5 Childish Reasons No One Is Guestposting At Your Blog

Ask any pro blogger and he will tell you that the more content you have on your blog – the more traffic you get. That’s mainly because each post you publish gets indexed by Google and starts getting search traffic since then.

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So the more – the better, right? You can publish a new post daily or maybe even two, but this way you’ll quickly get tired and probably run out of ideas. That is why it’s so sweet when people contribute their own posts to your blog!.. Hey what’s the matter? No one is offering you a guestpost? I think I know why!

#1 You didn’t let them know!

This is not something new, but people won’t contact you offering their guestposts unless you let them know there’s such an opportunity. There might be exceptions, but in general this rule is 100% true.

There are numerous ways to tell them that you accept guest posts. Here are just a couple that come to my mind:

  • Have a separate page in your main menu, called “contribute” or “guestpost” or smth like that;
  • Put a banner in the sidebar or footer of your website, saying you accept guest posts;
  • Send an update to your email list, stating you’re open for guest posting;
  • Say that on Twitter, post that on your Facebook page or maybe in your LinkedIn group.

TAKEAWAY: prior to waiting for some guest posts to appear in your inbox you need to ensure your audience is aware of this opportunity.

#2 They cannot find you!

Guestpost is a great opportunity to get traffic, build links, promote your blog/website or even self promote. That is why people are constantly searching for new blogs that accept guest posts. I know at least two ways they may search for guest posting:

1. Using Google Advanced Search.
You can leverage advanced search operators to find blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.

Searching for Exact Match phrases:

“guestpost for us” blog promotion
“accepting guest posts” online marketing
“write for us” blogging
“contribute a post” make money online

By putting double quotes around a phrase you’re telling Google to search for an exact match in the text of the page. What goes after quotes is needed to narrow a search by the niche.

TAKEAWAY: This method of searching tells us that we should use the above phrases on our page to get found by potential guestposters.

Searching for keywords in URL of the page:

inurl:”write for us” blogging
inurl:guestpost online marketing
inurl:”contribute a post” blog promotion

“unurl:” is an advanced search operator that tells Google to search for the given words within the URLs of the pages. Bloggers quite often create a separate page, to announce that guest posts are welcome. And in most cases the URLs of those pages contain the above words/phrases (see http://bloggerjet.com/guestpost-write-for-us/).

TAKEAWAY: This method teaches us to use “keyword rich URLs” once we create a separate page to announce guestposting opportunity.

You can learn more about advanced search here, here and here.

2. Using Google Alerts.
This method is pretty much the same to performing a search on Google, with the only difference that this is done automatically for you, and you only get the latest results. With Google Alerts you will receive an email notification once Google spots a brand new page that meets your search criteria. I won’t go into much detail, just go and try Google Alerts yourself.

TAKEAWAY: Once you publish a new page that meets the search criteria described above it may land into people’s inboxes with the help of Google Alerts. Just mention that you “accept guest posts” every once in a while and there’s a chance to be found!

#3 Your blog is lame!

People only guestpost because they are looking for traffic, links and promotion. This means that:

  • If your Alexa is bad – they know that you have no traffic;
  • If your PR, Incoming Links or other SEO metrics are bad – they know that there’s no value in your links;
  • If you don’t have comments, tweets, likes, shares – they know that there’s no point of promoting something.

TAKEAWAY: So ask yourself, what’s the benefit of guestposting at your blog? If it takes you more than a minute to come up with indisputable arguments – you’re in trouble.

#4 You’re not being persuasive enough!

Believe it or not, but some people may not know that your blog is quite powerful, and that it’s beneficial for them to contribute their posts to you. So why don’t you tell them all you got? Create that “guestposting page” we’ve talked about and list all the cool facts about your blog to prove it’s not lame.

TAKEAWAY: When you’re writing your “guestposting pitch” remember one thing: it’s not bragging, it’s the art of persuasion :)

#5 You’re unaware of the cool services!


Have you ever heard of MyBlogGuest? At a first glance this is just a forum, where some people are looking for guest posters and others are looking for blogs to submit their work. But as you look deeper, there’s actually a number of great features like Article Gallery, Email Subscribtions and User Watchlist that really make your life easier. ( thanks to Ann Smarty I’m now a PRO user there :) )

Despite the fact that BloggerJET is too young to attract any interest (I admit it), I’ve decided to post a request for guest bloggers at the forum. I know my blog is quite lame at the moment, but I just had to try ( …and test my art of persuasion :) ). Believe it or now, but this actually worked! I got 3!!!!! offers to publish a post and I even had to reject one of them! The other two were published and judging by the feedback on Twitter it seems that people loved them:

This is how I got 2 awesome guest posts on a blog that is only one month old. I even thought this will be my headline for this post :)

Other Services

MyBlogGuest is the only service I know, that is specifically targeted to boost your guestposting. However you can try to leverage lots of other online services to announce you’re accepting guestposts.

Start from the blog communities like Bloggers, BlogFrog, Blogged & others (there’s a cool list right here). Most of them have some kind of internal message board or forum, where you can announce your willingness to accept guest posts from fellow bloggers.

Try groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. I won’t link to any of them directly, as you can find hundreds of them with internal search. Once you’ve joined the group post a discussion about guestposting and tell them your blog is open for this practice. Honestly I didn’t try this myself yet, but something makes me think there’s a nice chance of getting a guest post this way.

Anything else?

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas. Maybe you can share some valuable advice in comments? How did you get your first guestpost? What did you do to cultivate them? What works for you and what doesn’t?

For those of you who are here for hilarious child pics, here are a couple more :) They are soo great that I could not decide for a looooong time which one will be the main one :)

photo by Rebecca Ryan1

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…that is exactly how my face looks like when you’re not clicking the social buttons to share my posts :)

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. Hmm, you make some very valid points. I’ll have to start announcing that I take guest posts on my blog soon. :)?

    • You’ll have to share 10% with me :) lol

      • Ehem. lol right…about that… :D

  2. Tim, I added a twist to my announcement on Facebook about guest posting. I put the request in the form of a question and sent the question to all of my friends. Since my page was brand new at the time, not only did I get a great response from my blogging friends, I also got a bunch of new likes for the Facebook page.?
    Great article Tim. Thanks for sharing it!?

    • Wow! that’s an awesome tip. I know that Facebook questions may go viral quite easily and attract lots of people! too bad 99% of my friends on Facebook do not have blogs LOL

  3. Hey Tim, why is it that every time you post a new article I end up getting more work. Like this one now! I just had to go and try that MyBlogGuest thing and I reckon’ it is a great service. The only thing that bothers me though, is that I have to give Author rights to the guest bloggers; last time I looked, Authors have the right to post independently. Shouldn’t it be Contributor rights rather?

    Great post as usual, mate!

    • Hey Kris, I generally don’t care about the rights and I’m not even sure what you’re talking about… I just publish a guestpost with a link in the author bio and that is pretty much it :) want to guestpost here? want? want? :)

  4. Popartminis

    Great post…I need to get on this! Thanks for the kick in the butt!?Pop Art Minis

  5. Hi Tim!

    Looking through your blog and reading all your articles (it’s my new fav blog of the month). I’ve decided to add a guest blog option to my website. I’ve been wary at first (due to my rankings). However, I’ll give it a try and see where it takes me… I’ll e-mail or comment here to tell you how it goes. Cray Cray.

    • Hey Jonathan! Thanks for the feedback!! :) I am already intrigued to know if my tips will help you!

  6. hey Tim, great post, and I totally agree. accepting guest posts on your blog can be really great, especially since people who do guest posting right will share the post with their following., giving you more exposure.

    • totally agree! and this is a cool way to build relationships with other bloggers! thanks for comment, James! :)

  7. Brian

    I would?definitely like have guest bloggers on my website but I am not sure whether we have sufficient traffic to do this. I have been asked to blog for other sites but I am torn between adding value to my site or drawing traffic from another. ?

    • Hey Brian. It’s not about traffic. It’s about your blog in general. Do you think I have some solid traffic here atm? NO! It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve started this blog and the first month brought me 3k visitors, and I’ve shared that number on public. Yet I got 3 cool guestposts here!

  8. Wait until your site has some PageRank, then guest posters will come out of the woodworks to request guest posting so they can get the backlink. ?But always a good idea to have guest post contact page, I have a specific one for guest posting on my site.

    Another place to get guest posts is MyBlogGuest.com and I highly recommend you try it, you browse a marketplace to find an article you like and then request to publish it, there is no cost EVER for guest articles and I found some great articles for my niche hear. ?You have full control over the article as long as author bio is intact and I have developed many relationships here. ?It only costs money for bloggers who want to post in the marketplace to find homes for their guest articles, but as a publisher it is 100% free and I use at least 2-3 articles a week from MyBlogGuest on my various sites. ?

    Trust me guys, if you are looking for casual guest posts that are 100% original and unique you need to check this site. ?They copyscape scan all articles before they allow them to list in marketplace.

    • Hey Justin, thanks for your comment! :) Yeah.. a decent PR will for sure attract guestposters, but I’m sure my tips will bring even more of them! :)

  9. PR is really important, it will draw more guests to read your article’s and comment on them and ofcourse it will draw more traffic.

    • yeah, PR is still a good metric to value blogs. Though Google says we must not pay too much attention to it

  10. Great article Tim! I have yet to create a guest post page or banner so thanks for the kick in the ass. My blog is lame at the moment as well being only 2 months old. LOL it’s all good though when you know how to drive traffic. 8)

    • hey mate, If you’re talking about the “adsense kind of blog”, I’m afraid people generally don’t like those :)

  11. As for guest posting networks, I use several, but my two favorites are BloggerLinkUp.com and MyBlogGuest.com in that order. You mentioned MBG, and it’s great, but there’s a lot of unresponsiveness and it’s clunky. BLU is very responsive? but is a newsletter, so sometimes you have to wait a couple of days to get offers coming in. Just my guest blogging .02.

    • AJ! You ROCK! I will for sure try?bloggerlinkup.com within the next few days and probalby update this post with my results! :)

      • Thanks Tim, that is a fantastic idea! I’ll be watching for the update.

    • Gary Shouldis

      Nice article Tim, and thanks for the tips AJ. ?This is why all blogs should have comments on them!

      • You got it, Gary! These networks are awesome to share because the more people that use them, the more useful they are to everyone. Plus I’m not very good at keeping secrets.

  12. I’m new to this and going to try out My Blog Guest, right away! Thank you so much, this was a wonderful posting!

  13. I agree with all that reasons & points which you mentions above! btw do have a list of site where we can submit our guess posts! that will be great if you share :)

    • you mean a list of sites that accept guestposts? :)

  14. I like the combination of child pictures..their impressions really express your thoughts :)

  15. I like kids reactions :), Anyway nice topic. ?More articles, pages, categories, tags, keywords and so on, it will be better. SEO is very important as well..

    • Thanks :) the photos are truly GREAT! thanks to authors! :)

  16. Lol, I like your article and your blog in general. It’s informative and the pictures and your writing style offer humor at the same time. I wish you much success in achieving your goals!

    • Thanks! :)

      • Maaaajor delay in reply I know. I just now saw the notification that you responded.. But you’re welcome! :-)