37 Pieces of Expert Twitter Marketing Advice in 140 Characters or Less

Let’s be honest. We don’t like when learning something requires us to read a lot.


What would you prefer: read a super long article about Twitter Marketing or have someone read it and share what he has learned from it with you?

I think I know the answer to this question.

If I could plug a cord into my brain to learn stuff (like Neo in Matrix) – I’d immediately do it.

Why waste time on books and courses when you can upload all the knowledge in seconds?

So what I’m doing here is offering you a super brief recap of my latest article: “50 Respected Bloggers Gave Me WRONG Advice On Twitter Marketing. Oops!

I’ve boiled down a 5500 words article into 16 tweet-sized tips. And since every tip is enhanced with TweetDis plugin, you can easily share it with your twitter followers just by clicking on it.

1. How to Make Your Content Spread On Twitter

In this section we have some tips suggested by guys like: Jon Morrow, Lewis Howes, Jason Falls, Ileane Smith, Ian Cleary, Zac Johnson and others.

    1. [tweet_dis]Making other people tweet your articles is the best way to get traffic from Twitter.[/tweet_dis]
    2. [tweet_dis]”Writing Epic Content” beats any other tips if you want to get more tweets.[/tweet_dis]
    3. [tweet_dis]Headlines is the only thing people see on Twitter. Make sure yours are awesome.[/tweet_dis]
    4. [tweet_dis]Want your readers to tweet your article? Place a tweet button right next to it![/tweet_dis]
    5. [tweet_dis]Your readers will tweet more often if you use “tweetable quotes” in your articles.[/tweet_dis]
    6. [tweet_dis]If you mention other bloggers in your article – they will return the favour and tweet it.[/tweet_dis]
    7. [tweet_dis]Want a flood of traffic from Twitter? Make an influencer tweet about you![/tweet_dis]

2. How To Connect With Relevant People on Twitter

Among the people who contributed to this section are: Ramsay Taplin, Matthew Woodward, Dan Virgillito and others.

    1. [tweet_dis]Twitter Search is a great place to find potential readers and future customers.[/tweet_dis]
    2. [tweet_dis]Follow relevant keywords on Twitter and engage with people who tweet them.[/tweet_dis]
    3. [tweet_dis]Regularly follow people from your niche on Twitter and communicate with them.[/tweet_dis]
    4. [tweet_dis]Twitter Chats are great for making connections and attracting new readers.[/tweet_dis]

3. How To Get Attention of Your Twitter Followers

This section is based on the tips by: Brian Clark, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Danny Iny, Justin Cooke, Jeff Bullas, Gini Dietrich and many others.

    1. [tweet_dis]Tweeting relevant stuff is what makes your followers listen to you.[/tweet_dis]
    2. [tweet_dis]Communicate with your Twitter followers more often if you want more engagement from them.[/tweet_dis]
    3. [tweet_dis]Being too self-promotional on Twitter will cost you followers.[/tweet_dis]
    4. [tweet_dis]Never be afraid of tweeting the same thing twice. Many people will miss even the 2nd tweet.[/tweet_dis]
    5. [tweet_dis]For maximum engagement you should tweet at times when your followers are the most active.[/tweet_dis]
    6. [tweet_dis]Use images in your tweets to attract attention of your follwers and increase engagement.[/tweet_dis]

So that was a super brief recap of what 50 industry experts told me about their best tactics in Twitter Marketing.

But I can’t leave you with only 16 tips, right?

So I decided to steal some more tweet-sized tips and statistics here and here.

4. Some General Twitter Statistics

I don’t think any of the statistics below have any practical value for us bloggers, but the numbers truly amaze, so I just had to share them with you guys.

    1. [tweet_dis]Twitter has over 241 million monthly active users.[/tweet_dis]
    2. [tweet_dis]Twitter has added 53 million users in the last 12 months.[/tweet_dis]
    3. [tweet_dis]There are over 20 million fake Twitter users.[/tweet_dis]
    4. [tweet_dis]391 million Twitter accounts have no followers.[/tweet_dis]
    5. [tweet_dis]China is the country with the most Twitter users with over 35 million.[/tweet_dis]
    6. [tweet_dis]Katy Perry is the Queen of Twitter over 51 million followers surpassing Justin.[/tweet_dis]
    7. [tweet_dis]During the World Cup there were 672 million tweets.[/tweet_dis]
    8. [tweet_dis]Twitter has a market cap of about 27 billion.[/tweet_dis]
    9. [tweet_dis]Twitter expects to have revenue of $340 million in the 3rd quarter of 2014.[/tweet_dis]
    10. [tweet_dis]Number of employees at Twitter has increased to 2000+[/tweet_dis]

5. How To Make People Notice Your Tweets

It’s time for a scientific approach to making your tweets stand out. These tips will bring your engagement rates to a whole new level.

    1. [tweet_dis]Tweets with image links get 2 times the engagement rate of those without.[/tweet_dis]
    2. [tweet_dis]Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement.[/tweet_dis]
    3. [tweet_dis]Tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement.[/tweet_dis]
    4. [tweet_dis]Your tweets have a 12 times higher chance of being retweeted if you ask for it.[/tweet_dis]
    5. [tweet_dis]Tweets that include links are 86 percent more likely to be retweeted.[/tweet_dis]

6. Time To Learn Some Tweeting Etiquette

Twitter is not a private network. Every tweet that you send becomes public and anyone on the internet might read it. If you don’t want to get yourself in trouble, keep in mind some Tweeting Etiquette.

  1. [tweet_dis]Don’t be entirely self-promotional on Twitter. Mix up your content and interact with your followers.[/tweet_dis]
  2. [tweet_dis]Keep your tweets short: 100 characters instead of 140. Let people add their own commentary.[/tweet_dis]
  3. [tweet_dis]Curate content you tweet from a wide variety of sources to keep your followers interested.[/tweet_dis]
  4. [tweet_dis]It’s okay to tweet mundane things like weather commentary or what you’re eating SPARINGLY.[/tweet_dis]
  5. [tweet_dis]If you retweet every single tweet you’re mentioned in, followers will think you crave attention.[/tweet_dis]

Ok. I think that would be just about enough tips for this article.

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What’s your favourite Twitter Marketing tip? Let me know in comments.

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