7 The Most Helpful Forums Where Internet Marketers And SEO Addicts Are Hanging Out

Ok, as I am diving deeper into this topic I thought, it’s also important to know where to find these people interested in same niche? I am talking about internet marketing, social media and of course SEO?

While answer may seem self evident like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, but instead of just websites and specific people, where you will find similar souls?

What about forums, do people still use them and should you too? I know [tweet_dis]several great forums already, but I want to dig deeper here, I want to know every popular place where I can find knowledge[/tweet_dis], share knowledge and ask for questions and feedback, don't you too?

Yes… one more investigated roundup from me, but hey – I am just starting out, let me warm up a bit!

Hah, and believe me these articles take a lot more time then just “Top 10 Tips How To Get ____”, or “15 Most Important Mistakes You Should Avoid As _____”. I really don’t want to create such articles over here at all, since I found too many of them over other internet marketing blogs, I will just invest a lot of time and see how it goes!

Where internet marketing people are actually hanging out? Where do they get their questions answered to SEO related, link building, money making questions? Blogs are helpful, but not often you’ll get in depth answer in comments or?by contacting?blog owner personally.

Internet Marketing Forums


WarriorForum is the most popular internet marketing forum you’ll find here! However because of its popularity this forum attracts also a lot of newbies, which can be a good thing if you plan on sharing your experience, building trash or to help promote your own blog. You can start here if you’re beginner, people over there are very friendly.

Warrior forum top internet marketing forums

Maybe I am still beginner, but I like this forum the most for now… maybe it’s because I found a lot of great marketing tools, reviews about them and great feedback from people who actually tested those tools.

Also I should mention this forum has a premium section called War Room, for 37$ You’ll get access to their private section, where you’ll get very useful advice from administrators and replies to your questions from experienced marketers, like personal mentorship. I just bought their subscription myself and will leave my feedback about it real soon.

Forum topics I found very valuable:


This is more advanced forum than WarriorForum, don’t try to ask there newbie questions, people may not enjoy that. But if you’re not beginner, you’ll feel here like home! More advanced stuff here, I like to follow WarriorForum and WickedFire together.

Wicked fire top internet marketing forums

Forum topics I found very valuable (you will need to register to view their forum):

3.?PPVPlayBook (Paid Subscription – 67$)

Oh man, I really would be much happier if I would know about this forum earlier! This forum subscription easily would have been my most valuable investment! If you want to see what this blog can give to you, go to their coaching page and watch their tour video.

Ppv playbook top internet marketing forums

For me the most useful section there definitely is Case studies where you can read detailed,documented guides with success stories and understand how site was built and monetized. Currently there are 24 case studies, but of course that’s not it, there are a lot of lessons, tips, webinar replays and much, much more.

In case you decide to buy this subscription, consider saying thanks and using my affiliate link. Soon however I will do more in depth review about this forum, sharing my experience using this forum! I hope you’ll enjoy it and remember I won’t suggest you anything I have not bought myself.

Forum threads I particularly enjoyed (I cannot give links since it’s private forum):

  • Are you up for the 30 day campaign challenge? – funny, I am doing this currently with 3 friends of mine to keep up competition, cool inspiration!
  • Success Stories – loving all 24 of them, stories how to build first profitable campaign, how one (Froknowsphoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto) has earned 300$/day or another person 500$/day. Gold mine.
  • Lessons & Tips – my second favorite section, a lot of unique lessons there as well as tips from successful users.
  • New Strategy: 15 minutes to fame. – How to take 1000’s of targets and make money fast!
  • No winning campaign yet? Try this! – cool thread explaining how you can just replicate David’s technique to make money yourself.

SEO Related Forums

4.?SeoChat Forum

This is a very active forum for SEO addicts with very detailed sections and big community. From my findings this seemed to be one of the best forums about SEO, correct me if I am wrong, but I am going back there to learn more.

Seochat forum top internet marketing forums

Forum topics I found very valuable:

5.?Search Engine Watch: Forum

This forum is goldmine for search engine marketing strategies, search engines, directories, searching tips & techniques – I mean everything that is related with search, you name it!

Search engine watch top internet marketing forums

6.?High Rankings

Most active section here is SEO Tips & Techniques, link building, SEM/SEO resources and advice… Well, basically one more hardcore SEO related forum. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I really enjoyed overall design here and helpful answers to forum topics. Questions there are answered really detailed and impression is very well, even if I am first time visitor.

High rankings forum top internet marketing forums

My thoughts? – I am coming here back for more to share knowledge and receive it, I only disliked that I cannot sort posts after the most views or most replies.


This is the most popular forum for different SEO techniques – black hat SEO, white Hat SEO, cloaking, blogging, making money. While black hat SEO may seem too dangerous to use sometimes, still you’ll find many interesting tips and probably gain many new ideas about what’s possible. ?Don’t draw any lines and learn what’s possible!

Black hat seo top internet marketing forums

I don’t support black hat SEO myself, but I think it’s good to be aware of these techniques, so you don’t get fooled by others.


Huh, again it took me whole day to review many different forums, I wanted this article to be much bigger but along the way I understood you really don’t need many forums – you just need one or two where you can get actual answers right?

More forums take more time investment which usually isn’t worth it! That’s the reason why in this article you’ll see only 7 forums included – 3 forums about internet marketing, 3 about SEO and 1 more BlackHatSEO related.

You may want to ask why I didn’t include some of the big players like DigitalPoint, SitePoint and I have a simple answer – usually these forums where full of spam, filled with old,useless information and at least I didn’t feel comfortable there.

If I would need to choose I would just use WarriorForum, WickedFire and premium PPVPlaybook! For SEO forum I still cannot decide SEOChat shows extremely high value, while HighRankings shows beautiful design and very friendly atmosphere.

Tough one… – which forums are your favorite?

4 More Forums from Tim

As I was reviewing this article by Dainis I discovered that a few cool forums are missing here. So I decided I should go ahead and add them, since this article is getting some nice traffic from Google.

8, 9. BlackhatTeam & BestBlackHatForum – the names of these forums say it all. To be honest, I didn’t check them out for a very very long time, but I sure there are tons of awesome threads to check.

10. Trafficplanet – yet another very famous SEO forum. Whenever some big hype happens around Google and lots of blogs start writing about it, they will quite often link to threads at TrafficPlanet. I remember there was a very popular thread there about experiments with negative SEO back in the days.

11. MyBlogGuest – this forum is solely focused on guest posting. If you’re looking for some free posts for your blog. Or looking to submit your own posts to other blogs – you should hang out there!

That’s it from me (Tim), signing off…

How You Can Benefit From Using Forums?

If you have never actively been using any forum you might have a question, how to use it? Why you should use such forums?

Forums may seem oldschool because of LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, Q&A Sites, Twitter, blogs, but people still use them because of the huge value they provide. You can rapidly browse through forum threads, your interesting topics, it is like a huge library filled with knowledge. You give and you get.

I personally join forums because I want to build reputation – if you are delving in new niche usually the first thing you should do is find your competitors, related blogs and places where your target audience is hanging out. Forum is easy place where to start even as a newbie – your questions will actually be answered. It works similar in Twitter, Facebook too, but what to do if you don’t have friends who can help you to answer your first questions?

While using forum your main task is just to be extremely helpful and friendly in order to be noticed. Build your way up to recognition, traffic and link building.

  • Recognition – if you help others with insightful answers, people will take you as pro, will want to know more about you and will visit your blog, Twitter
  • Traffic – people tend to follow people they trust, share their links and become fans granting you with well earned traffic.
  • Link building – while answering on forum questions, you can link to your own blog posts if they are actually helping to answer to the question. I had huge success with 1stWebDesigner when I found forum topics to which I could answer with my previously done high quality posts. Yes… and remember that on blogs you have also signature line, where you can add a link back to your site, great for SEO.

About the author: Dainis Graveris is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn’t believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product Advisor at Ahrefs, a leading tool trusted by hundreds of thousands of SEOs and marketers worldwide. His SEO-related data research studies have been cited by media giants, including Inc, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat. He's also a regular speaker at some of the largest industry conferences around the globe, such as PubCon (US), BrightonSEO (UK), and the Digital Marketers Australia Conference (AU).


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  1. Tim Soulo

    Hey bro! That’s an awesome recap. I will now devote an hour or two reading the threads you’ve suggested :) somehow I’ve missed most of them.. and I was thinking for a looong time about getting that PVV subscribtion :)

    • Dainis Graveris

      Hey, mate! ah, thanks..yeah, I need to study them myself once again much more careful.. :)

      Actually just now I also bought PVV book since I am very new to this topic..I guess I will be able to share my experiences – success or loss soon enough :)

  2. Evan Davis

    Hi. Your IM and SEO forum review is one the coolest posts I’ve read in a long time. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I’ve got goosebumps. No kidding, I’ll be diving into some these forums. Additionally, you’ve given me a possibly great long term blogging idea.

  3. Deva Rao

    This is a valuable article for forum newbies. Find this article help a lot. Good job Dainis.

  4. Thanks for the list.

    I’ve got a few accounts between each of the forums and have been using them for months now which has been great for building up awareness to the site; a few of them I’ve yet to explore and others I simply read.

    I’ll have to get active on them because of a few upcoming projects; would be great to get a bit of forum link building and community awareness on the projects.

  5. Thanks for this priceless post. I’ve never heard of Quora before if not for this valuable information. Thanks for sharing

  6. This post is very helpful thanks.

    Somehow I was under the impression that the warrior forums are more about selling SEO services and products. It also seemed that black hat techniques were discussed more vigrously than white hat techniques (not that learning black hat techniques is not helpful). After reading this post I’m heading back to the warrior forums to give it another look.

    Thanks again.

  7. Nice article. I like the seo addict title. Yes, chatting about seo can be addictive. I think on some forums they like the esoteric nature of seo rather than the end results the best. I own http://www.thefreeadforum.com which has been just a place to advertise. I am in the process of turning it around into a real forum and I am answering almost all the posts personally. The site is at Alexa 28k and growing rapidly. I hope some day to make your list! Addicts beware!

  8. I’m right now a member of Warrior Forum, DigitalPoint and BlackHatWorld. The others are new to me. Thanks for sharing this list.