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Want to know which of the articles on this blog are my all-time favourites?

Here's a list of just five that I personally think are the very best ones:

1. How To Write Content Strategically: The Guide To Getting Traffic, Subscribers & Sales With Your Articles

My best knowledge about content marketing and writing killer articles is packed in this post. If you want to get more traffic, subscribers and sales with your content - you have to read it!

2. [Case Study] How I Increased My Email Conversion Rate By 300% Using Content Upgrades

You know how important is your email list, right? Well in this post I'm sharing a case study of implementing a simple list-building strategy that tripled my email list growth.

3. 50 Respected Bloggers Gave Me WRONG Advice On Twitter Marketing. Oops!

I've reached out to 50 very well known guys and asked them one simple question - "What is your best strategy of getting traffic from Twitter?". Much to my surprise many of them gave me absolutely wrong answers.

4. Power Guide to Twitter Automation: Tools, Strategies, Ethics

Automation is the holy grail of any marketing tactic.
If you can put something on autopilot and enjoy results while you sleep, why would you miss that opportunity? This guide shows you how to get the most from Twitter.

5. Twitter Marketing For Dummies That Don't Even Know They Are Dummies

This article will change the way you treat Twitter once and for all. I decided to write a "For Dummies Guide" because I've seen so many people doing it wrong. It's overly important that you learn these fundamental things.