Starting a blog? Here’s how to get over 3k visits in your first month!

3000+ visits in a month?

For an experienced blogger that does not sound solid at all. But why don’t you open your Google Analytics account and see how good was your very first month of blogging?

I think those of you who started fresh, without any background in blogging or knowledge in internet marketing, failed to get at least a thousand visits in their first month. Please share your results in comments, I’m really interested in a benchmark like that!

BloggerJET Monthly Report

I don’t think every blogger honestly shares his stats these days. And I rarely see someone posting screenshots from his Google Analytics account. But I have nothing to hide, except for how satisfying my first month was:

I don’t even have to explain this screenshot. You can clearly see here that I should’ve published new posts more often in the second half of the month. So this will be the #1 rule of this article:

Rule #1: Writing more articles per week quite often results in more visits to your blog.

The other thing you might have noticed is that I had a couple spikes in my visits graph and you are probably wondering which posts did that.

No problem, here’s the “Top Content Report” for you:

If you were with me from the start you don’t need to see the stats to name the winning articles:

I have already shared a lot of tricks I’ve used to create engaging content and promote it (more to come soon!), so I guess I will just wrap them up here as a few more “rules of success”:

Rule #2: All the hard work you put into creating awesome content ALWAYS pays off!

Rule #3: You can double your blog traffic if you learn to write engaging headlines for your articles .

Rule #4: In the early days you have to work hard to promote your content, until the day it starts promoting itself .

So what’s the next piece of analytics you’d like to see? Let me guess…

Hmmm… would that be “Traffic Sources”?

I only have top 25 sources on my screenshot as the full list is quite long. And I don’t think that the sources that got me 1-5 visits are of any interest to you.

From the report above you can clearly see that most of my traffic was generated by social networks, while Google only sent me about a hundred visits.

If you look closer, it appears that a major part of my search traffic came from “branded terms”. I think that’s because some people didn’t bookmark me once they visited BloggerJET for the first time and some time later they were searching for the blog address in Google:

Search Engine traffic is really great! People that come from search are usually more engaged when compared to accidental visitors. And yet in my first month only 2.8% of visits came from search.

Considering the fact that BloggerJet already has 1.8k incoming links and a dozen articles – the amount of search traffic may seem unfair. I guess I’m simply too young for Google to rank me well. Or either I need to spend more time on linkbuilding.

In any case, here’s my takeaway:

Rule #5: Your blog won’t get much traffic from Google in it’s early days. Search traffic takes time to build up .

BloggerJET Future Plans

3k visits in a first month. This means I have to double my traffic each month to get to 100k monthly.

This is gonna be tough!

But as you know, I haven’t spend any money on BloggerJet by now. Some smart investments may really help me out.

And here’s the recap of those rules I’ve shared:

Rule #1: Writing more articles per week quite often results in more visits to your blog.

Rule #2: All the hard work you put into creating awesome content ALWAYS pays off!

Rule #3: You can double your blog traffic if you learn to write engaging headlines for your articles .

Rule #4: In the early days you have to work hard to promote your content, until the day it starts promoting itself .

Rule #5: Your blog won’t get much traffic from Google in it’s early days. Search traffic takes time to build up .

Follow them and you will be able to get even better results in your first month of blogging!

PS: by now I have some really smart people and even a number of professional bloggers among my readers, so I’d be really grateful if you could share some of your own “rules of success” in comments.

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. Tim,

    I am impressed!  I probably got 35 visits my first month and half of those were friends.  I am still looking for better numbers.  I think many times it has to be my titles.  Or my content.  I don’t know, I’m always working on it.  I did also notice when I post more often, I get more visits.  It’s almost like people come by, like the content and may come by the next day to see more.  If you don’t have a new post up, they leave and many times forget about you.  I know I have done that with blogs.

    You made me realize I need to check out my analytics this week.

    I hope you do reach your goals, I have no doubt you will. 


    • Thanks a lot Allie! I hope your traffic got much better since you’ve joined our “Million Dollar Bloggers” tribe :)

  2. Tim,

    Awesome figures! Really impressive. I got an almighty 692 visitors in my first month ;-)

    To be honest, I haven’t really focused on building traffic yet. It is something that I am just starting to get into now. I will be reading up on your tips with great interest!

    All the best,


    • Thanks mate! By no means I’m trying to say that it’s easy to replicate what I did. But what I DO mean is that LITERALLY ANYONE can do it, and literally anyone can outperform me! :) I’m not a genius or smth :)

  3. Interesting blog you have here Tim, you’ve got some really good content.

    Your 5 rules pretty much hit the nail on the head, the only difference for me was in the beginning most of my traffic came from Google search. Still does actually.

    One thing I really need to do is post more often than once per week.

    I will be very interested to watch your blog progress.

    • Hey Micah, you mean you were able to get some decent traffic from Google in your first month? Can you plz share the number and advice on what you did to please Google? :)

  4. Scott Mackes

    Tim, thanks for sharing your progress.  100k visitors month 6 will be quite an accomplishment.  I can’t wait to see you do it.  I had no website experience before I started my site and I think I was somewhere around 100 visits in 1st month.  The tribe has definitely helped me out, thanks for getting us together. 

    • No problem, Scott. I’m sure we’ll find a lot more ways to cooperate & boost each other’s blogs :) … actually I already have an idea :) will share it soon :)

  5. I’m kind of psyched to see if you reach 100k in six months–it’s such an ambitious goal! 

    You didn’t mention guest posting, so I’d recommend that one. Guest posting is a fantastic way to not only build a relationship with the owner of the blog you’re posting on, but also new readers. Not only that, but it brings an extra boost of traffic to your blog as well as the host blog, so everyone wins. :) 

    Of course, that’s a temporary traffic spike, but I’ve found that you do gain a few new permanent followers from guest posting, so I’d say it was worth the extra time nonetheless. 

    Otherwise, I think you really covered most of the traffic boosting tips (as far as I know, anyway). I especially like rules 4 and 5, which go together really nicely. Social media is the place to self-promote, and if you aren’t utilizing it, you’re really missing out on a fantastic opportunity. 

    • Hey Ava! Yeah, guestposting is really a great way to gain new visitors and convert them into your readers! I even had one guespost with a link to BloggerJET published at 1WD.CO and it brought me some nice traffic :) but I didn’t mention this topic as of yet as it’s worth a huge guide :)

      I think I’ll post a guide to guestblogging after problogger & coppyblogger will publish my guestposts :)

  6. Wow, nice stats! I always wonder how to make more traffic visitors from the Social Media. So far, it’s always been from search engines :(

    • I suggest you to start utilizing Twitter + Triberr! This worked for me as you can see. And I’ve posted my detailed experience here on BloggerJET so I am not hiding anything :)

      Later on I’ll post a detailed tutorial on promoting your work with the use of social media.. stay tuned :)

  7. Hi, I’ve been posting daily for almost a year. Traffic stable at 40 – 60. Went up over 100 once due to my reporting on an NPR article on a couple of triathletes who died in NY, and went back to the 50s in a few days. I’ll explore headlines. Have tried to promote through Digg, Delicious, Google Buzz, Twitter, and so forth. I’m doing something wrong. Thanks for the article. I post solid content every day at 6:00 am at I enjoy the writing, and I am building a new website outside of GoDaddy. Just a neophyte. Taking The Challenge is teaching me a lot, also. All input on my blog would be much appreciated. -k @FitOldDog

  8. Powerful, powerful, powerful post. I know I repeat myself to much, but this post calls for that. Tim, I saw you left a tweet saying waiting for your comment here it is bud.

    I am so impressed with the content you’ve written, specially the one on SEOmoz and that Twitter marketing guide, Whoa those are great. No doubt writing content like that you’ll be one of the top marketers to follow online.

    I’ll definitely keep coming back to visit your blog, I’m a fan.

    • Wilson… your comment is sooo much appreciated! I’m not sure if you know that, but you just gave me sooo much energy! I feel like I can handle a 72hour non stop blogging marathon :) Thanks a lot, bud! :) Hope I’ll return that energy back to you real soon with new cool posts :)

      • You don’t have to do more than you’ve already done. You’ve earned my trust. Keep making shit happen as you already are, and we’ll see you in 6 months at 100k and if we don’t make it there the Journey will be worth more than a number.

  9. Wow. Killer first month. I’ve seen other blogs that post up their stats only reaching 10k visits after 9 MONTHS!  Bring at 3k in 30 days is shocking.

    Glad to have been invited as part of your tribe. I’m looking forward to learning some traffic-generating techniques.

    Any thoughts on guest posting? This is going to be one of my main ways to gain exposure. I’m already connecting with similar blogs and reaching out to the owners to build a relationship. Of course I’ll be submitting content tailored to fit that specific blog.

    Do you have any insider tips on what makes a blog owner really want to host a guest post? =)

    • Yep, I do have some tips on guesposting. But I’ll post them only after I guestpost at problogger and copyblogger :) I want to prove that “I know my shit” before posting any guides :)

      (ps: thought I already answered your comment, but somehow my answer did not get published)

  10. Great numbers Tim, great way to motivate me this week.  I’ll have to put more work into Triberr as well.  Those numbers from Twitter were amazing.

    I’ve read through the comments and don’t have much else to add, but had to congratulate and thank you for taking us along with you on this journey.


    • actually.. sharing your resutls with others is a great motivation :) once I’ve shared that I got 3k last month.. I can’t allow myself to go lower than that this month :)

  11. Daily for almost a year? Wow! This is really impressive! However if that strategy is not giving you any results, I’d suggest you to focus on quality. Try to put more value in your new posts. Spend 3 days or even a week on A SINGE POST. Make a research, find a number of interesting facts that are related, dig for exclusive pictures, videos etc… and then see how will this mammoth post performs :)

    I will soon post a nice guide on how to promote your coment online, so stay tuned :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Tim, I’ll give that some thought, as daily posts can be pretty onerous and sometimes leave little time for reflection. I’ll warn my readers of some experimental changes to come. Your prompt reply is very much appreciated. -k @FitOldDog:disqus 

  12. Michael Fordham

    In my first month I got 63 hits, in the second I got 4,500+.

    • That’s really impressive!!!! How did you do that? Why didn’t you link to your blog? Is there a post explaining your success? Maybe I’ll try some of your tactics here? :)

  13. That’s some great traffic there!  I haven’t seriously tried to get traffic until fairly recently and I’d love to get to those numbers so quickly.  What’s your opinion of StumbleUpon traffic?  It’s mostly “worthless” but I’ve noticed my daily traffic go up by quite a bit submitting links there.  It might help people with traffic goals but I haven’t decided if it’s worth the skyrocketed bounce rates for those with monetization goals.  What are your thoughts?

    • I’m actually running StumbleUpon ads at the moment :) I’ll post about them at the end of the month :)

  14. You have certainly set some mighty goals to achieve, it took me 3 years to reach 100k visits per month for my blog.  Though I started with about 4,000+ on my first month and 10k on my second month.  The problem is that posts fall off the SERP just as quickly as they get indexed and added and one month you could get massive traffic from a few searches and they could drop suddenly.  

    • 4000+ – that’s a great result! can you point me towards your posts with your most powerful tips?

      • Not as easy as you think, my site has over 1500+ posts and needle in a haystack.  One bullet doesn’t fit all, but the truth is content is key and in my initial months I had 0 strategy having never blogged before, I just wrote what I felt like about tech, gadgets, and how to articles.  How to guides tend to do well in search engines especially if you focus on specific problems, solve a problem and readers will find it.  

        For the more immediate year in October 2010 I became a multi-author blog, and I don’t just mean random guest posters, but actually hired a writing staff who wanted to become “dragonbloggers” and have their name attached with the site, they would be regulars who commited a set # of articles per month and this helped me reach a much higher number of quality articles than I could produce myself in a single month.

        Generally we hit some good trends in some months and that traffic lingers a little, catching a trend before it’s popular is a great way to bring in traffic later.  Write about something you don’t see being big news 30/60 days from now and let your post age, then when it becomes popular your post will have more authority because of it’s age is a tactic I have used that paid off well with a few posts on two of my blogs.

        But really, I also look at Google Adwords tool to see how many searches are performed and how much competition for set keywords and try to steer my keywords toward ones that have more searches.  I laden my title, meta description and article with a good mix of keywords.

        80% of my site traffic now (81k unique visits last 30 days and 115k+ pageviews) comes from organic search as a result of my tactics.

        • Hey Justin! Thanks for a great comment! It really adds to my post!

          I know that SEO is beneficial in the long run, and I know this trick with publishing hot content before the trend is there.. but I only have 6 months :(( I am afraid Google won’t give me much traffic even if I will post each day.. so I’m trying to focus on social networks and referral traffic and Google is just a thing I’m gonna do in background – I’m going to build some links and see where it takes me..

          • I have seen another blogger do amazing thing with comments before, The original Infopreneur left 150 comments per day on other blogs initially and ramped his traffic up to uncanny levels, the backlinking plus reciprocal commenting had his Alexa rating plummet and the site looked like it would be on top.

            Then he sold the site and the new owner didn’t use the same approach, the comments tapered off and the traffic dwindled very rapidly (not vanish entirely) but nothing like the pre comment buzz levels.

            Take it from me, social media is under rated, even with 11,500+ twitter followers (I don’t follow spam and auto follow people) Social Media accounts for only 2% of my traffic, the only other method I say that works for burst is StumbleUpon, I can see huge traffic boosts in the 1-4k plus range for single articles if you can get a few people to stumble them and build a decent stumbleupon network that is active.  

            Many are doing the SEO vs Social Media debate, but the truth is “Social Media” appears to be so short term and your traffic vanishes as quickly as it comes the moment you stop the momentum.  

            • totally true, mate.. social media is perfect for the short term.. but I think there’s no way for me to get 100k in 6 months from launch other than build a nice network of friends and post a couple killer posts that will together generate me that number.. I don’t say this traffic will stick.. it will drop for sure as soon as I stop posting and promoting posts.. but my aim is to get that 100k month in 6 months of work.. once I reach it, I’ll focus on long term.. what you think?

              ps: of course I’ll be spending time on linkbuilding as I go

              • Ah, don’t worry to much about link building, I barely do any of it.  Just using keywords and synonyms in posts in query based syntax is easy enough.  Things like adding “Beginner Tips” or “How To” in front of anything has a way to bring up search results for that item by simply using those phrases in many cases.

                Are you using Triberr?  Your post has a high # of retweets considering the traffic level of the site.Though you can’t get great quality followers, you can boost your Twitter following fairly quickly using a and may be a good way to give a quick boost to your social media network, may be worth investing $10 – $20 in to get a large influx of traffic and some do retweet and share information.

                StumbleUpon as I said is one of the best networks to invest in, Only stumble 1 of your posts out of 10 other stumbles and make sure you stumble at least 3-5 posts per day and comment on the blogs you stumble, you will see a big return on investment here from my experience.  I don’t use it nearly as much as I should and I know some sites getting 10k+ traffic per month from StumbleUpon with relatively small SU networks.

                Tumblr brought in some decent traffic recently as did Reddit for a little bit.

                I also noticed you aren’t using BlogEngage, if you run a blog about “blogging/SEO” these blogs and posts do the best on BlogEngage and you can rapidly gain exposure, they reward readers who retweet/like/share articles with their reward systems now so it is worth the investment. The best part is if you sign up for the $1.99 per month auto RSS submission program you get automatic membership ($25 value) so you can just try for a month and cancel if you don’t like and you are only out $2.  Totally worth it, for smaller blogs it gets you exposure and I think an article like this would do very well with the other bloggers in the network, many who I have known for 2+ years.

                • yep :) I am using Triberr, and it does give my posts a pretty nice boost! thanks for – I’ve seen it before, but didn’t want to spend any money on it.. well.. the time has come :) let’s see how it goes

                  do u think text posts perform well on stumble? I think they love pictures/videos much more. what’s your opinion? did you have any luck with plain text posts so far?

                  BlogEngage seems interesting.. will go & try it too :)

                  again, thanks a lot, Justin! Your comments are SO MUCH VALUABLE! :)

                  • You would be surprised but some of my poetry articles fare very well on StumbleUpon.  I agree though that entertainment, comic, video, gimmicky posts tend to viral easier than a truly informative one that is for a select target market.  However, SU has categories and one is for weblogs and I see lots of blogger articles do well here.  You just have to put your article in the right category initially and then add proper tags to it (think of what someone would search for).

                    • was going through our conversation & was intrigued to find out if I can still reply you and my reply will get even thinner.. LOL

                    • I had this problem with nested reply threads  on when it was set to 5 replies.  I now have it restricted to 3 nests only to prevent these narrow column bars.  LIvefyre lets you limit reply nests too, so see if Disqus can let you decrease the nesting.

                    • lol! :) this is hilarious:)
                      Thanks for the tip :) DISQUS should have this option :)

  15. Hi Tim! good post as usual, mate!

    I checked my traffic numbers from 2 years ago and I received 778 clicks. This month I’m up to 8.920 (but that includes the Polish incident if you remember…). Normally I’m getting 100-200 per day which I’d like to double by Christmas.

    How did you manage to get 1.8k links from Yahoo already?

    • do a search in yahoo “” (without the quotes) and you’ll see all my links :)

  16. Anonymous

    Hi TIM,

    Great post as usual and a great first month as well. Congrats!!!
    After getting hooked to your blog, I have totally re thought my own blog strategy.

    Looking forward to more tricks up your sleeve. All the best!!

  17. WOW! this is fascinating! I am very challenged! :) thanks a lot for sharing this wonder…hopefully I would be able to hit the goal! KUDOS!

    • just put some effort into it and I’m sure you will :)

  18. Hey Tim, how did you manage to get so many backlinks in such a short time ?

    • I’m gonna share real soon how I promote my posts and things will become clear :)

  19. Hey Tim, great success. Waiting for your seo related post.

  20. Your statistics are inspiring, Tim.  I can confirm that commenting makes a huge difference in the amount of traffic I get.  I’ve installed CommentLuv and left Do Follow on (for now anyway) to get more comments and leads on blogs I should check out.

    • What’s the name of your blog? ? Your name links to Facebook account

  21. Hi Tim, I think this is my first time commenting on your blog but I’ve been lurking almost everyday and reading and re-reading! Just wanted to share this, I started using StumbleUpon just two weeks ago and now my “baby” receives about 150 to 200 visits a day from SU alone. I hope it goes on forever. There’s also a slight improvement with Google referral, it’s just that I still have few published content. What I’m really curious about is you now have more than 5k incoming links from Yahoo!, only 9 days have passed and it increased exponentially. I guess it depends on the niche and the wide support available, right? For several days now I’ve been crawling the traffic sources on your screenshot, looking for directories and communities I can join. So far everything’s working as expected! Also, there are really great comments here. More tools and tips please! haha, Good luck!

    • Congrats with your first comment, mate :) Honestly I don’t know why I have so many links :) I will soon share “how I promote my posts” – maybe this will shine a light on it.. can you please share some tips on SU? I’m not getting any decent traffic from it…

      • I’m not certain about how I managed to do that, maybe it’s randomized, but I noticed that (checking just now) only one post is noticed. Almost a thousand people have viewed a single post now, all from SU. What I did was follow Saad Bassi’s (from 1stweb) advice. He said I need to engage, spend some time there. Reciprocate. I guess that’s about it. I’m pretty sure your blog will gather more attention, though, since posts here are all high-quality and very interesting :D

        I’l be looking forward to your techniques!

        • thanks, bro! I wish I had more time doing all that :(( my SU account is very weak and either I will spend my time growing it or spend this time on new cool content.. somehow I always choose content :)

  22. Lauren Silverman

    My first month is almost over and I started in the beginning of March. 667 views total so far. I’ve been getting 30 to 60ish views a day. I’m posting once, sometimes twice a day. My main source for traffic is facebook, which is likely from nosy family ;)

    • hey Lauren! not bad for the first month, actually :) I’m going to release a few tutorials soon that will help you to boos those numbers.. so keep in touch :)

  23. I have started this week and already got over 2000 visitors but that’s because I had some great traffic sources like Leenks and StumbleUpon…my content is not as good as Yours but I will do my best to write better.

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