Here’s a brief list of my favourite tools, services and resources that I can’t live without.

Plugins for WordPress

Content Upgrades PRO: I’m sure you’ve already heard of “content upgrades” and how amazingly effective they are for growing your email list. Well, this is a plugin for creating “content upgrades” that I’ve created for my own self in the first place.

TweetDis: this plugin helps you create good-looking “tweetable quotes” in your articles. And that is yet another plugin that I’ve created because I wanted to have “tweetable quotes” on BloggerJet.

Yoast SEO: the only SEO plugin that I use on BloggerJet. It helps a lot to keep an eye on your “on-page SEO”.

Apps for Mac

Evernote: this is the ultimate storage for all my ideas and notes. Make sure to also install Chrome extension that is a massive time saver for clipping stuff from the web. And don’t forget Skitch, for creating cool annotated screenshots.

Dropbox: free cloud storage. Very handy if you’re regularly bouncing files with remote teams.

Scrivener: a great app for writers. If you need to write a series of blog posts, an email course or even a book – this handy app will help you a lot in keeping all your writings organized.

Jumpcut: remembers everything you put into your clipboard. Since I do a lot of copy/pasting daily, this little app saves me a ton of time.

F.Lux: if you love to stare at your screen late at night and then suffer from insomnia, this cool app will almost literally save your life.


MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014): I can’t imagine my life without this awesome piece of aluminium

Kindle Voyage: I was resisting digital books for a very long time, but then I gave a shot to Kindle and now I read 5x more than I used to.

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