Your Post Was Stolen? Here’s How To Kick The Pilferer In The Balls!

Once you’ve published a really awesome post it’s just a matter of time till it appears somewhere else. In most cases people will contact you and ask for your permission to republish the post referring to the original source or either publish just a part of it and then link to a full version on your website.

But quite often the posts are being “stolen” without any permission , and you’re lucky if there’s a link to the original source.

My Post Was Stolen

Today quite an interesting pingback landed into my inbox – someone was linking to my recent post about Steve Jobs: 50+ Amazing Steve Jobs Tribute Artworks (Huge Collection!).

The post itself is doing quite well on StumbleUpon at the moment (the SU counter shows 3028 views) and it felt totally natural that someone was linking to it. So I clicked the link to see where was that pingback from.

I landed on a blog post with the collection of “Steve Jobs tribute artworks” which was 100% identical to mine! I was pissed off as the blog owner did not ask for my permission as to copying the full collection. And besides, I would not let him do this anyway, as this could potentially split the traffic from StubmleUpon into two parts.

I was pissed even more when I’ve discovered that this guy was using the original pictures from instead of reuploading all of them to his own website. This way he was “stealing bandwidth” from me, as every time the post was opened on his website – all the images were pulled from BloggerJET.

A Kick In The Balls

I’ve already been into situations like this one and I know for sure that there’s no point of wasting your time to contact a blog owner and politely ask him to remove the post, so I decided to deal with it in a “non-diplomatic way”.

I was actually quite lucky that this little thief was using the pictures that were on my server. Since I am in control of all the pictures that his post is displaying I could easily remove any of them and replace it with some other picture of my choice. And that is exactly what I’ve decided to do!

I’ve chosen the very first picture as my target and decided to replace it with something REALLY DISGUSTING:

I don’t think I have to go into details explaining you how to replace one picture on your server with another, as this is kinda “baby stuff”. Just don’t forget that this will replace the picture in your own post as well! So don’t forget to open your post in the editor and restore the original picture, but with a new filename this time.

This is basically how I gave this pilferer a good lesson and I sincerely hope that after seeing this disgusting thing on his website, this guy will never steal any other post again:

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  1. Haha, well done Tim !

  2. Man, Tim… You rock. I bet that would give the other blogger a taste of
    what happens when you steal from others. I understand that you can take
    ideas and improvise from it but not copy paste. That is bad. I hope
    that they remove the copied content. Else you can always report it to
    Google and they would completely block the site from indexing the post.

    • unfortunately reporting to Google doen’t always work.. repoting to hosting provider or domain registrar may not work either

  3. You know, I love this idea.. :D and I am surprised that I didn’t think about this myself.. in some bad moments, when 1WD articles were stolen in bad way.

    Love your way of thinking, Artem!

    • thanks! :) I hope lots of people will now be armed with that trick and those thiefs will have hard times :)


    You made my day with this post.  Serves him right. Now that’s the definition of a social media ninja!

    I’ll be sure to pass this along.  It will give my blogging friends a good laugh.


  5. Too funny!  Very creative!

  6. Anonymous

    Boy, have you got an eye for terrifying pictures. Serves the thief right.

    • mmm… actually….. originally I’ve posted a really filthy picture on his blog… it was some guy, sucking other guys dick… with a text “this sucker stole my post”… but as I decided to blog about it, I thought that was a little too harsh to share :)))

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that one would have been more… controversial.

        • true… but as I’ve showed this to my friends on Skype – they went ROFL :)

  7. I had noticed other articles of yours were being spun and read in via plugins for WordPress that steal and reprint content.  Content regurgitators, I get plagued by them as well.  2 things I do that are effective:

    1) complain to the hosting provider about the violation, this usually fixes things pretty fast2) complain to the person if there is a contactme form, or I do whois lookup and contact the domain name owner.
    If they have Adsense on the site you can directly click and report the abuse through Adsense which can get their account banned.  I always mention I will do this if they don’t remove my content to give them a chance first, if no answer then I report them to Google as abuse.

    • Wow! yeah! thanks mista Justin! I didn’t know about the “Adsense trick”, but knowing Google – I bet it works really well! :)

      • Just the threat works well, I only had to follow through 1 time.  But, unfortunately you have to beware of backlish. Anyone can click-bomb and get your Adsense account banned and Google doesn’t do much to help people who are banned when someone does it purposefully.  So be careful, I know many bloggers who had AdSense accounts banned because of a vengeful or zealous person deliberately attacked them.

  8. I should point out one thing, if you use Cloudflare there is a setting that prevents anybody from using your content on their site.  It is a GREAT feature and blocks any content from being served on a site that isn’t the original.  Since cloudflare caches all your static content, it would be served from Cloudflare instead of your own server anyway and Cloudflare is completely free and this feature is free too.  

    • When I say content I mean images, it doesn’t let them pull and display images with the source URL being served from your own site.  Obviously the text content is easy to steal and no way to block.

      • well.. I don’t mind if people will link to some of my pictures.. some graphs or stuff like that… but stealing the whole post – sorry…

  9. Anonymous

    Hahahaha LOL. Very creative and Funny!..Serves the bugger right!

  10. Julie Freelance

    Is there even a such thing as stealing on the Internet anymore? I think as long as you “Share” it properly it can’t be really stealing can it? 

    Update: I re-read this and now I understand more the extent of the problem. I think it is funny how you dealt with it.

  11. Well done. I like it.

  12. Neonlotus1

    Glad the thief got his ‘just desserts’ lmao.
    And thank you Tim for sharing the how-to :-)

    • I actually posted a really filthy picture originally (see the full story here in comments), but then decided to use smth less provocative :)

  13. Anonymous

    LoL…that was awesome, how lazy/dumb is that thief that he couldn’t download the images on hes hard drive then upload it to hes own server, did he think he can save bandwidth this way?….I love how you dealt with it though, my style of revenge…:P

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    • I think the post was stolen with some software or script.. .and that is why the original images were used :)

  14. The ol’ hotlink swap. A classic move!

    Looking forward to a follow up post on what to do if the thief is not hotlinking to your server!

  15. I wrote a post awhile back titled How to put the kibosh on content scrapers and thieves

    The replace the hotlinked image to something crazy is one of my favorite and fun tactics hehe.

    However I must note that I have actually been successful multiple times contacting the blog owner and asking them to take the content down.

    But the way I see it if they are stealing content then they are in the wrong so hell if you feel like going straight to a more agressive approach it should certainly be your perogative to do so.

    There are few things that piss me off and get under my skin more than a content thief.

  16. LMAO….saw-weet …well done my friend :-)

  17. The same thing happened to me two months ago with my Top 20 Most Popular Websites In The World ( Tim, you would know a bit more about this but I’ll just describe the incident briefly here.

    This post was illegally copied and translated onto a popular Polish website. Their plan backfired really quick as one their readers noticed that it was an exact copy of mine. As a result their readers pretty much crucified the guy who did the bad thing!

    The effect on me on the other hand was quite hilarious. I gained the biggest traffic influx to my blog ever! Over 2.300 clicks a day! I suppose everybody in Poland wanted to see the “real thing”. (Check out the image attached).

    Pretty crazy, eh?

    • Yeah, Kris… I remember that story :) Thanks for sharing it here with others!

  18. It seems the whole internet has become a place where others try to use (without permission) other peoples work to make money. Stealing is Stealing be it content, bandwisth or property. There should be much more comeback for the people who perpitrate such theft.

  19. This is quiet interesting.
    Nice trick of changing the picture
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Awesome Work….. :D

  21. What a great response

  22. Lion-O

    you should replace your stolen pics with screenies from “Planet of the Gapes” Trust me, they will notice…lol

  23. Deborah Aldridge

    Love it! I’ve done that long ago when I used my own pictures. Don’t bother to complain to GoDaddy or ENom they won’t do jack. The Adsense threat is good, and usually works. A DMCA notice usually works as well, but not on overseas blogs. Bottom line is, if they refuse to take it down, there is nothing you can do if they are in another country. I resorted to posting their blog name on Twitter as thieves. You’d be surprised how quickly that goes viral.

    • Thanks for stepping by, Deborah :) I see I’m not the only one with this issue :)

  24. Very cool! Well done Tim. Looking forward to working with you.

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