70 Online Tools & Services You Should At Least Know Exist

Have you heard of “compulsive hoarding“? This is when your apartment is full of garbage, because you’re convinced you may need every single piece of it someday.


Now here’s the thing. I bet many of you guys are suffering from “compulsive online hoarding” (a term made up by myself) – this is when you bookmark more stuff than you actually can read/check.

Where am I going with this? Give me a few more sentences to explain.

The Things You Bookmark

Let’s talk about the things you bookmark. I think all of them fall into three main categories:

  1. “To Read Later” Bookmarks – you see a cool article (maybe even this one), but now is not the perfect timing to read it. So you save it to come back to it later.
  2. “Hotkey Stuff” Bookmarks – there is a number of websites and online services that you use daily. It’s handy to bookmark them so that you could open them with just one click when needed.
  3. “I-May-Need-That-Someday” Bookmarks – those are the pages/services/tools that are of no use for you right now, but you can clearly see they are highly valuable and there’s a chance you may desperately need them in future. Now that’s the “online hoarding” I’m referring to.

The reason why I find “I-May-Need-That-Someday” bookmarks fascinating is because they actually WORK!

It happened to me quite a few times when I had to solve some problem and I thought: “Wait, I think I’ve seen a handy tool that can do it for me.”

Think of it as loading your brain with “there’s a tool for that” triggers and once something activates this trigger you don’t have to remember the name of the tool or its URL, you just have to look for it in your bookmarks.

That’s where the “You Should At Least Know Exist” part of my headline comes from.

So today I want to load your brain with 70 “there’s a tool for that” triggers and a single place to come back to recall them (this article of course).

loading brain Neo

the load will go smoothly, I promise ;)

I’ve tried to pick mostly uncommon tools, but then decided to throw in some famous tools as well for chances are some people may not know about them.


    Competitor Research Tools

  1. MixRank ( http://mixrank.com/ ) – this is a nice service for researching ads of your competitors. These guys track thousands of advertisements and even give estimates on how they perform. In case you’re planning to advertise your business, you would probably be interested to know what’s going on in your niche.
  2. WhatRunsWhere ( http://www.whatrunswhere.com/ ) – I guess it’s pretty similar to Mixrank. Don’t really know which of them is actually better.
  3. SpyFu ( http://www.spyfu.com/ ) – another competitor research tool. But this time it checks for the most profitable keywords of your competitors.
  4. Semrush ( http://www.semrush.com/ ) – tons of data to analyse and act upon.
  5. Analytics Tools

  6. Wistia ( http://wistia.com/ ) – absolutely amazing video analytics platform. If you’re creating videos for your website, there’s absolutely no point of using YouTube to host them. With Wistia you’ll get tons of stats on how your videos perform.
  7. Mixpanel ( https://mixpanel.com ) – events-based analytics platform. Google Analytics lets you track events as well, but Mixpanel is much more convenient in working with such data.
  8. Woopra ( https://www.woopra.com/ ) – another analytics platform. This time based on customer behaviour. I guess it’s useful in case you have some kind of a product and you need to know how exactly people use it.
  9. KissMertics ( https://www.kissmetrics.com/ ) – an awesome analytics platform with tons of customization options. If you’re a fan of Lean Analytics you should try this out.
  10. Clicky ( http://clicky.com/ ) – everyone is freaking tired of Google Analytics lately. Clicky is one of the best alternatives I know.
  11. Analytics URL Builder ( http://gaconfig.com/google-analytics-url-builder/ ) – have issues with building the right URLs for your campaigns? Try this little tool.
  12. Social Media Tools

  13. SnapBird ( http://snapbird.org/ ) – awesome search that surprisingly has lots of benefits over default Twitter search.
  14. Triberr ( http://triberr.com/ ) – bloggers gather in tribes and commit to tweeting articles from each other. This tool automates all the process.
  15. HootSuite ( https://hootsuite.com ) – lets you create a very sleek dashbord to track all your social media profiles in one place. I use it for Twitter and it’s super handy!
  16. Tweriod ( http://www.tweriod.com/ ) – this tool will analyze your twitter account and give you some handy stats of the best times to tweet things so that your followers will notice them.
  17. Bufferapp ( https://bufferapp.com ) – one of the few tools that I use almost daily. It automates what Tweriod does. This handy service will determine the best times for you to tweet & schedule your tweets for exactly these hours. Power-tweeting on autopilot!
  18. FollowerWonk ( https://followerwonk.com/ ) – super awesome tool to mine some information on Twitter users. Search their bios, compare them, analyze them. You should try it.
  19. Klout ( http://klout.com/ ) – this one is so famous I was even hesitating whether to include it. If you need some insights about who’s the most influential person on Twitter – go to Klout.
  20. Topsy ( http://topsy.com/ ) – awesome tool that shows what’s trending on Twitter for a given keyword.
  21. OnlyWire ( https://onlywire.com/ ) – social bookmarking has always been one of the most common SEO practices. Lots of bloggers today still bookmark each and every article they publish to major bookmarking sites. Well this handy online service automates the whole process.
  22. Strip The Blog ( http://bloggerjet.com/strip-the-blog/ ) – how could I not mention my own tool? This one lets you find the most popular articles of any blog based on the number of Tweets, Likes, Pins, shares and comments.
  23. SEO Tools

  24. OpenSiteExplorer ( http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ ) – a very well known tool by Moz. Lets just call it “the search engine for links” like they do in their tagline. If you’re an SEO – you need to have that.
  25. MajesticSEO ( http://www.majesticseo.com/ ) – pretty much the same as OpenSiteExplorer. I don’t even know which of them is better these days.
  26. Ahrefs ( https://ahrefs.com/ ) – yes, one more “search engine for links”. Can anyone tell me which is the most accurate these days?
  27. Virante SEO Tools ( http://www.virante.org/seo-tools ) – a very unique set of various SEO tools. Use them in your SEO reports and you’ll look like a solid professional.
  28. SEOBook SEO Tools ( http://tools.seobook.com/ ) – just a plethora of amazing SEO tools here. If you’re SEO – this set of tools is definitely worth reviewing
  29. Moz SEO Tools ( http://moz.com/tools ) – if you ask me, Moz is the best in terms of SEO tools. If you don’t know about their tools – you’re not even an SEO.
  30. Free SEO Tools ( http://googletheplanet.com/ ) – about 50 different little tools there. Some are absolutely useless, but some may come handy at times.
  31. Wordtracker ( http://www.wordtracker.com/ ) – I guess that is the most well known keyword research tool that exists today.
  32. SerpIQ ( https://serpiq.com/ ) – pretty neat keyword tracking tool. I think Moz has one like that as part of their premium account.
  33. Website Review Tools

  34. WooRank ( http://www.woorank.com/ ) – amazing website review tool. If you’re working with clients this tool will help you generate amazing initial reports.
  35. QuickSprout ( http://www.quicksprout.com/ ) – does pretty much the same stuff but I like the design better. And Neil Patel is already a celebrity in the world of SEO, so I guess his tool is worthy.
  36. W3C Link Checker ( http://validator.w3.org/checklink ) – want to know if your page is following all the standards and best practices of modern web development? Just check it here!
  37. GTmetrix ( http://gtmetrix.com/ ) – speaking of performance of your website, this tool can give you some valuable advice of what can be done to pump it up.
  38. Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

  39. Visual Website Optimizer ( http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/ ) – if you’re totally new to the whole concept of A/B testing and have no skills in web development, this tool is just for you. Modify the design of your site in a handy editor and test what works best.
  40. CrazyEgg ( http://www.crazyegg.com/ ) – that’s honestly one of my favourite tools. It shows where people click on your page (this is called heatmap) and a bunch of other cool stuff (how deep they scroll, where do they come from, etc). Absolutely recommended if you’re messing with conversion rates of your pages.
  41. FiveSecondTest ( http://fivesecondtest.com/ ) – awesome tool to check how good your page is at delivering some message to your visitors. Setup a test and send it to anyone. You’ll get some awesome feedback to work with.
  42. GazeHawk ( http://gazehawk.com/ ) – a unique eye tracking tool. If you want to get some insight to how people view your pages, you should definitely try this out.
  43. Design Tools

  44. Mocku.Ps ( http://mocku.ps/ ) – I don’t even know how would I communicate with my designers if I didn’t have that tool. It’s perfect for commenting screenshots of design.
  45. MockFlow ( http://mockflow.com/ ) – if you need to create wireframes and you hate doing it with pen and paper, try this tool.
  46. Fillerati ( http://www.fillerati.com ) – tired of reading “Lorem ipsum…” when working with web design. Use this neat simple website to generate awesome copy for your designs.
  47. iOSFonts ( http://iosfonts.com ) – a handy list of iOS fonts, anyone?
  48. JPEGmini ( http://www.jpegmini.com/ ) – reduce the size of your .jpeg images by up to 5x. This can make your website load 5 times faster!
  49. Tiny PNG ( https://tinypng.com ) – how about you shrink your .png images as well?
  50. Wireframing & Prototyping tools ( http://uxdesign.cc/ux-tools ) – a ton of awesome tools for web designers and usability designers collected on this page.
  51. CompareNinja ( http://compareninja.com/ ) – create awesome comparison tables on the fly!
  52. Survey Tools

  53. SurveyMonkey ( https://www.surveymonkey.com/ ) – the best known way to create surveys for your visitors. Lots of insights and awesome features.
  54. Qualaroo ( https://qualaroo.com/ ) – a simple tool to survey your website visitors. I’m sure you’ve seen it in right lower corner of some websites. I’ve tried it myself and the feedback of my visitors was really helpful.
  55. Email Marketing Tools

  56. Vero ( http://www.getvero.com/ ) – email service with perfect customization options. You can send different emails to your visitors based on what actions they take.
  57. MailChimp ( http://mailchimp.com/ ) – I love it cause it’s free to a certain point. And it’s quite beautiful inside.
  58. Aweber ( http://www.aweber.com/ ) – I think this one has some more features than MailChimp, but it’s not free.
  59. Unroll.me ( https://unroll.me/ ) – amazing tool that you can use once in a while to get rid of the email subscriptions you’re no longer interested in.
  60. Webinar Tools

  61. GoToWebinar ( http://www.gotomeeting.co.uk/webinar ) – the most popular tool to host webinars.
  62. StealthSeminar ( http://www.stealthseminar.com/ ) – want to run webinars on autopilot using already recorded ones? Check this service.
  63. Outsourcing Tools

  64. Microlancer ( http://www.microlancer.com/ ) – professionals available to do all sorts of micro jobs for you. Some very awesome gigs there.
  65. Fiverr ( http://fiverr.com/ ) – you’ve heard about it unless you’ve been living under a rock. Guys do all sorts of little jobs for $5
  66. Odesk ( https://www.odesk.com ) – super professional freelancers can be hired here.
  67. OnlineJobs.ph ( http://www.onlinejobs.ph/ ) – need a VA from Philippines? Tons of very smart & friendly guys live there.
  68. Miscellaneous Tools

  69. Online Link Scan ( http://onlinelinkscan.com/ ) – if the link looks suspicious, but you really want to visit it, try this service first. It will tell you if there’s any harmful code on the page you’re about to open.
  70. Down For Everyone or Just Me ( http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ ) – amazingly simple service that helps you isolate the issue. Is the site really down or it’s your local issue.
  71. Check Domains For Similar IPs ( http://www.authoritydomains.com/bulk-ip-checker.php ) – if you suspect that certain websites belong to the same owner, you can check if they’re are hosted on the same IP. Cause oftentimes it would be the indicator of a common owner.
  72. DemoDuck ( http://demoduck.com/ ) – they create “handcrafted explainer videos”. I guess that’s not very cheap, but well worth it at a certain point.
  73. Prezi ( http://prezi.com/ ) – need to create an awesome presentation real quick? Grab this tool!
  74. Privacy Policy Generator ( http://www.serprank.com/privacy-policy-generator/ ) – in case you’re making MFA sites, you’re going to love this simple tool.
  75. Protrada ( http://www.protrada.com/ ) – in case you need to buy or sell domain names (some hardcore SEOs do), this place is for you.
  76. PhotoPin ( http://photopin.com/ ) – everyone needs free images: for your blog, for your web designs, for your presentations. With this cool search tool you can find Creative Commons images that guarantee you won’t get sued for using them.
  77. CompFight ( http://compfight.com/ ) – another handy image search tool to find royalty free images for whatever you may need them.
  78. Feedly ( http://feedly.com/ ) – since Google RSS Reader was taken down I’m keeping my RSS feeds here. I still think RSS is a quite convenient way to follow blogs.
  79. ImageShack ( https://imageshack.com ) – when you need to share an image or a screenshot over the web. I use this cool site almost daily.
  80. Screenr ( http://www.screenr.com/ ) – create & share screencasts easily. Handy if you work with VAs.
  81. Yourls ( http://yourls.org/ ) – create your own URL shortener with this script.

What Are Your “I-May-Need-That-Someday” Tools?

I hope you’ve enjoyed going through that list and noted quite a few tools that you may need in future.

Now tell me, what do YOU have in your bookmarks? I’m sure you have some things that I and lots of other people don’t know about.

Please share them with us!

Oh, and if you’ve enjoyed my “list of tools you should at least know exist” – please share it with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.. they should also know that these tools exist! :)

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. WOW! That’s a great huge list! Can’t wait to try at least some of these tools. Thanks for sharing, Tim ;)

    • thanks, Nancy! I’m sure you’ll find some of them really useful! ;)

  2. Deb Dulal Dey

    the most comprehensive list that I have ever seen.. perfect work buddy

  3. I’ve not even finished reading the article, but I already want to leave a comment about it. Seeing the number of services, I can attribute this article as a “must have”! Сarry on!

  4. Tim, love this resource “dump”!!! I will be using this tool you mentioned for unique short urls – http://yourls.org/ used bit.ly before, but it was free for just few clicks!! :)

    Would love to hear which are your favourite unique tools as well, btw! :) Ones which come handy for you from time to time?

    P.S. I hate you a little bit too because this goes to my bookmarks as useful article I need to check someday.. :D Like I didnt have enough of them haha!

    • well… I really love Wistia.. cause it’s perfect to see if the video is engaging or not..

      I also use ImageShack quite often as a way to share pics online

      Crazyegg.. I am using it almost on every landing page I create..

      Buferapp, Mailchimp, Triberr, Hootsuite, OpenSiteExplorer and of course Strip The Blog – are the tools that I use quite often

      and no need to hate me :) you don’t have to spend time researching every tool… just know it exists and once you need to solve some problem – then go spend time researching what exactly it can do for you ;)

      • Yeah, I was surprised about ImageShack – I always use Skitch for that..

        Wistia..yes – but you dont get rankings..which help out because Google owns Youtube no?

        Yup, yup – thumbs up for CrazyEgg and Strip The Blog tool of course.. :)

        Don’t worry Tim, it’s tough love – I hate you and love you in the same time! :D

        • If I want to upload a picture of you drunk and show it to someone – it’s more convenient to use ImageShack..

          But if I want to take a screenshot of this chat and put it online – Skitch or Jing is best.

          Video.. it depends on your purpose.. you can put a Wistia video on your landing page to see how engaging it is and you can upload a copy to YouTube and optimise it for rankings & stuff

          …so should I change my Facebook status to “it’s complicated” LOL

  5. Huge roundup, Tim! I already use CrezyEgg and it’s awesome! I’ll try more tools for sure and add your post to bookmarks. Keep rocking, Tim!

  6. georgephotodoto

    Wow, this post is pure gold! Thanks a lot Tim! I was familiar with about 2% of these!

  7. Huge roundup, Tim! I already use CrazyEgg and it’s awesome! I’ll try
    more tools for sure and add your post to bookmarks. Keep rocking, Tim!

  8. YouLee

    Great job, Tim! May I add a few tools I personally find useful to your incredible list? :)
    Conversion Rate Optimization Tools:

    Design Tools:

    Social Media Tools:

    Email Marketing Tools:

    • Hey YouLee! thanks for mentioning these awesome tools! I’ve seen some of them before :)

  9. jeffatrackaid

    Since I work more on the ops site of things, I focus on server-related/domain tools.


    Very useful if you have a lot of 3rd party code on your site as you can quickly see if one of those providers is slowing you site down.

    http://www.intodns.com (free)

    Great if your moving sites or have email problems.

    great for getting whois history on a domain


    • Huge thanks for your comment! Will go play with webpagetest :)

  10. Jeez! So much info here. Pinned it. I’m new to the blogging world, so bumbling around trying to discover & figure things out little by little. This will be an excellent asset for me. Thanks.

    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Donna! Glad you’ve enjoyed it! :)

      This list really isn’t about trying all the tools right away but referring to when you face some specific issue.

      Thanks for the pin :)

  11. In Design tools, and sorry if it was mentioned before and I did not see it.


    One of the most amazing design tools created recently.
    Great for people who have little knowledge in using professional design software.

    Thank you for the article.

  12. I am totally agree. These are really useful tools. Great job.

  13. Great list of online tools. Most of them are new to me, I am going to try some for sure.
    Good work man.

  14. Nice comprehensive list!

    For the URL builder, you can enter in one URL at a time, but if you’re looking to create URL’s in a batch you can use http://reinvolve.com/tools/google-tracking-url-generator

  15. I agree with guys! Awesome list! I can add a great tool to check website positions in SERP as SE Ranking (http://seranking.com).