How To Send A Mass Message To All Your LinkedIn Contacts (Simple Tool)

Honestly I never treated LinkedIn seriously.

I think their interface is very perplexed and cluttered with tons of stuff that I don’t really need.

And all these people who were requesting to connect with me?

Right now I have 360 contacts on LinkedIn and I don’t have a clue who most of them are.

But last week I rolled out a major redesign of my blog and my natural desire was to let everyone know about it.

So when my friend Karl Dennis reached out to me about his newly developed LinkedIn tool, I decided I should definitely give that a spin.

Why Did I Decide To Reach Out?

Since I’m not a big fan of this social network, I literally did nothing to grow the list of my LinkedIn connections and still ended up having 360 contacts.

I don’t know most of these people and I’m pretty sure they hardly know me as well.

So I decided it would be a good idea to reach out to everyone with a short message to let them know about me and see where it goes.

Using “LinkedIn Mailer”

So I opened the software and followed the built-in instructions.

First of all I had to export my contacts from LinkedIn and import them into the tool.

The tool has two buttons for this:

  1. “Create CSV” will open a new browser window with “Export LinkedIn Connections” option;
  2. “Import” will obviously import that list you’ve just downloaded into LinkedIn Mailer.


Once the tool is done importing your LinkedIn contacts you should click on the “Connections” tab and you’ll see a very neat spreadsheet with all your LinkedIn connections.

The tool has some awesome filtering options in case you want to only target people from a specific country or based on what they do. But I just wanted to reach out to everyone, so I clicked the “Messaging” button.


I decided that my message should be real short. All I wanted is to tell everyone that I have a blog and what the blog is about.

I also thought it would be relevant to apologize for the mass message for some people might hate that.

So here’s what I got:


The cool thing is that you can send personalized messages by automatically using the name of a person in your greeting. Which I did.

The message was ready so I just clicked “Send” and allowed the tool a bit of time to send 360 direct messages to my LinkedIn contacts.

The Results From Bulk Messaging On LinkedIn

I knew from the very beginning that I’m not doing it for traffic.

The open rate of my email list rarely goes above 40% and the CTR is usually about 10%. And I didn’t expect my LinkedIn contacts to be more responsive than my email subscribers.

What I was looking for is some hidden opportunities.

And I got some!

Here’s a brief list of what people responded back with:

  • a guest blogging invitation;
  • an offer to republish some of my articles;
  • a few blog sponsorship opportunities;
  • and some cross-promotion offers.

And I wasn’t even looking for any of that! I think I could do much better if I had a specific goal to reach out with.

What This Means For You

Like I said, I have never invested any of my time in LinkedIn and so my list of connections is quite small and non responsive.

But for people who are active on LinkedIn mass messaging could be the holy grail of hidden opportunities.

Write a brief message about what you do and what you’re struggling with and reach out to your contact list. I’m convinced that many people will offer their help and expertise to you.

LinkedIn Mailer

If you want to get your hands on the piece of software I used, here’s the link:


This is not an affiliate link, so I won’t get any commission in case you decide to purchase the software. And my friend Karl is not paying me for this article too.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

  1. I used the tool myself and got some nice results with it that I’d like to share with my readers.
  2. I have my own tool (TweetDis plugin) and I know how hard it is to go out and promote your work online. So I’m glad I can help Karl a little bit and let some more people know about his cool tool.
UPDATE 21 May 2015: It seems like something wrong has happened to that piece of software since I wrote this article.

Please read this comment from Kevin to understand what I’m talking about.

Purchase this piece of software at your own risk. I do not guarantee that it will work the same way it worked for me at the time of writing this article.

UPDATE 1 June 2015: the number of comments from “unsatisfied customers” just keeps growing. You may also want to check this thread at WarriorForum.

I don’t know what happened to this piece of software. I swear it worked well for me back in the days :)

Back To You

So what are your thoughts about mass messaging on LinkedIn and about this social network in general?

What do you mainly use LinkedIn for? Is it effective?

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. Hey Tim, glad you got so much out of it mate! Loved the blog post :)

    • Tim Soulo

      You’re very welcome my friend! Thanks for letting me try your tool ;)

  2. Thank you so much for this article! I had no idea that this tool existed and I’m going to check it out.

    • Hey Kathe, Do you currently use private messaging with LinkedIn for your “MedicareQuick” website service? – Karl,

    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Kathe.. glad you’ve enjoyed the tool.. would love to know what a mass message at LinkedIn did for you and your business ;)

  3. I think this tool is neat, but there are free workarounds to this – like mailing 50 people at a time. However, for people with thousands of contacts, this tool would be very beneficial.

    But what about the issue of using LI as a mailing system? Aren’t there some laws about this?

    I would like to know what the anti-spam laws are regarding sending mass emails to your LinkedIn contacts. Do you know anything about them, Tim?

    • Hey Lorraine, well said. In saying that, being a B2B social network LinkedIn’s main benefits are a. networking and b. leads through the networking/groups etc. The networking side most people have down okay, find someone interesting and add them. Simple enough. The leads side requires reaching a large amount of your network, in the right place, with the right message and hopefully hitting the right people. Yes one COULD export their contacts emails and simply using say Mailchimp or aWeber but without permission emails will most likely be considered spam or even worse blacklisted as spam. Best case scenario you have low conversions (open and click through rates). I know this because that is why we built this software tool from our own need for better results for our clients (we freelance and consult). We also DID try the groups of 50 people at a time, and because each person in the group can see you mailed 49 other people it looks VERY spammy and usually doesn’t get a lot of click through also (the main goal). On top of this you have to use either NO greeting or the generic and dreaded bulk mailer dead-giveaway “Dear Sir/Madam” – All these reasons and more are why so many people are benefiting from our tool. Messages come out as personalized “Dear Sally or Hello Sam” followed by a message that (as far as they are concerned on their receiving side) comes directly from you handtyped to them. Not to mention the ability to filter and save these messages as templates to use again if they did well. As you could imagine if you were trying to get leads (and most if not all business communication on linkedin should be a precursor to a lead in its own way, content, deals, discounts, offers, updates etc) LinkedIn Mailer is the method with the best most trusted receiver end result. Personal, trusted, likeable, intrigue, scarcity and value is key to any good leads add mass sending to that, you’re golden. Even Tim himself here got nearly instant return messages. I hope this clears up some misunderstandings of the software. We will try to make this more clear in the near future (we are still in pre-launch technically) – If anyone has any questions they can always reach us on

      • Oh, almost forgot sorry. Put simply this tool doesn’t break LinkedIn TOS (though they change so often) at this time. Mainly because of our personal queueing system that sends each private message direct one-by-one and specialized API interactions. They do have strict rules about bulk distribution that we at LinkedIn have to stay vigilant about in order to keep inside the rules for our users.

    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Lorraine, thanks a lot for stepping by!

      Yeah.. I remember that link you’ve shared with me regarding group messages.. but like you just said, it’s not relevant for people with huge lists of connections.

      And I’m afraid I’m not familiar with any US laws.. but I guess Karl already answered your question :)

  4. Hi Tim,

    I feel offering value was the way to go. Smart move. If you mass message them, kill them with value, meaning point them to your blog full of free, helpful updates. Also, I like the move about noting the mass message/might be agitating deal. This is a compassionate, friendly approach which takes down folk’s guards, in a big way. Well done.

    • Thanks Ryan! Hope you don’t mind me using a screenshot of that comment for promoting the software? I only believe in win-win (what I call Hippie business) I don’t care as much about money as I do about being able to support a lifestyle of helping people solve problems and be happier.

    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Ryan! Thanks for the comment, pal :)

      Well… I could provide even more value and offer my contacts to ask me anything blogging/marketing related if they’re struggling with it.. So maybe I would do this next time ;) Thanks for the idea!

  5. After reading this article i quickly used this tool and its very helpful for me to send my messages to every one in one click of the button.thanks for your tool and your article.

  6. Chris

    It seems like this tool is no longer available. Any suggestions on similar tools that are available?

  7. Robert Vanden Boom

    Before coming into TWC. My contacts to be emailed. Will automaticly be placed in my to send to list. TWC does not do this. How can I get this to accept a way to get this placed so I can do my entire family in a email?

  8. Kevin

    Hey Tim,

    I purchased this product after reading your article. I have it downloaded and installed, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. The version I have does not have the same interface as the screencaps you posted, and the Import button doesn’t respond when I click on it.

    I’ve emailed tech support, and even Karl, but have not heard back. Is there anything you can do to assist me? I would appreciate your help. If you can somehow get in touch with the Linkedin Mailer team, please ask them to contact me at the email I’ve provided.



    • Tim Soulo

      Hey Kevin… wow.. that is very lame.. I’m sorry, there’s no way I could help you..

      but I’ll go update my post to make sure none of my readers will fall into that trap again


    • Kevin,

      Me to!!!
      Have you found a solution???
      Have you got your money back??

  9. I have purchased this program (linked 3.0.4) and installed it.
    Unfortunately, I cannot import my LinkedIn csv file and I cannot find anywhere that gives me instructions on what to do i.e. there is no Help menu. I looked at the promo video and my screen is totally different to that.
    Please can you help me with this.
    David Hall

  10. Andrew

    Hi Tim,

    I purchased LinkedIn Mailer and have the same issue at Kevin and David. The product does not work, and I have tried contacting their customer support three times. Please take down this article, as you should now have enough verification to realize that this is misleading people to buy a fraudulent item.

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Tim or anyone out there who can help.
    I have exactly the same problem as Kevin.
    I purchased this product after reading your article. I have it downloaded and installed, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. The version I have does not have the same interface as the screencaps you posted, and the Import button doesn’t respond when I click on it.
    I’ve emailed tech support, and even Karl, but have not heard back. Is there anything you can do to assist me? I would appreciate your help. If you can somehow get in touch with the Linkedin Mailer team, please ask them to contact me at the email I’ve provided.

    To anyone thinking of buying this program – BEWARE!

  12. James

    I was really looking forward to purchasing this software, but it is now unavailable. If anyone knows of a viable alternative, please let me know!

  13. carl smith

    This is a scam, do not buy the linked in mailer! It does not work!
    The developer will not return emails and will not refund money!

  14. Guy Badlwin

    This tool does not work anymore because they have changed and you cannot export your contacts any more.

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