How To Get People To Read Your Blog When You Are An Internet Nobody

It’s easy to start a blog, but it’s hard to get people to read it. Many people think that it’s enough to write great articles, but they often learn the hard way that if you don’t promote your blog, your readership doesn’t expand beyond your grandma and your cat.


How can you attract people to your blog when you are still an internet nobody?

Guest posting is the most effective method for promoting a new blog.

Guest posting (also known as guest blogging) is an online marketing method that works like this:

  1. You have a website that you want to promote.
  2. You pick a big website in your niche that has a similar target audience.
  3. You write a high quality guest post, submit it to a website, and get published.
  4. People who like your website click on the link in your byline and visit your website.

This marketing method allows you to get your work in front of a lot of people and consequently drive targeted traffic to your own website.

It is time consuming, since you have to spend a lot of time researching websites in your niche, writing guest posts, and pitching to editors, but once the post gets published, hundreds of new visitors will rush to your blog.

Honestly, I don’t know any other marketing method that is more effective for getting a new blog off the ground, therefore I suggest you to make it the core of your marketing strategy.

How to prepare your blog for the upcoming flood of traffic

It’s important to understand that it’s not enough to simply drive loads of traffic to your website. All your efforts are empty if people visit your blog then forget it five minutes later and never come back. You have to aim to convert your new visitors into loyal readers.

Here are two most important things that you have to take care of before your guest post goes live:

Content. You have to display interesting and valuable content if you want people to remember your blog and come back for more. No amount of traffic will help if your three most recent posts are about your cat, your favorite brand of cereal, and the latest “90210” episode.

Opt-in forms. You need to capture e-mail addresses of your new visitors in order to increase the chances of them coming back in the future. Many bloggers are shy when it comes to that, because they don’t want to come across as spammers. In reality you have nothing to worry about if you put opt-in forms in the right places.

Have an opt-in form below every post, on the top of the sidebar and on your “About” page. Also, make sure to have a feature box in place.

Don’t skip these. Many people rush to get their post published, but driving traffic to a website that is not optimized for converting new visitors to loyal readers is, frankly, a waste of time. It’s better to put in the work and get good results than to slack off and only get 2 or 3 subscribers.

5 steps to your first guest post

I’m always surprised when I hear people whining that “guest posting is hard” and complaining that “this guest posting stuff doesn’t work”. The truth is that guest posting works very well if you do it the right way and the process itself isn’t that complicated. You have to be prepared to put in the time and energy necessary, though.

1. Pick a website and analyze it’s content. Take time to understand what kind of content an editor of a website might be looking for. Again, if you want to get published, you have to do your homework. (Stip The Blog tool will help you with that)

2. Write a high quality guest post. Your post has to provide value to the readers. Try to offer a solution to a problem they might have. Make sure that your solutions are  detailed enough so that readers who try to follow the process you outlined would be able to get actual results. Also, don’t leave spelling or grammar mistakes, because that greatly reduces your chances of getting published. (learn to write “solid posts”)

3. Submit your guest post. Send a simple e-mail to the editor saying that you would like to do a guest post on a certain topic and attach the article to that e-mail. Don’t sweat it.

4. Get an answer from the editor. Make sure that you check your e-mail regularly so you wouldn’t miss the reply. In case it’s been few weeks and you haven’t heard from them, e-mail them again, politely reminding them about your guest post submission. Editors are very busy people, so sometimes they don’t notice your submission, or forget to send you a reply.

5. Rinse and repeat until you have a popular blog. Guest posting is most effective when you do it on a regular basis. Take a look at how many new visitors and e-mail subscribers you got from your first guest post. Now, imagine, what would happen if you would publish ten or twenty more guest posts like that?

Keep in mind that writing the article is the most important part of the guest posting process. You won’t be able to get a low quality guest post published no matter how hard you try. Moreover, the amount of traffic that you will get from a guest post heavily depends on it’s quality. It’s better to take your time and write the best post that you possibly can.

Where should you start?

There are thousands of blogs out there, how do you find those that are good for guestposting?

Well, luckily for you, Tim has created a monster list of blogs from different niches that may publish your article if it’s good enough.

Here, have it:

Don’t get distracted, stay focused.

Guest posting is hard. You have to put in a lot of time and energy into it in order to make it work. However, it’s the most effective way to promote a new blog, therefore don’t get distracted with stuff that is easier and makes you feel good about yourself, but doesn’t bring any significant results (hello, social media). Stay focused on guest posting.

About the author: Agota Bialobzeskyte is a writer and online entrepreneur who firmly believes that web designers and web developers all over the world could greatly benefit from learning more about online marketing.

This article was originally written for, a blog started by Dainis Graveris, founder of


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  1. Thanks for the articles, it’s kind of funny I was literally just thinking of ways to attract people to read my blog and then I got your email.. Thanks for the tips, will definitely give them a try.

    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      Hey, Jake!

      I have a suggestion for your website: add a feature box. It will help you build your e-mail list much faster. Just don’t forget to drive traffic to your site by guest posting!

      Read this article:

      Feature box is a very effective way to boost your conversion rate (visitor -> e-mail subscriber). It sure works well here on FounderTips! :)

      I have a few other suggestions for your website, drop me a line at, and we can chat about it sometime.

  2. I never thought guest posts had such a high effect on traffic, but being able to convert that traffic to regular visitors to my website is the meat on the bone. How long do you think a person should have been blogging, before you start writing guest posts?

    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      Hey, Kagai!

      Oh, yeah, guest posts are extremely effective for driving traffic to new blogs, assuming you do it the right way.

      I’m glad you understand the importance of converting new visitors to loyal readers, many people miss that, and end up doing Sisyphus work with their websites.

      Hm, I’d say that you need to have some content on your blog already before you start guest posting, otherwise people won’t understand what your blog is all about. Don’t wait forever, though, publish 5-7 high quality posts on your blog, then get your first guest post published. Just remember to have opt-in forms in place to capture those new visitors!

      Talking about opt-in forms, I love how you have one on Legibra website, it’s always smart to start collecting e-mail addresses before launching something. I think you could increase your conversion rates by providing a bit more information, though, because at the moment you don’t emphasize the benefits of Legibra quite enough.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Wendy

    Great Advice!

    Do editors take in guest posting when you are new to a subject area? Meaning, say you are making a blog on things you learn and turn it into a learning blog for others to follow. Will editors accept your post at entry learning level? Or does the material in your blog have to be advanced techniques?


    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      Hey, Wendy!

      The main task of the editors is publishing great content on their own blogs . This means that when it comes to guest post submissions, their main concern is whether an article is good enough to be published on their website or not, not the state of author’s personal blog or their experience in the field. You should be fine as long as you write high quality guest posts that are relevant and provide value to the audiences of the websites they are submitted to.

      People often worry about whether they are qualified or not to give advice to someone. That is a legitimate concern, but you should make that decision by evaluating the quality of information you are providing, not by your personal results so far. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s the logical way of looking at it, because as long as the information is relevant, your are providing value. Keep doing that ;)

      P.S. One thing to keep in mind: you don’t want your own blog to be sleazy. Editors don’t care about your blog as long as it’s decent. They won’t be very keen to publish your guest post if you are clearly a con-artist. I’m sure that’s not the case with you, but it’s just something to be aware of.

  4. Ahh… This is perfect,

    Now I’m just trying to introduce the world about my new blog by commenting. This is a must try tips, may be the next month after I get enough post to display on my blog.

    Thanks, this is my first time here, the second post I read, and I get the point because it was reading your post on sixrevisons before stumbled here.

    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      Nice to see you here, Tiyo!

      Guest posting is much more effective than commenting. You see, all that advice about commenting on other blogs to promote your own blog largely comes from the times when the internet was much smaller and that was actually a viable way to get traffic. Today, commenting might be good for building relationships with other bloggers, but don’t expect a flood of traffic from that. Guest posting is the way! ;)

  5. Interesting stuff! I’ll be sure to action some of the stuff you’ve listed in your article. I’ve actually been meaning to try and write some guest posts for some time now, but I’ve had a lot on my plate!

    Anyway, great article. I’ve added your blog to my (non-google) RSS reader and I look forward to more!

    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      I’m glad you like the post! :)

  6. Ron

    You should add to that list. It’s a great guest post spot for those looking to publish technology content.

    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      I’ll check it out, thank you for mentioning it! :)

  7. Hi Agota!

    I agree – guest posting works (I have written over 100 guest posts so far). You just have to focus on it enough, until you see the results. After some time, you see what topics perform better and also – which blogs you should be focusing on.

    I’m driving all my guest post traffic to my landing pages. In order to get as many subscribers as possible, your landing page has to be a one which converts.

    I’m currently trying to improve my opt-in rates and I’m really looking forward to see the results.


    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      I’m often surprised that majority of bloggers don’t seem to take guest posting seriously.

      I think it’s human nature: people tend to favor easy things that make them feel good yet don’t bring desired results over hard things that might make them feel bad but do bring desired results.

      Thumbs up for 100 guest posts, that takes some serious dedication, but also bring some real results!


      P.S. I agree, it’s best to drive traffic to landing pages, then it converts so much better!

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