A Simple Idea That Increased My Traffic From Twitter Tenfold

Twitter Marketing is a topic that never gets old. Social Media Experts keep coming up with new strategies and tactics and their readers happily consume them and come back for more. (a vicious circle that is)


But would you be surprised if I tell you that I know a “twitter marketing expert”, who has slightly over a thousand followers and is struggling to get any solid traffic from Twitter? Read more…

How To Write Tweets That Get a Lot of ReTweets

ReTweets can greatly extend our reach and bring tons of new visitors to our blogs. That?s why we love them so much.


We also love them because it feels great when people support our way of thinking. This keeps us motivated and makes us work even harder.

So the question is: How do you get more of them? Read more…

Twitter Marketing For Dummies That Don’t Even Know They Are Dummies

Your so-called “Twitter Marketing Strategy” is awfully wrong. And the stuff that most “Social Media Experts” preach is awfully wrong as well.

twitter marketing for dummies

So in this “For Dummies” Guide I’m inviting you to downgrade your status back to “Dummy” (if you think you know it all) and rewrite your misconceptions about “Twitter Marketing” to those that actually work. Read more…

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