99 Dazzling Blogs Every Blogger Should Dream Of Guest Posting For

If I were to pick the only single tactic to promote my blog, I’d definitely choose guest posting. That’s not even arguable.

And this post is not just a typical “take the damn list and GTFO” sort of thing, that you can spot almost everywhere these days. There’s something more…

Why Guestblogging?

I really hate to say obvious things and I rarely do this at BloggerJET, so this part will be very short: Guest blogging is proven to be The Wold’s Most Effective Blog Promotion Strategy and it works equally well for your traffic and SEO. I said it!

Wise Approach To Picking Blogs.

“All blogs are not created equal.” If you want to get the most value for your time and effort – you have to pick the targets for guest posting wisely.

It all seems quite clear when you’re doing this for SEO: just install the SEOmoz toolbar and see which blogs have better metrics. That’s it! Easy as 1,2,3.

But what if your aim is to get some traffic and convert it into your blog subscribers? How can you tell if the blog is good for that? How big is the audience? Are they engaged enough? Are you allowed to promote your own blog in a guest post? Kinda too many questions that need answers… and I think I have some!

Alexa Rank

This is a RAW estimation of a website’s traffic. The better Alexa of a blog is – the more people will see your guest post (potentially). Alexa is a nice metric, but you can’t fully rely on it.

The total amount of traffic a blog gets may not be in strong corellation with the number of times each new post is being viewed. Think of it this way: some people may come to the website from Google looking for a specific piece of information and they will bounce as soon as they get it. Others may land on a specific post via StumbleUpon or Facebook just because it went viral and may not even stick for 10 seconds. In both cases, “this part of traffic” that I’ve just described won’t see your guest post on this website.

It’s nice to consider Alexa as a general measure of how popular a blog is, but it’s almost useless when it comes to calculating how much value you’ll get from a guest post.

Google PageRank

Some say PageRank is dead, but I prefer to think that it’s just another RAW metric and it’s more like a hint of what Google thinks about your website. Sorry, I won’t say anything more specific, as this may easily cause a “SEO Holy War”.

Many blog owners like to refer to PageRank when selling links from blogroll or sponsored posts. So I’ve included this metric into my spreadsheet as well.

Number of Subscribers

Now THIS is the most powerful metric to look after when predicting the effect of your guest post. You must not expect 100% of blog subscribers to read your guest post, but I think somewhere around 60% is totally doable (if you have a catchy headline and all the stuff…).

On the little screenshot above you’ll see the subscriber count of Problogger – even if a tiny 1% of them will read your guest post – that’s 1600 people alone! How cool is that?

I’ve checked 99 blogs for their subscriber count and included the numbers in my super cool spreadsheet of “dazzling blogs”.

Number of Twitter Followers

Many blogs will hide their subscriber count (I’ve checked more than 100 of them, I know what I’m saying), but still you can get a clue about their audience by looking at the followers count of the official Twitter account.

Imagine what happens when a guy with 90k Twitter followers (Brian Clark on the screenshot) tweets a link to a nice post…

Some bloggers may pump their followers count with quite “shady” tactics: massfollowing, purchasing followers, using “reciprocal follow” services, etc. This way they can achieve quite an impressive number of followers, but the effectiveness of their Twitter account will pretty much stay the same. (I’m guilty for some of the above tactics, and I do believe they are useless)

The trick is to look at the number of lists and compare it to the number of followers. Purchased followers will never bother adding you into a Twitter list, so if the number of your lists is relatively low, when compared to the number of followers – that’s a bad sign. I’ve described this in detail in my Twitter Marketing Guide.

In my spreadsheet I did include the Twitter followers count but did not bother about the number of lists. Those 99 blogs are the most reputable ones and even if they did use some “shady” tactics I don’t really care.

Number of Comments

Ok. So there’s some blog with nice Alexa and a decent number of subscribers. But do all those people actually READ all new posts? If you take me, I have 50+ blogs in my Google Reader. Do you think I read every single update? Of course not, that would be 200-400 posts daily!

The best known way to determine if the audience of a blog is engaged enough is by the number of comments. The more of them – the better.

In my spreadsheet I’ve picked the biggest number of comments among the posts that are listed on the front page of the blog. In other words, I only looked at “good posts” for measuring engagement, as I’m not going to contribute any mediocre content to those blogs :) And you shouldn’t too!

Link From Author Byline

Let’s be honest with ourselves – our primary goal for guest posting is to get some exposure for our own blogs. So in most cases we won’t spend our time writing a killer post for a blog, that will not include our author byline at the bottom.

That is why I’ve checked if all those 99 blogs allow a link in the author byline or not. Actually some of them don’t – but I’m sure this can be solved if you are able to develop a close relationship with a blog owner.

So yes, I have a column for this in my spreadsheet.

Blog Niche/Topic

That’s a no-brainer right? If you’re blogging about kittens, you won’t get much traffic from a guest post on a gadgets blog. And besides it’s quite hard to mix kittens and gadgets in a single blog post.

My list mostly consists of blogs about blogging, online marketing and personal development. And the reason my headline suggests that “EVERY blogger” should guest post there is because literally EVERY blogger has some experience of his own in blogging, online marketing and personal development!

What can be easier than sharing the story of your own blog? Outline the wins and failures, describe the lessons learned, make some strong points – and you’re done! And the coolest thing that “telling your story” is the same for “promoting your blog“, don’t you think?

But why should bloggers “DREAM” of the blogs in my list? Well, that’s because based on the metrics I’ve outlined above those 99 are really the best.

99 Dazzling Blogs Every Blogger Should Dream Of Guest Posting For

Did you seriously think that I will give out almost a week of hard work completely for free? Let me describe the actual amount of work real quick:

  • I had to find over a hundred strongest blogs. That’s not easy actually. The first half was easy, but the rest took me quite a while;
  • I manually checked PR and Alexa of each blog;
  • I checked the number of subscribers of each blog;
  • I looked for the official Twitter account to write down the number of followers;
  • I had to open all the posts that were listed on the front page to see what was the biggest number of comments;
  • I had to browse the blog posts untill I find a guest post to see if there’s a link in author byline or not;
  • I had to skim quickly through the blog to see which topics they blog about and categorize it.

And yeah, I did that for a huge number of blogs and then picked the top 99 out of them.

Here’s a sampler of the Top 10 out ouf 99:

Just think how handy is to have all this data in a single spreadsheet.

Like I’ve said, there’s too much work to give it out for FREE! So what I want from you is…


Just click the button below and you’ll be given a download link right after the tweet is sent! That’s it! Almost a week of data mining in your pocket for a little tweet! :)

But still, in my headline I’ve promised you a list of blogs, so here’s the “limited edition” of what’s behind that “Pay With A Tweet Button“:


Isn’t this an awesome list of blogs? Believe me, it’s even better when you have all those “extra metrics” at your disposal: number of subscribers, number of Twitter followers, number of comments, the blog niche, etc.

Are you 100% sure you don’t want to own the FULL spreadsheet?


This post was partially inspired by Gregory Ciotti and Tom Ewer – guys from my mastermind group – they’ve started a thread outlining the blogs they are aiming to guest post for and I thought I can spend some time to create a MONSTER LIST! :)

Another half of credits goes to Jon Morrow and his guestblogging course, that I’m taking part in right now. He was the one to explain me why all those metrics actually matter.

(To create that “Pay With A Tweet” button I’ve used an awesome service called PayWithaTweet.)

That’s it. I really spent about a week on this whole thing and I really hope you’ll find it useful. Please tell me what you think.

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. waw, no http://designmodo.com in list?  worst..

    • I was not focusing on “design blogs” :) I have only about 5 of them in my whole list :)

  2. Very useful post Tim. I know what amount of work went into that spreadsheet, I often dig stuff like that for my clients, so big thank you.

    P.S. You got a new regular reader/subscriber, keep up the good work :)

  3. Nice list! Problogger and Copyblogger I knew about…those others I’ll definitely have to check out. 

    And I too vouch for guest posting–you really can’t beat the benefits. :D

    • yeah that’s for sure! I’m going to focus it after redesign :)

  4. Great post, Tim! 

    I’ll have a closer look at some of those blogs you mentioned. 

    I’m glad to notice that you are using the awesome Pay With A Tweet -thingy as well. I’ve used it for awhile for a free sample chapter of my book and it’s great!

    Here’s tip for Chrome users (as all should be),. You can use a Web Rank SEO plugin on you Chrome browser to get similar info that the SEO Moz Toolbar produces. Here you go:  http://www.webrankstats.com/ 

  5. Tim – this is an epic list!! Awesome work. Wish I’d had this idea ;) Thanks for the mention too!

    • Just one thing – Copyblogger is not taking unsolicited guest posts at the moment, so that one unfortunately isn’t an option.

      • ah.. lots of them are quite picky.. but as you grow your authority – you get better chances :)

    • thanks, bro! :) and thanks for downloading the full spreadsheet :) I see your tweet :)

  6. Tim, you are a gentleman and a scholar for doing this.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this page becomes the ultimate resource for finding blogs to guest post for.

    I kind of hate you at the same time, because now I’ll have to compete with all of your AWESOME readers to get a post up on those sites ;)

    Keep up the good, work.  Also noticed your Steve Jobs post is killing it on Stumble Upon.


    • Thanks Bryce! :)
      … you know… there’s that quote really popular among bloggers in the make money niche, that expains why they give out so much knowledge for free and not afraid to compete – “90% of people will never take action”
      I guess you’ll successfully compete with the rest 10% :)

  7. Dude, that Pay With A Tweet thing rocks, I am testing a similar function that has you “like the post on Facebook” to give you access to the extra content or download but it isn’t ready for prime time yet. 

    • this is my first time using it… must confess I’ve expected better results.. but it might be that my “spreadsheet” is not that captivating :)

      • yeah, I considered that sometimes if you require the incentive it is too “forced” it’s a fine line between reward and annoyance.

  8. I just noticed you have me listed as #53 in the list.  How did I miss that?

    • dunno :) wanna move up? :) that doesn’t cost a lot. LOOOOL :))))))

      • Yeah, looks like your default sort is based on Alexa rank which is fine but not a great indicator of traffic.  Example, I have access to FamousBloggers.net Analytics and my site gets 20% more traffic every month at least (last month 40% more) and my Alexa is way off compared to  FamousBloggers.net.  Same with PageRank, it isn’t an indicator of traffic at all for the most part.  That being said, the list is extremely comprehensive and among the best value.  I used to run a similar top 100 dofollow blogs list but became a pain to keep updated frequently and by 1 year later 20% of the blogs went offline.

        • I do completely agree with you and that is why I’ve mentioned in the post that PR and Alexa are just RAW metrics and do not have much value.. that is why I have lots of other stuff in my spreadsheet under that button..

          But still I had to sort the blogs somehow and Alexa seemed like a nice way to do this :)

          so this is not RANKING.. it’s just SORTING :)

          • Yeah looks awesome, just opened the spreadsheet.  It also works as a great “top blogs to comment on” too, since typically these top blogs you want to get known on and be seen so readers can see intelligent comments and curiously follow back to your own site.

            • didn’t think about that actually :) but yeah :)

  9. wow, thanks so much for considering me in you ranking! that’s pretty darn swell…!

    • you’re very welcome! :) I’ve been reading Tentblogger for quite a while actually :)

  10. Sayed

    Hey Tim,

    Awesome Blogs list, bookmarked it too, going to be visiting each one by one.

    Thanks again for sharing, :)

    • it’s a great honor to have your post bookmarked :) thanks! :)

  11. Debbie Spice

    Great info Tim, thanks, you’ve just added to my “to do” list for the week!

  12. Hey, Tim, great list. I did pay with a Tweet, but wasn’t given any download link afterwards.  Admittedly, I’m not all that tech savvy…but I don’t think I missed it…

    • strange… well.. just sent it to your mail :)

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  14. Tim,

    Just tweeted and downloaded the list. Time to check it! Thanks for the list! :)

    • You’re very welcome! :) Hope it’ll be helpful :)

  15. Nice job Tim, I know it was a lot of work to put this list together. Thanks for listing Basic Blog Tips! I surprised that Lisa Irby’s blog 2CreateaWebsite isn’t on the list, she accepts guest posts too. 

    • thanks for suggestion! will add her as well :)

    • just added Lisa with 2CreateaWebsite! thanks for the suggestion :)

      • Thanks. I’ll let her know. Have a good weekend.

  16. OMG, great job on putting this list together. Needless to say the amount of work you have put in to make this possible. To be honest I don’t have a clue how long this really took you. Truly appreciate it, and equally many thanks for the mention. Paying with a tweet is less than you deserve.. Kudos

    • No problem, Francisco! you have a really awesome blog and it made my list quite easily :) and yeah.. it took a week of my evenings to bring that thing together :)

  17. That is a nice list of great blogs. While I haven’t guest posted before, I have visited many of the blogs on a regular basis.

  18. Hi Tim,

    This is so useful, esp, for blogs about blogging. Scary how many there are…I just found this after logging into Guest Blogging for the first time in ages looking for exactly this type of list. Thank you:) Please could you email it to me. I tweeted (of course) and downloaded all kinds of strange things after that but never got the list:(I’m not sure if my blog qualifies but I hope so – and you are very welcome to write for me any time:)

    • I’ve sent you the list :) will try the button right now.. if it works

    • the button worked for me perfectly fine.. dunno why it didn’t work for you

  19. ياسين المدويني

    Funny how i am following most of these blogs without prior knowledge about their Rank , its true quality blogs Stand out

  20. Very amazing list you have shared sir, I will use this list to submit my guest posts in other blogs. Now I want to advice you one more blog in your list which accept guest post. that is – http://avnishgautam.com/submit-guest-post-blogs Thank you very much sir.

  21. Nicky Helmkamp

    Northcutt is accepting guest posts now as well if anyone is interested


  22. seoraval

    nice list i have 2 blogs



    let me know if any one need so looking forward to you thanks

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    Great article and exciting to take on the opportunity to promote my business to others via guest posting – Improve Success

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