How I Increased Weekly Traffic by 128% With A Single Post (Action Plan)

I only published a single blogpost this week… I really wanted to publish more and I do have lots of cool stuff to share with you… but… I was really intrigued by the way this post performed…

Intrigued so much that I’ve decided to sacrifice a bit of traffic I could’ve possibly received from an extra post in order to get the clean stats from Google Analytics and see how a single post performed in comparison to a whole week of blogging. But this stuff is really boring, right?

Weekly Statistics.

People visiting BloggerJET for the first time might think that I am just trying to fool everyone with the number in my headline, and in reality I didn’t get that 128% traffic increase from a single blog post. Well, here’s the proof:

Now let me reveal the secret behind this mystic post…

How to CREATE awesome content.

First of all I must confess that all the posts I wrote during my first week of blogging were pretty pale. Yeah, I’ve described how to pick a cool domain and setup WordPress, shared some “ninja tips” on WordPress configuration, uncovered my secret tool for getting tweets and even guessed that you’re using your Facebook “Like” button slightly wrong.

Yes, they have some value in them. Yes, I was trying to represent the information my own way and Yes, I’ve added some of my personality into it… But c’mon, you can find hundreds of posts about this! They are not unique! My work was to invent some catchy headline and keep the engagement throughout the content of the post. I’m not saying this was easy, this was quite hard actually, but there’s nothing revolutionary in what I did.

How is this post different? There’s actually a small disclaimer at the end of the the post itself explaining a few viral tips, but let’s start from the very beginning…

Step One: defining my goals and ways to achieve them.

I knew that those “pale posts” won’t get me far, so I needed something really cool. From my experience of reading blogs I’ve learned one important thing – the posts that have some kind of work behind them are a hundred times more valuable than others.

Work? What kind of work? Well, It can be anything:

  • you can spend time collecting some bits of information around a single topic and compiling it to a huge guide;
  • you can try something that you’ve heard about and describe your experience;
  • you can invent something new and post about it.

All in all, it does not really matter what you do. What matters is the amount of effort you put into it. I can explain that quite easily with an example. Which of the following posts will most likely grab your attention:

  1. Core Principles of Email Marketing;
  2. The Best Knows Email Marketing Tactics;
  3. Complete List of All Known Email Marketing Tactics That Have Ever Existed;
  4. Sharing My Experience of Growing My Email List to 100k Subscribers By Using All Known Email Marketing Tactics.

You can clearly see that this list is arranged by the amount of work you have to put into each post. And this is quite obvious that the last one will be the most interesting to read. So I knew I needed to put a lot of effort towards something…

Step Two: coming up with the idea.

I think that the best way of coming up with fresh ideas is to find something that will inspire you. Whenever I need a fresh idea I try to read everything in that niche that Google offers me, and I don’t stop till my brain generates some cool idea out of all the information that it got stuffed with. In most cases this works for me quite well :)

I’ve even saw this method in some psychology book. It said that when you need to solve a problem (or brainstorm an idea) you should feed your brain with as much information on the topic, as it can possibly handle. And then just sit back, relax or do something else and later on the solution (or idea) will inevitably strike you!

So as I was browsing my favorite blogs and seeing all those “list posts” I realized I need one for BloggerJet.

Step Three: the principles of awesomeness.

…if only I knew them! Actually you can’t guess with 100% accuracy whether your work is going to be awesome or lame till it’s released. But lets look at some things I did to make my post look awesome:

Again, I don’t think the time has come to talk about headlines at BloggerJET, so I will only mention that I’ve aimed for something really provocative and got this: “29 Brilliant Posts You Have to Read Before I Call You an Internet Marketer”. And it worked! See this little conversation that happened on Twitter afterwards:

I thought the idea of the post was quite good – I was going to share the most valuable posts about internet marketing that I’ve collected past year. But I knew that just a list of post headlines along with my brief comments wouldn’t look cool, so I had to do something about it.

That is how I came up with the idea of cutting the headline from the screenshot of a blog and inserting it into my post – this way my list looked more appealing and visitors could quickly recognize their favorite blogs as well as some of the posts they’ve read before. Other than that, I’ve copied some catchy pictures from each blogpost I was listing, to give my visitors even more information about what each post is all about.

The tips above are actually for kids. If you really want to learn how to write epic shit, see my post titled “Big Fat Noob Guide To Writing A Solid Post (or “How To Steal Ideas”)”

How to PROMOTE awesome content.

Content is King, noone is arguing here, but there’s no King without the Kingdom, right? You can come up with the most awesome blogpost in the wold, but what’s the point if noone knows about it?

Step One: calling to action.

Yes, my post had a call-to-action inside it. It was hidden at the end of the list and again I’ve already uncovered this in my Disclaimer: I asked people to share the post using the social buttons BECAUSE I considered it as a “thank you” for my work.

You already know that call-to-action is a pretty powerful thing. Every CRO specialist will tell you that if you want people to do something – just ask them!

But I want to pay your attention to that “BECAUSE” thing. I think I took it from a book by Robert B. Cialdini called “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion“. Robert said that when you explain to people WHY you want them to do something (even if your arguments are nonsense) – they are far more likely to do that as opposed to when not giving them any explanation.

I actually tried to use “BECAUSE” in some situations in my real life and I think it worked! Try this yourself and share your experience!

Step Two: making some noise.

  • Triberr: There’s a whole post about Tribber at BloggerJET. I think it helped me a lot in getting those 137 tweets that my post currently has.
  • Facebook: huge brilliant was the picture that I’ve set for my Facebook snippet and I think it was really eye-catchy! The post got 77 likes!

  • Facebook Pages & Groups: I did a search for “internet marketing” among Groups and Pages on Facebook and joined those that allowed me to post my own links. This may seem a bit spammy, but I think that if you’re distributing your quality content in relevant Pages and Groups – this is not SPAM.
  • Social Bookmarking: no, I didn’t use Reddit or Digg to promote my post, as you must have a powerful account to get your submissions noticed by others. Instead I’ve submitted my post to a smaller niche bookmarking services like ZaBox and BloggerDen (I will release the full list of social bookmarking services later). With these sites you can ask a couple friends to vote for your submission and “Voila” – you’re on the front page!
  • Community News: some sites have this nice “Community News” widget that allows you to post links to your own content. Here are some of the sites with Community News that might get you nice traffic: SpeckyBoy, Abuzeedo, DesignMag (I will publish the full list later)
  • Other social services: somehow I got a bit of traffic from LinkedIn (might add it’s button to the Sharebar) & some from Business Exchange. I also submitted the post to Sphinn, but it’s still on moderation.

Let’s see my weekly traffic sources report:

As you can see, nothing too fancy here. If I can do it – you can do it!

Now go brainstorm some epic idea, work a few days on writing a post and then promote a hell out of it!

Good luck!

I'm the guy behind BloggerJet blog. I'm also the guy behind TweetDis and Content Upgrades PRO. But that's like 10% of what I do these days, as the other 90% is devoted to doing marketing for an awesome SEO toolset called Ahrefs.


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    I have questions and emailed you about it. I think that my biggest issue would be how and when can I consider that my blog made it even to the front steps. I’ve sadly only gotten 41 visits in my biggest day. I wonder how can increase that number if I’m doing SEO, Triberr, Twitter, StumbleUpon and blog directories. I’ve also joined several blogging communities but it’s still very poor. Any tips?

    • I think I’ve replied to your email :) Actually if you read BloggerJET from the start you’ll learn all my tricks and will be able to replicate them :) If you have certain questions – feel free to ask them in comments for each post – I’ll gladly answer them :)

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    I will continue to faithfully read all of your posts. I was going to write a similar blog concerning this topic, you beat me to it.

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