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How To Get More SEO Traffic From Images On Your Blog

I bet you don’t give the images on your blog the attention they really deserve.


Luckily there are just a few easy principles you should be following. And once you make them a habit you’ll get yourself a new consistent source of traffic.

To be honest, I’m guilty of not following these easy tips myself. So this post is not just a guide to getting the most from the images on your blog, but also a promise to my own self to finally make it a habit.

Hope you’ll join me in this quest. Read more…

Brand New Tool To Discover Popular Articles On Competitor Blogs

“Will this topic be popular or not? Will it make people tick?” – I bet you ask yourself these questions now and then as you’re writing a new article for your blog.

discover popular articles

Every blogger wants to publish successful posts that spread across social networks like wildfire, have hundreds of comments and attract dozens of links from other blogs. Many of you already know the tedious process that leads to this kind of success.

But today this process will get just a little bit easier with a brand new tool. Read more…