4 Tips From Top Bloggers To Guest Blog Like A Boss

Guest posting is one of the best ways to generate traffic, but it might seem really complicated when you are new to it. When it comes to guest posting, there are a lot of important things that new bloggers simply miss due to their lack of experience.

There’s no need to worry, though: reading few good articles on the topic should clear everything up. Where do you find those articles? Don’t worry, I already made a list for you.

1. Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide by Glen Allsopp from Viper Chill

About the author: Glenn Allsop is the guy behind Viper Chill, a well-respected online marketing blog with over 20 000 subscribers. He has done guest posts on a lot of popular blogs, including Zen Habits and ProBlogger.

Branding – Research suggests it takes someone eight views of a brand name or logo to have it stored in memory. On the web, your name and your blog are your brand, and guest blogging helps you get them out there in your industry. My own activities with guest blogging have sometimes found me on 3-4 sites all on the same day. This massively pushed my brand around the niche and put my website on the map.

2. The Ultimate Guide To Guest Blogging by Onibalusi Bamidele from Young Entrepreneur’s Blog

About the author: Onibalusi Bamidele is a guy behind Young Entrepreneur’s Blog, where he writes about freelance writing and blogging. His did guest posts on a lot of huge blogs, including ProBlogger. He’s also known for writing 270+ guest posts in 8 months.

When I started guest blogging I made a great mistake that many guest bloggers make. That mistake was writing a lot of guest posts on several blogs without thinking about the benefits or consequences. A lot of people will think that’s a great way to go but I’d like you to know that it is highly dangerous. You shouldn’t just start guest blogging because others are doing it or because you think it is the right thing to do, like with blogging and internet marketing there is hardly anything called luck and everything must be effectively planned from the beginning.

3. Write A Guest Post For I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You To Be Rich

About the author: Ramit Sethi is one of the top bloggers in personal finance niche. He did guest posts on some very popular blogs like 4 Hour Work Week and Get Rich Slowly. Ramit also knows guest posting from the editor’s side, since his blog get a lot of guest post submissions.

Create a Catcher’s Mitt. This one gets overlooked a lot. When you write a guest post and it gets accepted, make sure your site is ready to accept new readers. Think about it: If a bunch of new readers come to your blog and see your last 5 posts have been about your cat, microwave, and favorite cereal, they’re never coming back. I like to create what I call a “catcher’s mitt,” or some way to gently receive new readers. This might be a “Welcome, I Will Teach You To Be Rich readers…check out my top posts” box, or something similar. Just remember to engage new readers, because it’s trivially easy to leave your website. This is the last mile.

4.Guest Posting Like A God (Or Goddess!) by Gregory Ciotti from Sparring Mind.

About the author: Gregory Ciotti is the guy behind Sparring Mind, where he writes on online marketing. He did a lot of guest posts on the top blogs like ProBlogger, Smart Passive Income and Think Traffic

I have built this blog from scratch, since day one with no marketing/blogger connections (all past projects being in unrelated niches), with guest blogging alone.

But don’t take it from me, today I’ve got 3 people who really understand guest blogging (including insight from the other side of guest blogging… Intrigued? Read on and all will be revealed!).

Seriously, read all of them, it will take you less than hour!

Guest posting is the most effective way to get targeted traffic to your blog, but you will struggle a lot if you don’t know how to do it properly. Really, read these articles and apply what you have learned. It will take you less than hour to read it, but you will be enjoy the benefits for the rest of your blogging career.

About the author: Agota Bialobzeskyte is a writer and online entrepreneur who firmly believes that web designers and web developers all over the world could greatly benefit from learning more about online marketing.

This article was originally written for Foundertips.com, a blog started by Dainis Graveris, founder of 1stWebDesiger.com.


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