Lesson 1: Part 3: Building Links Like A Champ

This lesson is so big, I had to split it into 3 parts:

LESSON #1, Part 1: Quick & Easy Keyword Research For Blog Post
LESSON #1, Part 2: The Right Way Of Optimizing Your Post For Google
LESSON #1, Part 3: Building Links Like A Champ

Welcome to the last part of my “Google Domination” lesson.

By now your post should be perfectly optimized for a perfectly relevant keyword.

If your blog has a PageRank of 4 or higher this alone might be enough to rank somewhere on the front page of Google. So give it a few weeks and see where it eventually settles.

But you might want to get to that sweet #1 spot, and here is where you need links.

Depending on how many different sources link to your article it will move higher in the search results. So essentially the one with the most links wins the #1 spot.

Part 3: Building Links Like A Champ

I’m about to share with you both free and paid methods of linkbuilding.

You may ask if they are legitimate and follow the Google’s Terms Of Service. To be honest – I don’t care. I just know they work and I’ve never been banned for using them.

So let’s start with some theory…

How Does The Perfect Link Look Like

Let’s see what kind of links you should strive for:

1. The link should come from an authority source.
Which means a link from CNN.com is far more powerful than a link from my-website-about-butterflies.com

Just check the PageRank of a given website as this is quite a precise indication of how powerful a link from there would be.

2. The link should come from the relevant article.
In other words, if you want to rank for “toys for cats” with your article, you should try to get links from other articles that talk about “toys for cats”. Or at least get links from websites about cats.

3. The anchor text of your link should be your exact match keyword.
Which means a link like this: HDR photography tutorial will help me rank for “HDR photography tutorial” way better than a link like this: nice hdr video tutorials.

Yet if all of your links have the same anchor text, this might look too suspicious for Google. That is why SEO guys preach that you should distribute the anchor text of your incoming links like this:

33% exact match – meaning “HDR photography tutorial”
33% synonyms – meaning “hdr tutorial”, “hdr photography videos”, “learn hdr video”, etc.
33% random stuff – meaning “click here”, “awesome post”, “cool article”, etc.

Please consider this while building links to your post.

Now let’s break down the most effective linkbuilding tactics that you can leverage right away:

1. Interlink The Articles On Your Blog

This is so far the easiest way to get some nice links to your posts.

Just pick some relevant articles on your blog and interlink them using the keywords you wish to rank for as your anchor text.

Those of you, who have some experience in SEO might say that links from your own website are not that powerful as links from other sites. And that is true.

Yet even in this case, you should not neglect this method as this gives you an advantage over thousands of bloggers who don’t do even that.

2. Links From Social Sites

This one is a no-brainer actually. But every article you post should be submitted to your Facebook Page, Twitter account, Google+ Page, LinkedIn Group, pinned on Pinterest, published to Tumblr etc.

I sincerely hope you’ve joined all social sites you could long time ago. If not – do it right now!

Not only this will give you links from very powerful sites, but you also might actually get some visitors from there.

3. Comments On Blogs, Forums and Q&A Boards

Another easy way to get some nice links is to post comments on relevant articles on other blogs as well as browse Forums and Q&A sites and answer relevant questions.

I usually go to Google and search for things that are relevant to my article. Then I browse the search results to see if I can leave some kind of comment there with a link to my post.

The trick here is that you should not SPAM the guys by writing short lame comments only to put your link there. This will get you nowhere. Only comment if you have something valuable to say and only leave your link if it belongs there.

4. GuestPosts

Now we’re moving to much more time consuming linkbuilding tactics, yet much more powerful as well.

If you’re able to write great articles then I’m pretty sure that hundreds of blogs will be happy to have you as their guest contributor.

Most of the blogs will allow you to have a few links in your guest post. Especially if you’re linking to your own articles on your own blog.

In case the blog doesn’t allow any links in the content of the article, you still have your “author bio“. A section where you can talk about yourself and link to any place of your choice. Every blog allows that!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 3.04.51 PM

The links from your guestposts are probably the best links you can get. But it takes a ton of time to write a solid guestpost and pitch it to some blogger. So you might think of hiring a few freelancers who will be guestposing on your behalf.

5. Sponsored Reviews

As an alternative to paying freelancers for guestposting on your behalf you can pay directly to the owner of the blog and ask him to write a “sponsored post” with the links that you need.

You can contact the bloggers directly and most likely your offer will get turned down, because not every blogger does that.

Or you can go the easy way and signup at SponsoredReviews – this awesome service connects bloggers with people willing to order sponsored posts.

I’ve personally been using this service for 3 years now and I must tell you it works like a charm!

You can buy awesome articles with up to 3 links with anchor text of your choice for as low as $5 per article!


I was using this service to move websites to #1 spot in Google for some quite competitive keywords. And since this worked for me every time, I feel credible recommending it to you.

The interface is not very intuitive to be honest, that’s why I’m going to publish an article about it here on BloggerJet real soon.

6. Freelance SEO Services

To end my list of proven linkbuilding tactics I want to offer you a homework.

There’s a cool SEO/marketing/make-money-online forum that I really respect.

It’s called WickedFire and there’s a specific section I want you to look at:

Sell, Buy & Trade >>> Links & SEO

In this section some guys offer their linkbuilding services and others buy them and post reviews/results.

So your homework would be to research this section and handpick a few SEO services that have raving reviews. Specifically I suggest you to take a look at such SEO services as:

  • bookmarks
  • web 2.0’s
  • link pyramids
  • blog networks

Of course it will cost you some money, but after a few attempts you will eventually cherry-pick a few cheap awesome SEO services that will easily bring your posts to the frontpage of Google.

Any Specifics? No.

As you can see I’m not offering you a step-by-step linkbuilding strategy that is guaranteed to bring any of your posts to #1 spot of Google.

That’s because every case is different. Some posts will rank instantly just because you’ve picked an awesome keyword and optimized your post well. And some will require you to build/buy tons of links before they even hit top 50.

I invite you to try all of the suggested linkbuilding methods and see what works best for your blog.

Track How Your Posts Perform

I think you might need a handy tool to easily track how your posts perform in Google. There are tons of different tools that let you do this, but my personal choice is Rank Tracker:


I even did a post a while back on why I love it so much: The Mystery Tool That Pro Bloggers Use To Milk Google For Traffic – make sure you check it out.


That’s the end of the first lesson in my email course! I wrote 4000 words so far to help you grow your traffic from Google. Hope I made everything clear and was able to persuade you to invest some of your time into growing this traffic source.

In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. I will be really glad to hear from you!

And you’ll get 4 more lessons from me in the next 4 days! A lot more powerful tactics and strategies are coming your way!

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