15 Social Media Plugins For WordPress That Bloggers Don’t Know About

Do you think people talk about you? For this is what makes you popular.

And in the blogging world there’s no need to make assumptions – we have “social media”, where you clearly see if people care about you or not.


So how do you actually make them care? The common answer to this question would be: “write awesome content” or “reach out to influencers“, but are there any extra tricks? Technical tricks…

One of the first things you do after launching your new blog is look for some handy plugins that will boost its performance and automate all sorts of things: filter SPAM in your comments, boost the SEO of your blog, generate email subscribers and things like that.

But when it comes to social media, most of us will just settle with some basic plugin that puts social media buttons on our articles and that’s it.

Seriously, guys? It’s 2013 and you’re going to rely solely on “awesome content” and “influencers” for your social media success?

What if I show you a few little known social media plugins for WordPress that might change your perception of becoming popular on social media sites?

Some of these plugins actually push you towards some shady tactics, but I’m sure you can always find ways to do white hat things with them.

So, without further ado…

1. Subscribe to Unlock – Content is locked until you subscribe.

subscribe to unlock

This is great for list building. Instead of asking for a share, you go straight for the gold, their emails.

A great way to set this up is by setting your biggest and most popular posts to subscribe only, that way readers are more inclined to sign up. And by being selective with it, you increase the perceived value of these posts.

2. Social Locker For WordPress – Content is locked until you Tweet/like/+1/ wait some time.


What I like about this plugin is that you can lock specific parts of a post, rather than the whole thing.

So for some posts, you can build up to a climax and when you get there have them share it for the reveal. You can be strategic about it, and consider how to lock certain content for maximum results.

You can also create a list post with lets say 10 tips, and hide 2 last ones with this plugin.

Or maybe you want to share some free file for your readers to download. Make them pay for it with their tweets and likes.

3. TweetDis – Easily Tweet specific lines in a post.


TweetDis is a BloggerJet original, made by Tim Soulo himself :)

The idea behind it is to make your blog readers tweet not only the actual post, but maybe some quotes, takeaways, or other catchy phrases that may deserve to be tweeted.

You just need to highlight the pieces of your article that may look good on Twitter, then your readers will be able to tweet them just by clicking on them.

In case you’d like some more info about TweetDis plugin, see this post: How To Get 200% More Tweets On Your Articles

4. Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress – Makes leaving comments with Facebook super easy.


If you’ve been working on your Facebook presence, then this’ll make engagement WAY easier.

All people have to do is click the slider and BAM, they leave a comment and increase your popularity. A comment does far more for you than a like would. When people see this engagement, they’ll want to engage as well.

5. Social Video Locker for WordPress – Watch a video in exchange for shares or wait a set amount of time.

social video locker

Instead of locking your written content, why not lock a video? If you only make videos occasionally, this’ll make it feel more exclusive. If you make several videos, lock only the most valuable ones. That way you’ll make those particular videos seem even more awesome.

Or you can go a little shady with this and split a certain topic into a few videos, where the last ones will be locked. It’ll be almost impossible for people who’ve invested their time into checking 80% of the content to miss the last 20%.

6. Birdo – Twitter Comments Plugin  –  Combines comments and Tweets into one.

birdo plugin

This is another great way to integrate Twitter into your posts. Let people choose to comment with their Twitter accounts, and they’ll share their comments with everybody at Twitter. This is great for both exposure AND engagement.

7. Specific Social Notification Bar – Different notification bar depending on where visitors come from.


What’s the benefit of having unique notifications for your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ readers?

Chances are, they’re more active at those places. This means they’re more likely to share your content at those places as well. Since the links are more targeted, they’re more likely it’ll be clicked on. This makes the plugin quite valuable.

8. Exit Through Social Share – Clicking on outbound links requires a social share or waiting a set amount of time.

exit through social share

If you ever find yourself linking to a really big name source, that’d be the best opportunity to use a plugin like this. People will feel like it’s worth a click if the source is amazing!

9. Social Download System for WordPress – Downloads in exchange for social shares.

social download system

Got some free eBooks? This is great for mixing them into your posts naturally.

Say something like “For a better example, download this free eBook!” Then let them share it as the only fee. It’s like sneaking an opt-in box into your writing!

10. Next Post Fly Box For WordPress – Makes reading followup posts easier.


When a reader reaches the end of your post, you don’t want them to just stop there and leave, you want them to keep reading and become permanent fans.

This plugin makes that easy. Usually you’d just see some related posts at the end of a post, but this one is unique because boxes actually popup and grab your readers attention. This makes a click through far more likely.

Now it’s your turn

Did you like some of these uncommon gems? Hope so! It’s pretty obvious how useful they can be to your blogging endeavors, so don’t hesitate to add them to your bloggers toolkit. And if you know of any other cool social media plugins for WordPress, please let us know about them!

By the way, do you know anybody who could benefit from these plugins?

Why not share this post with them? Because I think we’d all like a little more popularity for our blogs :)


I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. Good post. Everyone should bookmark this and use it and the comments
    as a farm for incredible ideas … good luck keeping it under ten after
    reading them all!

  2. Emily Hunter

    I’m torn when I look at some of these posts. I’m torn because it always seems like extortion to get their emails before actually giving them something useful. I mean, yes, I see the point and I’m prone to use some of these plugins, but .. well, the bribery doesn’t seem right.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great post, and I love seeing some of these, and I’ll probably implement Subscribe to Unlock on one of my personal blogs soon enough — there just seems to be something wrong with holding great work hostage.

    • Hey Emily… well.. I can’t agree with you more.. but we didn’t showcase these plugins to make you guys do wrong things with them.. I’m sure BloggerJet readers are smart enough to find some creative usage for these awesome plugins! :)