How I Got 37 Tweets On My Very First Blogpost: Unveiling a Secret Tool.

37 is not much actually, but c’mon, this was my FIRST post on this blog. How can one possibly get 37 retweets on his very first post on a brand new blog?

I am not a twitter celebrity (not even close) and my tweets don’t get hundreds of retweets by default. So if that was your guess – I’m afraid you’re wrong. So what’s the answer then?

The answer is simple. It’s only one word actually – Triberr!

On the image above you can see how Triberr works: once you register there you are invited to import the RSS feed of your blog to the system. And from then every post you publish is being automatically retweeted by the members of your “tribe”.

This is exactly what what I needed for my blogging race.

This brilliant idea belongs to a guy who’s name is Dino Dogan (check his blog here).

I met Dino online and asked him for an invite. To my surprise he added me to the most powerful of all tribes on Triberr – “Anubis”. So thanks a lot, Dino, for bringing me to Triberr and huge thanks to mighty Anubis tribe for support!

Luckily there’s no need for me to walk you around Triberr and teach you how to use it, as this was done countless times by other respectful bloggers.

Instead I want to write a kind of an open letter to Dino. I know he’s really passionate about his startup and always willing to improve it.

So here are a few features I would like Triberr to have:

Tweets Per Day – sometimes it happens, that mighty Anubis posts wa-ay to much. I am not trying to hurt anyone and say that their posts are not valuable, but the logic is simple – the more posts a person tweets in one day, the less important every single tweet gets for this person’s followers. Once your friend tweets 20 posts in a row, will you read all of them? I think that it might be a nice feature to allow people to set the number of posts they are willing to tweet per day.

Author Priority – let’s consider that we have a “tweets per day” setting. But how should Triberr choose the tweets that are more important for you? Well this can either be based on the overall author karma that exists on Triberr, or you should be able to assign a priority level to the members of your tribe. Thus, when guys with high priority post – they will inevitably get into your stream, but when they don’t – others may appear in your stream at that time.

Topics/Keywords – Anubis is huge, but I wish it to become even biger, because all of us will benefit out of it. However the more members we have, the more tweets we should tweet to support each other. But do we need to tweet ALL the posts after all? My answer is NO! It’s all about the topic of the post – I’ll gladly tweet all things marketing, as that is what my followers expect from me. But if I tweet about politics or travel – I doubt that those tweets will get any clicks from my followers. What about allowing to assign categories/topics/keywords to your posts before you send them to the stream? I’d be very happy if I could filter out only the tweets on topics that my followers are interested in.


My single piece of advice for new bloggers today would be to join Triberr right now! For someone with established blog and thousands of daily visitors it may not make any difference. But for those only starting out it’s a huge advantage!

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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  1. Anonymous

    As a Triberr user I think that one and three could be doable but Dino would never for the second. After reading the Triberr blog and watching all of his Youtube videos, I can safely says that Dino and Dan value reciprocity too much. They always talk about being nice to one another so I doubt they’ll allow priority anything. Within tribes things are first come first served like in bonfires. Would be interesting to hear what they have to say

    • Dino already answered here actually :) but at that time I had Facebook Comments and I’ve erased them just today :) see my “Satan’s Guide to Blog Comments” for a full story :) … & thanks for stepping by :)

  2. Hey Tim, Triberr is invite only right now right? Any chance you have an invite left?

    • yep! :) Triberr site is down atm for some reason… send me an email and I’ll invite you as soon as the service is back up :)

  3. I like that it keeps related information in Groups/Tribes of people with similar interests. I hate jumping on bandwagons, but if you have an invite available I’d love to try it out.

    • Yep, I think I have an invite :) plz email me some info about your blog

  4. you having great skill with bloh by the way tim you are sharing the article to your tweeter account so it will get boost

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