articles to choose from, you can find anything you need on blogging here. There’s content on writing articles, getting more traffic, promoting your posts, overcoming bloggers fears, building your brand… And the list goes on.


Newbie and veteran alike, every blogger has something to learn at Pro Blogger; make sure to stop by regularly.

  • Members-only Forum

Has a members-only forum where other like-minded individuals can get together to help each other out. Only a small $5.95 monthly fee.

  • Awesome eBooks

Offers six unique books that’ll get your blog into high gear and push you into blogging stardom.

  • High quality job board

A fantastic job board which weeds out the lesser jobs by requiring a $50 payment for advertising (which is where me and Tim met FYI).

  • Free newsletter (with a small bonus)

An email subscription gives you access to a newsletter and a free chapter to one of Darren Rowse’s great eBooks. Easily sign up at the sidebar in his site.

7. Income Diary Resources:

Owner Michael Dunlop has had great success with blogging in his lifetime. He once managed to sell a six month old blog for about $20,000, an awesome feat. Clearly Michael knows exactly what it takes to create a high value blog, and that’s what he shares with us at Income Diary.

Income Diary’s content covers a little bit of everything when it comes to blogging. There are topics on improving your blog’s security, rules of thumb when creating websites, getting traffic with top list articles, and guides on writing blog posts.


Income Diary is a good all-around site to visit for bloggers, check it out if you ever need some solid blogging advice.

  • How to Start Blogging

There’s a comprehensive post for newbie bloggers on how to start blogging and make money off their blog.

  • Exclusive Video with Email Subscription

An email subscription provides you with an exclusive video. In it, you’ll learn the best type of blog post, how to get it featured on places like Reddit’s home page, and 5 ideas for generating blog posts on ANY niche around. Sign up for it on the homepage, you can’t miss it.

  • The Master’s Blueprint

There’s a six part module called “The Master’s Blueprint,” which gives an in-depth teaching on how to make your site profitable.

  • Popup Domination

Popup Domination is a product that will increase your subscription opt-in rate significantly.

  • Web Domination

Web Domination brings together 20 expert bloggers and marketers into one neat, little package. It’s a one-stop shop product, covering every base you can think of when it comes to making money online.

  • The Rich Guys

There’s a page with the top-grossing entrepreneurs around, pretty neat to see.

  • Guides

Two ultimate guides available:

Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Blog Post;
The Ultimate Road Map to Making Money Online.

8. Finch Sells Resources:

Finch’s blog is brimming with his unique personality. A self-proclaimed “internet scumbag,” Finch draws you in with his in-your-face writing style and grasps on tightly. Finch’s goal was always to work for himself, so he left college and carved a place for himself in the online marketing world. Ever since, he’s been making money online while traveling the world.

Finch is a marketing specialist, and naturally his content revolves around it. Most topics cover things like affiliates, business psychology, advertising, conversion strategies, brand development, and so on.


It’s definitely one of the more interesting marketing blogs out there, check it out if you’re looking for something with a little more pizzazz.

  • The Survival Kit

Email subscriptions come with the “Survival Kit,“which fully explains how to make a career out of affiliate marketing. Subscribe at the bottom of that page.

  • Premium Posts

A set of premium posts worth the equivalent of over 160 hours of personal coaching (at the cost of less than $1 per hour).

  • Affiliate Toolbox

An affiliate toolbox filled with useful marketing tools. It’s got stuff to help get you started with affiliate marketing, where you can buy traffic, and affiliate marketing books he personally recommends.

9. Entrepreneurs Journey Resources:

Owner Yaro Starak’s site is a unique blend of marketing, blogging, personal development, and journaling. It’ll not only help you build your online business, but improve your mind and spirit as well.

The content has bit more range than your average marketing blog. Topics include things every blogger should know, writing award-winning headlines, removing limiting beliefs, making money online, and remembering your passions.


This is a great site just based off of its diverse range of topics, take a look if that’s something you’re interested in.

  • Email Subscription Freebies

You’re email subscription comes with these cool freebies; the “Blog Profits Blueprint,” the “Membership Site Masterplan,” the “How to Make Your First $1,000 Online Report,” and an email newsletter as well. Subscribe on the banner of the homepage.

  • Awesome “Start Here” page

Has a comprehensive “How You Can Start” page ,which is basically a guide that takes you from blogger newbie to marketing mastermind.

  • Podcasts and Videos

Uses both podcasts AND videos to produce content, giving those who hate reading, a place to learn from as well.

  • The Social Page

A neat social page where he posts instagrams on the inspiring and interesting.

10. Zac Johnson Resources:

Self-proclaimed “super affiliate” Zac Johnson has been in the money-making business since grade school. He’s got over 15 years of experience making money online, something most marketers can’t claim even half of for themselves. So when it comes to experience and affiliate knowledge, Zac is the man to see.

Naturally most of his content revolves around affiliate marketing. There’s also great posts on Facebook advertisement, creating killer landing pages, ppc marketing, and increasing email open rates.


If you’re ever in need of affiliate knowledge of any kind, this is the place to be.

  • Newsletter

There’s an email newsletter which offers inside tips on affiliate marketing you won’t find anywhere else. Sign up for it on the sidebar of his blog.

  • The Guidebook

He has a free “affiliate marketing guidebook.” It’s a compilation of posts on affiliate marketing, creating awesome landing pages, Facebook advertising, and Twitter advertising.

  • Ad Networks

A list of reliable ad networks that Zac has personally used with great success.

11. Blog Tyrant Resources:

The Blog Tyrant Ramsay uses blogging to make a living from the couch, and his goal is to help you do the same. After selling a fitness blog for around $20,000 early in his blogging career, he knew he could really turn blogging into something big. Fast forward to today, and he’s earned the nickname “the Blog Tyrant.”

His content mostly covers blogging and the “at home” lifestyle. Some posts are about SEO secrets, how stay-at-home-moms can make money blogging, timing your blog posts, and pop-up plugins.

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 10.18.11 PM

One of the best elements of Ramsay’s blog is his easy to read writing style. So if you’re looking for a simple read, this is your stop.

  • Free eBook

Exclusive email updates and a free eBook that come with your subscription. Feel free to sign up at the sidebar of his blog.

  • The Blogger’s Toolbox

Comes with the “blogging toolbox,” a collection of blogging tools and resources that Ramsay uses to improve his blogging efficiency. Includes things like SEO tools, email marketing sources, plugins, and even podcast and video tools.

12. Boost Blog Traffic Resources:

Boost Blog Traffic is run by Jon Morrow. Jon suffers from a disease which has robbed him of movement everywhere except his face. Despite this, he’s become a blogging legend and is a testament to the idea that anybody can make it online if they work hard (and smart) enough.

Jon’s posts tend to be more personal than most others and are very newb friendly. He does a great job of creating posts that help bloggers both new and veteran alike.

Articles tend to focus on building relationships with other bloggers, improving your blogging and writing skills, making viral content, and the best SEO practices.


Boost Blog Traffic is very accessible to new bloggers, head on over if you need some guidance of any kind.

  • Headline Hacks

Has a SUPREMELY popular freebie called “52 Headline Hacks,” it goes in detail about the best headline formulas and their variations. Highly recommended download, and comes with your email subscription.

13. Traffic Generation Cafe Resources:

Owner Ana Hoffman got her start with the online world when she and her husband were unemployed for a whole year. It was tough, but that experience forced her to learn all that she could about internet marketing. This led to her becoming an expert marketer, and she now shares this knowledge with the rest of us.

Most of her content focuses on getting traffic to your site. Topics include making shareable content, promoting your blog posts, finding more followers on Twitter, and creating popular blogs from scratch.


Definitely check her out if you’re looking to get more traffic to your site, it’ll be worth your time.

  • Weekly Roundup + Newsletter

Has a weekly roundup of the most relevant blogging and marketing news. Rather than you wasting your time trying to keep up with the latest marketing gossip, subscribe to Ana’s newsletter and have it delivered straight to your email. Sign up for it here, you can’t miss it.

  • Web Traffic Report

Email subscription also includes a free web traffic report, which helps double your traffic in 30 days and offers Ana’s best traffic building hacks. Once again, sign up for it here (you can’t miss it).

  • Guide

Has an ultimate guide called: Promote Your Blog: 10 Steps to Ultimate Blog Promotion [My Personal Cheat Sheet]. It’s a great post that outlines Ana’s approach to promoting her posts online, check it out after you hit publish on your own posts.

  • Rolodex Page

The rolodex is basically a resource filled page with great marketing tools.

14. Kikolani Resources:

Owner Kristi Hines is not only an internet marketer; she’s also a freelance writer, pro blogger, and lover of all things social media. She’s written for top sites like KISSmetrics, Search Engine Journal, and Social Media Examiner, further lending to her credibility.

Kikolani offers tips on blogging for both personal and professional bloggers alike. Topics include useful marketing tools, the art of guest blogging, strengthening your Twitter community, and using popup opt-in forms.


Kikolani is great for general blogging advice, especially for new bloggers. Check it out sometime!

  • Training Course

It all started as an awesome ebook called “Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide”, but now Kristi has transformed it into even more awesome training course called “Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Course“. Tim told me that he purchased that ebook in the past, so he has no doubts that the course will be totally amazing. Highly recommended!

  • Fetching Fridays

Fetching Fridays is a mashup of the best posts Kristi finds on Google+, a great way to stay up to date with the latest hot posts.

  • Free guide

Email subscription comes with a free 8,000+ word guide on her top guest blogging strategies. Sign up for it on the sidebar of her blog.

15. Content Verve Resources:

Content Verve is all about content, copy, and conversion (as the tagline points out). The great thing about Content Verve is that owner Michael Aagard rigorously tests EVERYTHING he does. Which means everything he writes about is field tested and much more likely to help you out.

So don’t expect any theory or fluff here, only meticulously tested practical advice.

The content is highly focused around copywriting and conversion. Articles include optimizing sign-up forms, using split-testing, setting up landing pages, and improving your calls to action.


It’s a copywriter’s dream come true :)

  • Podcasts

Great podcasts for those who prefer listening to reading.

  • Free eBook

Get a free eBook called “7 Universal Conversion Optimization Principles” when you subscribe by email. Just sign up for it on the sidebar of his blog.

16. Amy Porterfield Resources:

Amy Porterfield is all about self-promotion minus the stress. This is backed up by the fact that she’s co-writer of the FaceBook for Dummies book. The site is friendly and personable, and does a great job of drawing readers in.

Most of Amy’s content is about social media. Some topics include advertising on Facebook, tips to attract more engaged readers, list building with social media, and using Pinterest to increase sales.


Stop by if you’re looking for friendly face in the marketing world :)

  • Podcast

There’s a great marketing podcast for those more interested in listening than reading.

  • Free Webinars

She has free webinars you can sign up for. The latest one shows you how to attract your first 1,000 fans, turn Facebook into a lead generator, and increase post engagement (among other things).

  • Resource page

Her resources page is jam-packed with useful products/services that Amy has personally used. Includes social media tools, product creation tools, business tools, and even training programs.

  • Newsletter

Has a newsletter with tips on using social media to get automated leads, attract more prospects, and build your fan base. Easily sign up for it here.

17. Copy Blogger Resources:

Copy Blogger teaches you everything about combining the art of copywriting with blogging. Owner Brian Clark has had Copy Blogger consistently ranked as one of the top marketing blogs around, and has even been featured in several books (some written by Seth Godin).

The content focuses on copywriting, blogging, marketing, and everything in between. You’ll see topics about persuasive writing, writing in-depth articles, lessons from great advertisers, and ways to write damn good copy.


Copy Blogger is one of the more popular marketing blogs for a reason. Make sure to regularly check this site out because there’s always something useful there.

  • Free eBooks

Several posts were compiled into eBooks and turned into comprehensive learning tools. They go over things like creating magnetic headlines, effective online marketing, crafting compelling copy, and so on.

  • Members-only benefits

Fully upgraded members have access to live Q&A replays, special access forums, and webinars as well.

18. Duct Tape Marketing Resources:

John Jantsch’s blog was “chosen as a Forbes favorite for marketing and small business and his podcast, a top ten marketing show on iTunes, was called a ?must listen? by Fast Company magazine.”

Pretty impressive, right?

John’s worked with big businesses like American Express and Verizon. His reputation certainly precedes him because of this, and it really ups his credibility.


Most of John’s content is about marketing and business. Expect to see topics about unique marketing strategies, maximizing SEO, the sales process, perfecting customer experience, and generating leads.

  • Free eBooks

There’s 11 free downloadable eBooks available in exchange for your email. Yup, 11 of them. All free.

  • Newsletter

Subscription comes with a newsletter packed with small business tips, sign up for it on the sidebar here.

  • Services offered

Has speaking and consulting services to help improve your business.

19. The Sales Lion Resources:

The Sales Lion is run by the passionate marketer known as Marcus Sheridan. He’s not just a marketer though, he’s also a consultant, a speaker, and blogger as well. Not only that, he was a guest speaker on the renowned TED talk show. That’s an achievement not many people are able to claim.


The content on Marcus’s site cover marketing mostly. Some topics are about uncommon SEO and content marketing strategies, the benefits of writing long blog posts, how comments and shares are overrated, and general link-building strategies.

  • Free eBook

Email subscription comes with free 230-Page Copy of “Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy.”

  • Podcasts

Awesome “Mad Marketing Podcast,” up to 18 episodes already available.

  • Guides

Has an ultimate guide on how to write great meta descriptions.

  • Services Offered

Has consulting, blogging, and speaking services that will help make your business grow.

  • The Remarkable Growth Experience

Runs the “Remarkable Growth Experience” event, and you can order it on his blog.

20. Sparring Mind Resources:

Sparring Mind teaches you about the psychology of behavior. Any marketer worth his salt needs to have at least a basic understanding of how people think, otherwise their promotional efforts will be weakened.

That’s where site owner Gregory Ciotti comes into play; he teaches us about the why’s behind our actions, and this knowledge can improve our marketing efforts ten fold.


There are lots of posts on psychology there. Articles go over building good habits, productivity, persuasion, creativity, and so on. It’s pretty obvious how those things can be useful to a marketer/ blogger, so don’t skip out on this site just because it’s not completely about marketing/blogging.

  • Free eBook

Subscribing to the newsletter gives you access to a free eBook on customer conversion. It shows you how to use research backed psychology to convert people into paying customers. Sign up for it on the home page.

21. Social Triggers Resources:

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has a unique approach with his marketing strategy? It’s all based on REAL psychological research. Everything he says is backed up with hard evidence and research, making his site a valuable commodity.

Derek covers many topics related to blogging and marketing. For instance topics like email marketing, building relationships with popular bloggers, establishing credibility, and psychologically compelling words to get people to take action are all part of the lineup.


His writing style is short and to the point. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a simple, effective read.

  • Online Sales 101

Has a 5-part series of posts called “Increasing Sales Online 101.” Everything about increasing online sales, selling more product at higher prices, and keeping customers for the long-term can be learned right here.

  • Email List 101

This is a 4-part video series called “Email List Building 101.” It takes you through the why’s and how’s of building your email list, make sure to check it out if you need to brush up on your list building skills.

  • Blog That Converts

Derek has a premium product called “Blog That Converts.” It’s filled with strategies that will help you turn your readers into raving fans, so make sure you don’t miss this one.

22. Social Media Examiner Resources:

If you guessed that this site was about Social Media, then you were right. Social Media Examiner brings together some of the top experts in social media, and puts them all in one place. This gives Social Media Examiner a diverse perspective on everything Social Media, ensuring a fuller understanding after leaving it.

As you can expect, the emphasis of Social Media Examiner is on social media. There are topics on using social media to launch products and generate leads, marketing with Facebook apps, attracting more followers using Pinterest, and so on.


Stop by here when you need some fresh perspective on using social media.

  • Podcasts

There’s a podcast focused on social media, great for learning social media on the go.

  • Social Media Events

A list of all the main social media events that are coming up.

  • Social Media Report

A social media report on the current trend of social media practices. Over 3,000 marketers contributed to the report, making it extremely comprehensive (and valuable).

  • Marketing Club

They have a social media marketing networking club. You can join and have access to other marketers who can help you with any questions you have on marketing, kind of like a 24 hour support line.

  • Start Here Page

Their start here page is great for beginner social media users. It covers Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more. Make sure to check it out if you are just starting out with social media, it’ll make your life a lot easier.

23. Think Traffic Resources:

Think Traffic is about more than helping you get more traffic to your sites, it’s also about building a site that matters. Owner Corbett Barr isn’t about sleazy marketing tactics. He believes in turning passion into profits, and having fun in the process.

The site takes a bold, no-nonsense approach and you can tell this right away with titles like “Write Epic Shit.” It’s a fun read, and coupled with the value it provides you can expect to become a long time fan in short order.


This site is an entrepreneur safe-haven. Articles cover things like quick actions to help you blog NOW, writing epic shit, choosing topics for your own million dollar blog, mistakes when starting an online business, and so on.

  • New Here Page

Their “new here” page is filled with a list of their most useful posts. There’s a collection of their most actionable articles, lifestyle posts, motivational articles, case studies, expert interviews, and their most inspiring articles as well.

  • Resources Page

Their resources page is filled with their most recommended products. This includes their favorite email companies, SEO tools, shopping carts, and so on.

  • The Traffic Toolbox

An email subscription comes with what’s called the Traffic Toolbox. They go over getting 1,000 visitors a day, a case study on earning six-figures in 18 months, and earning $1,000 a month online. Sign up at the bottom of the Traffic Toolbox page.

  • How to Start a Blog That Matters

Corbett Bar has a blogging course called “How to Start a Blog That Matters.” In it, he shows us his winning formula for creating blogs that can bring in thousands of readers per month. He’s used this formula to help blogs like Live Your Legend and Man Vs. Debt, so you can bet it’ll help you out too.

  • Million Dollar Blog project

Million Dollar Blog Project” takes you through the process of building a blog capable of replacing your day job. You follow Corbett as he takes this task head on, allowing you to copy his winning strategies. And you can easily follow along since all the updates are listed at the bottom that post, definitely worth checking out.

  • Fizzle

Fizzle is a program that brings together entrepreneurs from all walks of life and guides them with expert advice. There’s nearly 24 hour access to people looking to expand their businesses and help others do so as well. This is a great way to find others to not only guide you, but motivate you as well.

24. Fire Pole Marketing Resources:

Owner Danny Iny (AKA “the Freddy Kreuger of blogging”) runs this popular blog. It’s one of the most popular blogs on marketing out there, and it’s run by a team of very competent people. Fire Pole Marketing is there to help the entrepreneurs and small business owners who have less than 10 employees working with them.

So if you’re new to marketing and ready to make some money online, this is where you need to be.


Most of the topics are focused around marketing. Some posts will cover list building, being an entrepreneur, connecting with your audience, advertising, and making profitable decisions.

  • Start Here

Great start here page with useful links to get you ready for the marketing world.

  • Personal Coaching

Offers personal coaching sessions that’ll help you “explode your business.”

  • Video Training

Has free video training (worth $197!) when you sign up for their email newsletter.

  • Write Like Freddy

Has the “Write Like Freddy” program, which teaches you how to crank out the guest posts (he did over 80 one year) and pick the best places to guest post as well.

25. Leaving Work Behind Resources:

Leaving Work Behind is all about helping you quit your day job and build your own online business. The owner Tom Ewer decided one day that he’d had enough of the standard work lifestyle and took things into his own hands. He quit his job, and almost by accident became a successful freelancer. Since then, he’s been expanding his business and has never stopped helping others do the same.

Most of the topics focus on freelance writing and online entrepreneurial business. There are topics that cover online writing, email marketing practices, getting more Twitter followers, and how to quickly start up new blogs.


So if you’re interested in doing any freelance writing, don’t hesitate to stop by Tom’s blog for some useful tips.

  • Freelance Writers eBook

Has an online freelance writing eBook which shows you how to become a successful online freelancer yourself.

  • Income Reports

Tom Ewer puts out monthly income reports, showing us how his personal strategies are working (or not working) out for him.

  • Start Here

Getting started page helps get you’re blog off the ground and into the freelance lifestyle right away.

  • Useful Resources

His resources page is filled with useful marketing tools to help you out.

  • Free eBook

When you sign up for Tom’s newsletter, it comes with a free copy of his keyword research and competition analysis guide. Just sign up for it on the sidebar of his blog.

  • Clear Blogging Solutions

Has an article writing service up, just in case you happen to be in need of some quality writers.

26. Blogger Jet Resources:

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a shameless plugin, now would it?

Blogger Jet is all about teaching people how to turn their blogging endeavors into profitable businesses. It was born out of owner Tim Soulo’s desire to put out marketing advice that is not only highly effective, but original and field-tested as well.

(You won’t find any of those “never tested rainbow tactics” here).


Even though Blogger Jet is still young, the content will continue to maintain it’s originality. Stick around if you’re looking for something new in the marketing world :)

  • Email Course

Tim’s got a free email course that’ll teach you how to write posts that go viral, get top-bloggers to promote your posts, and get tons of traffic from Google.

  • Recommended Books

There’s also a list of useful books that’ll help you better understand people, as well as what it takes to be succesful in life. In turn, reading this material will help you not only become a better marketer, but a better person as well.

Let’s finish this up…

There was certainly a lot to learn from in this post. We’ve seen eBooks, newsletters, podcasts, videos, and other tools employed by marketers/bloggers to help them become more successful online.

But I’m wondering, which of these tools do you use? Do you plan on using any of them yourself? And how quickly can you implement them into your marketing strategies? These are questions you should be asking yourself right now, so you get the maximum usage from what you’ve read.

Why don’t you leave a message in the comments with your answers to these questions, me and Tim would love to hear them :)

By the way, wouldn’t your friends love to see the best parts of the top marketing blogs all in one post? Why not share this post with them? Because I’m pretty sure they’d like to spend their time making money rather than sifting through mountains of blog posts as well :)

Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product Advisor at Ahrefs, a leading tool trusted by hundreds of thousands of SEOs and marketers worldwide. His SEO-related data research studies have been cited by media giants, including Inc, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat. He's also a regular speaker at some of the largest industry conferences around the globe, such as PubCon (US), BrightonSEO (UK), and the Digital Marketers Australia Conference (AU).