How to Use the MyBlogGuest Community to Maximize Guest Posting Results

Guest posting is one of the best tools to generate traffic, offer your readers fresh perspectives and also for link building. If you are new to this part of owning a website or blog, start with this great piece on how to guest post, from choosing topics and writing the piece, to approaching site owners.

As any other aspect of blogging, guest posting has been given enough attention that it generated a need for a dedicated community. And that is howMyBlogGuest, the place where guest posters and site owners meet, was born. To better understand what it does, you have to think of it as the go-to community for all things guest posting. The tools to promote yourself or your website, the meeting place to interact with your peers, and the community that will help you get some social media exposure to your posts, all of these are gathered here.

MyBlogGuest is a complex site, containing the following sections, which you will soon master:

  • profile pages
  • forum
  • article gallery
  • email service

I have been using MyBlogGuest for over six months now for two different blogs, one focusing on travel, the other one on PR and marketing. It is perfect if all you need is guest authors that know what they are doing. I’ve been using the article gallery a lot and have also received direct offers from guest posters. Since then, I have probably published more than 50 articles on both blogs. Some of the guest posters I’ve met have become regulars and send me fresh content every couple of weeks. Occasionally I’ve also used the forum for social media sharing and it worked wonders, doubling or tripling my number of social shares, which in turn generate traffic and have helped create stronger relationships with new readers.

I recommend it because it is quick and effective. You are there for guest blogging, nothing else. There are of course additional topics being discussed and I know blog owners that ended up hiring some of the guest posters they worked with, but all that is kept separate from the main purpose of the community – generate guest posts and find websites willing to publish the articles. 

To get the best out of MyBlogGuest, you need to separate the tools and tasks you’ll have to perform into two separate units: those pertaining to the guest author looking to spread posts over sites in their niche, and those pertaining to the site owner who is looking for fresh content and new voices to attract new readers and keep loyal ones interested.

The only common task which I will not detail separately is creating your profile. Make sure you add all the needed details – the blogs you own, your social media profiles, a little about yourself and your areas of expertise. While you can be fun and unique, make sure your profile page is also useful! People are not looking for cool new friends to hang out here, they are looking for writing partners for their blogs or for interesting new sites where they can publish their work.

 Part I – MyBlogGuest Community guide for site owners

Site owners are not just generous hosts welcoming guest authors and publishing their content. They enjoy quite a few benefits from guest posting and therefore should treat their part seriously. A new author comes with a different perspective and new, interesting topics to write about. This means they will keep existing audiences interested, but they will also generate new traffic: either from searches on those topics, or from their own sites – their home audience will follow them to a new site, to first see what they have to say and then to discover why that particular blog was worth the effort of getting published there. If you have quality articles on your site, the new readers will stick around. Equally important, guest authors help to relieve site owner from worrying about post production and let him do what he does the best – drive and grow business.

Here is what you can do to get the most out of the guest posting community:

1. Meet and greet

First off you need to introduce yourself to the crowd. There is a dedicated forum topic for that. You need to say hi, share your interests and areas of expertise with the crowd, maybe add a little info on the blogs you own and highlight the benefits of having guest authors published on your sites.

2. Post announcements letting guest poster know you’re looking for content

While the meet and greet part might be a little general, this is the step where you start working on getting new content for your blog. For each site you own and want to offer as publishing platform for guest authors, create a forum post announcing your interest in hosting guest articles. Let the community know what topics interest you, explain the guide lines or add a link to those published on your website, let them know how often you plan to publish their posts and let them know how to best contact you. After you publish your announcements, make sure you keep an eye on the conversation and on your MyBlogGuest inbox. Messages from community members are usually forwarded to your email address, so you don’t need to log in all the time to check them. The forum also has its email announcement system, so it will be easy to know when you need to drop by and have a chat with interested authors.

3. Search for guest authors in the forum

You shouldn’t be all passive about forum interaction. After posting your announcements, go to the forum section dedicated to guest authors looking for sites to publish to. Search based on the topics that interest you and contact the writers that seem to be a good fit and offer them the opportunity to guest post. Make sure you keep an eye on replies from those you have contacted.

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4. Search the Article Gallery and place your offers

The article gallery is a great place to bid on already written articles. It’s divided by topics, so it will be easy to get to the articles that interest you. For each article in the gallery, you will see the headline, a short intro and the author byline. If you think the post would be a good fit to your blog, place your offer: indicate on which of your sites you intend to publish, the time frame for publishing and a short message to the author. You will automatically be prompted if an author has accepted or declined your offer. It is important to keep your promise and publish on time. If you’re running late, make sure you let the author know. The majority will understand, but it is important that you are open about what’s going on.

5. Reward the authors

Each guest author that sends you a guest post selects your site from a bunch of other competitors. They also put in quite some effort into writing the pieces you need. So be nice and show your appreciation. It’s actually quite easy – give them the thumbs up, showing the community they are a good writer, and maybe send them a comment about your shared experience.

6. Don’t forget about the social media sharing!

MyBlogGuest is a strong community and they are not only bound to the site itself. They help each other out on social media sites as well. So if you have published a guest post written by a community member, make sure you go to the dedicated forum topic and ask the community to read it and share it if it’s of interest to them. The response will definitely impress you!

Part II – MyBlogGuest community guide for guest posters

If you want to get more links, more traffic and more loyal readers to your website through guest posting, then you need to take control of your guest authoring effort and make sure your content is published by top blogs around the Internet. When using MyBlogGuest, after creating a compelling profile page, here’s what you should do:

1. Meet other guest poster and the publishers

Say hello to the MyBlogGuest community and tell them more about yourself. Let them know what areas you cover with your guest posts, what your other interests are and provide links to sample articles. If you’re new at guest blogging, a link to your blog(s) will be enough for now.

2. Offer to guest post

Visit the dedicated entry on the forum and create guest posting offers for the areas and niches that you’re interested in or have expertise in. Make sure you once again add a few samples, share the type of articles you are willing to write (length, type, link inclusion, if you provide images or not, etc), how many you can write every week and how long it takes after closing a deal to deliver the guest post. Keep an eye on the replies you get via the forum or via private messages. These should all go to the email account you indicated when you created your MyBlogGuest profile.

3. Search for blogs of interest to guest post on

Your main purpose is to guest post on as many websites as you need to have your link and traffic building strategy pay off. So check out the publisher dedicated section and see who is looking for guest posters. MyBlogGuest has actually convinced  quite a few A and B-listers to find their guest authors here, so the possibilities are countless.  Once you find the blogs that are a good match for you, message them your offer – the topic you want to cover, maybe a few headline suggestions, when it could be ready, and any and all other details you think are important. Don’t forget to showcase your work to convince them you’re a worthy guest author.

4. Post on the article gallery – PAID FEATURE

Everything we have talked about up to here involves free services. This particular point, posting articles to the article gallery, is part of the PRO subscriptions of MyGuestBlog. While it could definitely  help you get more articles published, it is in no way mandatory for you to succeed at guest posting and reach your goals.

If you have written a few articles, but have no particular host-site in mind, you can upload them to the Article Gallery. All the publishers interested in that particular topic will review your post and submit their offer. Choose the one that suits you best, based on either blog notoriety, their traffic, their page rank, how fast they can publish your piece, etc.

5. Give thumbs up to your host

Each website owner that publishes one of your articles helps you get closer to your goals of generating more traffic and new links to your own blog. That’s why you should show your appreciation by giving them the thumbs up, letting them know you’ve enjoyed being an author on their blog and telling the community they run a great blog that other authors should keep in mind.

6. Ask for social shares

While site owners ask for help with social media engagement to boost website traffic, this action is not without benefits for guest post authors. If you ask the community to share your newly published guest post, not only do you show publishers you are willing to share the effort of promoting their content, you are also reminding them you are available for guest posting gigs and point them to a new work sample to review.

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Guest blogging is clearly easier with so many tools and methods to connect with people that can help you. That is why MyBlogGuest is a community you should definitely become a part of. Just like any other community, this one dedicated to guest posters and blog owners requires the same of you: be nice, be helpful and focus on what you offer others before you ask something of them. 


This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see the author information at the end of the article.


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