11 Vivid Examples of High Converting Popup Email Forms

I bet you’d like more email subscribers, right?

Here’s a quick tip for you – “PopUp Email Forms”.


You might be the one who hates them, but what if I say that they can easily bring you 50% more email subscribers? Not enough? Okay, what about?1,375% more email subscribers?

Muuuuch better.

Popup email forms have huge potential when it comes to list building, and even if you hate them, there’s no doubt that they work. Professional bloggers unanimously agree that they increase subscription rates, and have had great success with them. Read more…

How To Get 200% More Tweets On Your Articles

Most of you, my dear readers, won?t tweet this article.

You just lack motivation for any kind of action, other than reading it.


I know this because I rarely tweet articles myself, even when they’re plain awesome. I’m just too lazy to do that.

But there are certain psychological triggers that you can pull to make your visitors tweet your stuff.

Interested? Read along… Read more…

The Hidden Treasures of 26 Famous Marketing Blogs

Time is a precious thing.

It’s really the only thing you can’t buy more of, no matter how much money you have. That’s why it’s so important that you make the best use of the time you do have.

hidden treasures of famous marketing blogs

As a blogger/marketer, you have even less time than the average person does. You’re always reading about social media, the latest marketing tactics, list building, generating leads, and so on. But what usually ends up happening is you read a bunch of useless info before you get to the stuff that actually matters. This process is extremely time-consuming, and that lost time costs you money.

That’s where me and Tim come in. Read more…

What Elite Internet Marketers Do With Their Bylines That You’re Missing Out

Let me guess. Your author byline is probably full of sweet short facts about you:

  • Ericson is an avid blogger with passion in copywriting…
  • Tim is an online marketer who does MMA and strength workouts…
  • Nancy is a mother of two who loves cats and coffee…


You might also use your byline to link to your own website or Twitter account. But is this the best you can do with your author byline? Read more…

Generating Blog Name Ideas & Launching A Blog. Scientific Approach.

So how are you going to name your blog? Are you sure people will remember the name? Will they love it? Will they associate it with something positive/valuable? Will they misspel it?


Ok-ok, sorry for playing with your fears. Every intelligent person (and I know you are, because you’re reading this blog) will have a really hard time when it comes to naming something, be it a product, a brand or a website.

In case you’re on the verge of launching a brand new blog, this article is something I encourage you to read.
Read more…

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