10 Best White-Hat Link-Building Tools for 2024

Link-building in SEO goes beyond mere quantity; it is the quality and relevance of the links that truly matter. Obtaining high-quality backlinks from reputable websites can significantly boost your site’s search engine rankings, leading to increased organic search traffic.

However, link-building is not an easy task. It demands a combination of tactical insights, perseverance, and the right set of tools. In this article, let’s explore the 12 best tools that can assist you in running your link-building campaigns effortlessly to accumulate valuable backlinks.

1. Ahrefs

ahrefs for link-building

Disclaimer: Given my position as a team member at Ahrefs, I acknowledge that my perspective may be somewhat biased. Nevertheless, I am committed to delivering an honest and comprehensive review.

Ahrefs stands out in the realm of SEO tools, especially when it comes to backlink analysis. The tool is renowned for its extensive backlink database, updated with fresh data every 15 minutes, ensuring you get the most current insights.

Discovering competitors’ backlinks is arguably one of the most crucial activities in link-building, and this is where Ahrefs excels.

If you’re not ready to subscribe to Ahrefs, you can leverage its backlink analysis capabilities using the free backlink checker.

Furthermore, brands can leverage the complete Ahrefs SEO toolkit to streamline their content marketing efforts, which is why this tool captures the first spot on my list.

Pros of Ahrefs:

  1. Enormous database.
  2. Fast link discovery.
  3. Easy navigation, even for SEO beginners.
  4. A large amount of filters.
  5. Backlink alerts.

Cons of Ahrefs:

  1. The suite might be expensive for SEO newbies.
  2. Can take time before you learn to make the most out of Ahrefs.

Ahrefs provides a free backlink checker tool that caters to the needs of many DIY SEOs and small website owners. Accessing the full suite of features requires a premium subscription starting from $83/month to $833/month, billed annually.

The availability of various pricing plans makes Ahrefs a suitable choice for SEO professionals and larger organizations that require comprehensive SEO analysis and link-building tools.

2. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a dynamic tool designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of email outreach for link building, digital PR, and content promotion. At its heart, it’s about simplifying the often laborious tasks involved in outreach campaigns.

Pros of Buzzstream:

  1. Streamlines complex outreach processes like finding contact information and setting up campaigns.
  2. Simplifies the creation and usage of email templates, enhancing efficiency.
  3. Comprehensive reporting features provide clear insights into campaign performance.

Cons of Buzzstream:

  1. After initial steps, users are largely on their own, potentially complicating the learning process.
  2. The UX can be overwhelming.

BuzzStream’s varied features and pricing options (from $24/month to $999/month) make it a valuable tool for both individual bloggers and larger SEO agencies looking to streamline their link-building campaigns.

3. Linkody

Linkody is a comprehensive tool designed for efficient link tracking. It’s tailored for both individual domain owners and client management, offering a detailed overview of link gains and losses.

Pros of Linkody:

  1. Streamlines link-building processes with comprehensive tracking and analysis tools.
  2. Provides essential metrics with Google Analytics integration for detailed link profile assessment.
  3. Offers competitor analysis to identify new link opportunities.

Cons of Linkody:

  1. The analytics features are limited for the low-tier plans.
  2. The tool has limited scope even within link-building.

Linkody’s pricing plans cater to various needs and are based on the number of monitored links and domains, starting from $11.20/month to $115.40/month, billed annually, making it ideal for brand marketers and agencies.

4. Respona

Respona is an all-in-one email outreach tool, helping marketers to create email templates, run link-building campaigns, verify contacts, and send personalized emails through AI-powered tools.

Pros of Respona:

  1. Versatile tool catering to various outreach needs including link building.
  2. Streamlines campaign management with comprehensive features such as auto follow-ups and custom templates.
  3. AI-driven personalization enhances the effectiveness of outreach efforts.

Cons of Respona:

  1. Pricing may be a consideration for smaller businesses or individual users who need a tool just for link building.
  2. Requires a bit of time to get used to the tool’s interface.

Respona’s plans start at $79 per month, billed annually, with custom pricing available for agencies.

5. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a powerful tool for link building and outreach, offering extensive features for sourcing and securing prime backlinking opportunities. Apart from generating leads and sending them custom messages, you can also send emails and track your progress right from the app.

Pros of NinjaOutreach:

  1. A versatile tool for different types of outreach, including link building, marketing, sales, PR, and more.
  2. Powerful search functionality for lead generation.
  3. Customizable email templates and tracking features.

Cons of NinjaOutreach:

  1. Contact information may not always be found or accurate.
  2. Can feel a bit bloated if your outreach needs are limited.

NinjaOutreach offers a flexible pricing model, with plans starting from $49 to $199 per month (billed annually). The pricing is tiered based on the number of team members, monthly email limits, and connected email accounts, making it great for SEO agencies and digital marketers.

6. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a sophisticated link-building and outreach tool, known for its diverse functionality and effective campaign management. You can run eight different types of campaigns, send emails in bulk, and import contact data from various sources including spreadsheets.

Pros of Pitchbox:

  1. Versatile campaign options for different outreach needs.
  2. Time-saving bulk email functionality.
  3. Easy integration of data for targeted outreach.

Cons of Pitchbox:

  1. Pitchbox is more expensive compared to some other tools, potentially making it less accessible for smaller agencies or budgets.
  2. Some users find the interface complex, especially during the early stages of use.

Pitchbox is considered more expensive than many of its competitors and offers only two plans — Professional ($495/month, billed annually) and Enterprise ($1350/month, billed annually).

Given its range of features and the level of investment required, Pitchbox is best suited for larger agencies or teams that engage in extensive outreach campaigns.

7. Moz Pro

Moz, a veteran in SEO software development, offers a comprehensive tool known as Moz Link Explorer, which is part of its broader SEO toolset, Moz Pro. It allows you to see the click-through rates of each link and other various metrics, helping brands find high-value link opportunities.

Pros of Moz:

  1. User-friendly interface with comprehensive SEO tools.
  2. Effective for boosting SEO rankings and uncovering link-building opportunities.
  3. Offers a solid keyword explorer and Domain Authority metrics.

Cons of Moz Link Research:

  1. Less frequent database updates.
  2. Features beyond link research are somehow limited compared to other all-in-one SEO tools.

Moz Pro offers a one-month trial and four tiered plans tailored to different needs, ranging from the Standard plan at $59/month to the Premium plan at $359/month (billed annually), making it well-suited for a wide range of users, from SEO beginners to professionals.

8. Hunter

Hunter is one of the best email finders in the industry. It saves link-builders a considerable amount of time, making link-building outreach more effective.

Pros of Hunter.io:

  1. Hunter.io is straightforward and easy to navigate, suitable for users of varying expertise.
  2. Useful for a variety of applications across sales, marketing, and recruitment.
  3. Integrates with major CRMs and provides a high accuracy rate for contact information.

Cons of Hunter.io:

  1. Lacks backlink data, domain ratings, and broader SEO features, which are essential for comprehensive link-building strategies.
  2. Users must manually input potential lead information, as Hunter does not automatically identify lead opportunities.

Hunter.io’s pricing is based on the number of monthly searches. For instance, the free plan allows 25 monthly searches, going all the way to $349/month with 50,000 monthly searches.

The tool will come in handy for any business in any niche that uses outreach.\

9. Raven’s Backlink Explorer

Raven offers a set of tools for SEO, including the backlink checker. The tool can check up to 50,000 backlinks for any domain, filter out actionable data relevant to your strategy, and monitor growth.

Pros of Raven’s Backlink Explorer:

  1. Provides all data on a unified, user-friendly dashboard.
  2. Can pull metrics from other SEO tools, such as Moz, allowing for comprehensive competitor analysis.
  3. Tracks backlink profile’s health consistently to notify you of toxic backlinks as soon as they appear.

Cons of Raven’s Backlink Explorer:

  1. Some users find the toolkit limited compared to other SEO multi-tools.
  2. The cheapest plan is limited to only 2 domains.

The subscription plans start at $39 per month, billed annually for two domains or campaigns, and go up to $399 per month, billed annually for 320 domains or campaigns, making it suitable for SEO professionals and agency marketers.

10. Help a B2B Writer

Help a B2B Writer is a platform designed to connect B2B writers with top-quality sources, streamlining the process of finding unique examples and expert quotes for their content.

Pros of Help a B2B Writer:

  1. The platform is free of cost, fitting into everyone’s budget.
  2. Provides flexibility to users in searching for opportunities, quoting, etc.
  3. Offers a diverse user base.

Cons of Help a B2B Writer:

  1. Doesn’t offer additional features to enhance the link-building process.
  2. Can get difficult to find the right connections.

Help a B2B Writer is a free service for both sources and writers. There is no cost for sources to be on the list or for writers to submit requests.

Wrapping up

Link building is an essential and the most time-consuming component of SEO. I hope these tools will help you make your link-building efforts easier and more effective.

Nick is a product marketer and a seasoned SEO specialist at Ahrefs. He is also a regular contributor to the Ahrefs Blog, dedicating his remaining time to enhancing the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar.