3 Easy Outreach Hacks To Make Influential People Notice You

email-outreach-hacks-Post_ImageImagine that Gary Vaynerchuk just became your close friend.

Do you think this would change your life somehow?


Whether we like it or not, we?re greatly influenced by people around us.

There?s nothing we can do to resist that influence, but luckily we have the ability to choose the people who influence us.

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are…

According to Jim Rohn, we?re the average of the five people we spend most of our time with.

[tweet_box design=”box_15_at” pic_url=”http://bloggerjet.com/img/jim-rohn.jpg” author=”Jim Rohn”]You?re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.[/tweet_box]

But don?t worry, I?m not going to suggest you to ditch all your under-performing friends all of a sudden.

Instead, I want to remind you of the importance of expanding your network and connecting with new interesting people who will influence you in a positive way.

Let’s be even more specific – I want to talk about “blogger outreach“.

There are a few very effective hacks that I want to share with you today and some actual blogger outreach examples to support them.

But before we begin, here’s one more awesome quote that you can tweet. This time by Sir Richard Branson:

[tweet_box design=”box_15_at” pic_url=”http://bloggerjet.com/img/richard-branson.jpg” author=”Richard Branson”]Succeeding in business is all about making connections.[/tweet_box]

Note: just in case you’re interested, I’ve used my WordPress plugin called TweetDis to create these fancy tweetable quotes.

Hack #1: Ben Franklin effect

Have you ever heard of the ?Ben Franklin effect??

It?s a fun psychological phenomenon, which suggests that a person who has done a small favour for someone is more likely to do another favour for that person than they would be if they had actually RECEIVED a favor from that person.

I?ve learned that from a famous Ben Franklin?s autobiography, where he shares the story of dealing with the animosity of his rival in a very surprising way:

benjamin-franklinHaving heard that he had in his library a certain very scarce and curious book, I wrote a note to him, expressing my desire of perusing that book, and requesting he would do me the favour of lending it to me for a few days.

He sent it immediately, and I return’d it in about a week with another note, expressing strongly my sense of the favour. When we next met in the House, he spoke to me (which he had never done before), and with great civility; and he ever after manifested a readiness to serve me on all occasions, so that we became great friends, and our friendship continued to his death.

How ingenious is that?

I?ve used this little hack to connect with Sue Anne Dunlevie of Successful Blogging.

As I was checking out people who have tweeted my articles I found her blog and I was amazed by the numbers that I saw on her ?pin? buttons.

So immediately I?ve reached out to her:


As you can see, I didn?t actually ask for much – just to share a few links with me where I could read about her strategies.

Sue replied with a very warm email and shared two great Pinterest Marketing articles with me:

To this date we?ve exchanged 16 emails with Sue and I?ve learned quite a few tips from her (plus got a guest post invitation).

And I?m sure our connection doesn?t end there. Right, Sue? ;)

Oh, and by the way… In my email to Sue there were two words that I?ve tried to avoid, because they could easily kill my outreach email. Wanna know which words I?m talking about? Get the free bonus hack below:

BONUS HACK: Two words that you should NEVER use in your outreach emails. [content_upgrade id=5414]Click here to get this hack.[/content_upgrade]

HERe’s another fancy box with a content upgrade:

[fancy_box id=10 linked_cu=5841 action1=”DOWNLOAD IT NOW!”]An epic bonus to this article that will blow you away. It includes a fancy PDF and a checklist with everything you need to know. BLA BLA BLA![/fancy_box]

Hack #2: Perfect Reasoning

Let?s be honest. Most of the time we reach out to influential people because we want them to share our articles, right?

But here?s an important question:

WHY would they want to share it?

There are millions of articles published on millions of blogs every single day. Why do you think that your article is the one worthy of their tweet?

Well, maybe you have some reasoning behind it?

Take a look at my recent email to Jimmy Daly from Vero and see if there?s something that tells him that my article is worthy of his attention:


Actually I’m giving him 3 different reasons to check my article:

1. ?I know you?re a fan of epic articles…?

This short phrase tells Jimmy that I actually follow Vero blog, because quite recently they?ve published a totally epic email marketing guide and followed up with a detailed breakdown of that epic guide.

So that?s my REASON of reaching out to him. I know that Jimmy loves epic articles and I just published one on my blog.

EXTRA TIP: You should never use phrases like ?I?ve been following your blog for a while? or ?I?m your long time reader?, because too many people have abused them.

Even if you?re telling the truth, you will still trigger a person?s internal ?spammer detection?.

Here?s an example:


Andrea started her email telling me that she?s my long time reader, which was the reason to?

…pitch me their WordPress plugin with a long canned email.

I really doubt that a person who has been ?following my blog for a while? would do this to me.

2. ?…got featured in ?Moz Top 10? newsletter…?

That is a perfect example of ?social proof?.

Why Jimmy should care about my article? Because the top SEO community of this planet considered it good enough to include in their weekly newsletter!

Ok. But what if Moz didn?t feature your article?

  • Well, maybe someone influential tweeted it?
  • Or maybe some popular blog linked to it?
  • Or it got upvoted like crazy at inbound.org?
  • Or it got over 200 shares on Facebook?

Is there ANYTHING about your article that proves that you?re not the only one who thinks that it?s cool?

3. ?…kinda Brian Dean?s ?Skyscraper Technique? on steroids…?

I noticed Jimmy mentioning Brian Dean?s famous ?Skyscraper Technique? which meant that he enjoyed it.

Well my ?Guide To Strategic Writing? was a kind of ?more in-depth look into the Skyscraper Technique.? Which could only mean that Jimmy would enjoy it just as much as he enjoyed Brian Dean?s article.

So whenever you see that some blogger is advocating a certain concept, you can use that as a reason to show him your own version of it.

And obviously my email to Jimmy doesn?t have those two awful words that you should never use in your outreach emails:

BONUS HACK: Two words that you should NEVER use in your outreach emails. [content_upgrade id=5414]Click here to get this hack.[/content_upgrade]

Hack #3: Ruthless Critique

Actually you’re going to make yourself a lot of enemies if you just go out and critique other bloggers.

So how come I am suggesting you this as an effective outreach hack?

Well, here are two ways to make critique work for you:

1. Wait till they ask for it.

Dainis Graveris, the proud owner of 1stwebdesigner.com is my very close friend.

And our friendship started from my comment to this article, where Dainis was asking his readers to critique his site:


I left him a huge 500-word comment and told him I have even more advice for him if he?s interested.

And guess what? It?s been 5 years and we?re friends ever since!

We have met quite a few times (despite living in different countries) and we often talk on Skype and discuss our business strategies.

But what if none of the bloggers that you follow is requesting to critique them?

2. Ask for their permission.

Here?s a list of 7 videos, where Derek Halpern is showing top bloggers what?s wrong about their websites.


By saying ?top bloggers? I mean huge guys like Chris Brogan, Pat Flynn, Jay Baer, etc.

It?s obvious that they didn?t ask anyone to critique their website. It was Derek who reached out to them and offered them his advice. And from what I know, Derek has gained a lot of credibility points from doing that and he?s still friends with all these bloggers.

Here’s another great example where Matthew Woodward allowed Stuart Walker to publicly critique his blog:

And here?s Mitro Patrikainen giving some public advice to Ana Hoffman on her own blog:

So whenever you notice a blogger doing a wrong thing (or not doing a thing, which you know is right) – reach out and ask for permission to critique them.

And please, make sure you avoid using these two words that all influencers hate:

BONUS HACK: Two words that you should NEVER use in your outreach emails. [content_upgrade id=5414]Click here to get this hack.[/content_upgrade]

Always. Be. Genuine.

Honestly you can?t ?hack? people into liking you.

And there?s no way to maintain a relationship with someone if you?re only willing to use him for your benefit and never actually care about him.

That?s why I pick my outreach targets very carefully. I only reach out to a person who I would still hang out with, even knowing that he will never tweet my articles.

What about you, guys?

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. Jimmy

    This is an awesome post and that was an awesome outreach email!

    • Tim Soulo

      Thanks for being a part of it, Jimmy ;)

  2. Hi Tim,

    Loving the tips here. You know me; I’m all about building those bonds. I figure too, that if you’re honest with someone and if you vibe with them you’ll either be matches, or maybe, you’ll simply grow apart. I remember some dude who offered advice on an article I wrote for it; he did it in a genuine way. So I stayed connected with him. We still promote each other, support each other and help each other prosper. I wonder who that guy is….hmmmm :)

    We all lift each other up. Big time. If we reach out and connect with folks, and help them and promote them. The truth is, the greater clarity you have as an individual the more you’ll tune into awesome advice and tune out advice that isn’t intended to help you grow, so why not meet more people, promote them, support them and inspire them, so you can free them and so they can free you? Makes total sense to me, and all the more reason to just plain make your job easier. Heck, I can’t go to the beach if I don’t inspire hundreds of folks to retweet my stuff by helping them out first, and I REALLY love the beaches here on the Ring of Fire ;)

    Thanks Tim, inspired post!

    Tweeting from Bali.


    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Ryan! Yeah, I almost forgot that our connection started from critique as well ;) Thanks for the comment, bud ;)

  3. Hi, Tim,

    Was a nice surprise to see myself in your article on blogger outreach.

    You did a great job of contacting me – I get between 10 and 25 blogger outreach emails a day and I still remember yours because you provided value.

    I’m looking forward to your guest post!

    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Sue! Thanks a lot for stepping by :)

      Well.. I guess my “outro tip” is actually the most important one.

      I’ve found you while going through people who tweeted my articles. I checked over 50 different blogs, but only a fraction of them really got my attention.

      Yours was obviously one of them.

      So this wasn’t a cold outreach.. I wrote you an email because I got naturally interested in you :)

      Being genuine is still the most important thing when connecting with others :)

  4. Some interesting tactical writing tips, Tim. Very useful to keep in mind for future use. Yes, I am guilty of a few of your bad examples. :)

    Your comment about you are who you hang out with, reminded me of a similar article I wrote last year about being average. It would be awesome to get your view on it (http://helpgrowchange.com/average/).


    • Tim Soulo

      :) admitting that you’re guilty is a big thing of it’s own!

      Thanks for the comment, Terence! Will go check your article now! ;)

  5. “we?re the average of the five people we spend most of our time with” – I hope it also works with marketing blogs we spend most of out time reading =))

    • Tim Soulo

      It sure does :)

  6. Some great outreach tips guys, thanks for taking the time to put this together

    • Tim Soulo

      Thanks, Phil!

  7. Hey Tim,

    I’m hanging out on your blog this evening. LOL. Wow, this post was great. I’m loving that you’re incorporating personal proof of what you are doing into your posts.

    It’s real, refreshing and makes people like me stick around MUCH longer than we intended to !

    I think one of the biggest obstacles for me when it comes to blogger outreach is that most of the time I am not even sure what to say to these people. And then of course there is the voice that says “They’re probably too busy to reply to a tiny fish like me”. I know – that is such a limiting mentality but it’s stopped me in my tracks so many times.

    The “Ben Franklin” tip is a such a no-brainer I can’t even think why I’ve never thought of it. Thanks for sharing Tim.

    Okay, signing up for your e-mail list now. :D

    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Gertrude!

      yeah.. everyone can “talk the talk”, but only a few actually “walk the walk” and I’m happy to be among the latter :)

      one thing you should note about “Ben Franklin” tactic is that after you ask some influencer for an advice – you should go ahead and immediately put that advice to action! this is how you gain his respect

      most people never take action and by executing something an influencer taught you, you instantly differentiate yourself from hundreds of others who reach out to him!

      so good luck with that ;)

  8. Hey Tim

    I love the tips you shared on blogger outreach. Right use of words while writing to an active & expert blogger is literally very important to gain some attention.

    • Tim Soulo

      yeah.. that’s true! And the most important of all is being genuine! we should never forget abou that!

      Thanks a lot for your comment, Yogita! :)

  9. Wow. Thanks for the extra tip, Tim. I’ll definitely remember that when I am doing blogger outreach.

    Enjoy the rest of your day !

    • Tim Soulo

      thanks a lot, Gertrude ;)

  10. For the Italian audience, here is the translation of this great article: http://www.ideawebitalia.it/sem/7010/

    • Tim Soulo

      thanks a lot for the translation, Marco! ;)

  11. There are lot of people getting in touch with the top bloggers for sharing their content as guest post or on paid.. But keep in mind that your article should be original and related to the blogger niche..
    It’s hard to convince someone to say share my content on your blog even your article is super best..

    One of the great tip of “Tim” that i found in a comment section i want to share with is that,
    “Most people never take action and by executing something an influencer taught you, you instantly differentiate yourself from hundreds of others who reach out to him”!

    • Tim Soulo

      Thanks Kristina! I love being cited :) LOL

  12. Hi Tim,

    I think that it’s my first time here actually! Good to see that my buddy and client Ryan Biddulph here too. this place must be good!

    Anyway I have tweeted this for you; granted I am still small fry in the world of blogging but if all new bloggers (or ones that have been out of practice like myself) out there stop chasing the pennies and spamming. Hang with the Big Dawgs, Give Epic and Valuable Content and play the Long Game. Then those Blogging Outreach Ops will come knock knock knocking at those doors.

    Epic post Tim.
    Sharing from Birmingham

    – Phillip

    • Tim Soulo

      Thanks Phillip! Great comment! Glad to have you here! :)

  13. Hi Tim,

    To be honest i came here the minute i decided to add TweetDis to the army of WordPress plugins with potentials i promote and this article well is just fantastic.

    Got an email similar to the number 1 outreach example few days ago and i simply shared the guys article….I had no choice although it was fantastic as well.

    I could’ve bet he got that idea from your blog post and played a fast one on me since i have no idea this masterpiece exists.

    I will try some of this and share some results on my blog http://babsreviews.com

    Thanks for sharing bro :)

    • Tim Soulo

      Cool! Thanks, Babs! :)

      Once you get some results – come back here and leave the link to your article in the comments to this post! :)

  14. I agree with Yogita.. Tim you are awesome with writing..

  15. Great post, Tim.

    I had a Skype session with Sue. She too offered me to guest post on her blog.

    BTW, nice strategies mentioned here.

    You mentioned some of the most unique methods to connect with influencers.


  16. Hi, Akshay!

    We read the same blogs :)


  17. One question clicked in my mind. Is it good to pitch a influencer openly in his or her Facebook fan page? Sometimes, it become harder to get connected with influencers. What should we do in this situation?

  18. The final tip has somehow amazed me…

    Have you ever experienced some kind of backlash from a disgruntled blogger? ;)