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Agota Bialobzeskyte

Let's Raise Discussion: Comments ON vs. Comments OFF

“You have to keep your comments on if you want to have a popular blog!” – this is a popular advice here in the blogosphere. However, is this really true?

I’ve recently read this article on one of my favorite websites for bloggers, Think Traffic. It’s a debate between two very popular bloggers, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and Everett Bogue from Far Beyond The Stars (this blog was closed, you can see what Everett is up to at, on the topic of whether it’s better to leave comments on or to turn them off. It’s interesting how two successful people from the same field can have such different opinions on the topic.. And it’s not only Pat and Everett, there are many successful bloggers who have kept their comments on and there are a lot of them who have switched their comments on. So which way is the better way?

I’d say it depends.

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7 Obscure Blogging Myths Haunting Community Answered Here

So many people start new blogs everyday with the hopes of and traveling the world while living off of passive income, yet so few of them ever make it on blogosphere. This really breaks my heart, because blogging is such a fascinating opportunity to create a location independent business and have more time and financial freedom as a result. I think myths that are floating all around the blogosphere are really fueling this destructive trend of wannabe bloggers failing to break through.

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Guest Posting Guide To Get Quality Traffic To Your Website And Build Branding In Notime

Guest posting means writing articles for high-traffic blogs. In my opinion, guest posting is the most effective traffic generation strategy, because it takes less than a day to write a great guest post, but it can easily give you hundreds or even thousands of new visitors if your article is published on a really popular blog. Also, your guest posts keep silently generating new traffic for months, because many people search the archives of high traffic blogs and guess what they find? Yes, your guest post. To be honest, I don't know any other marketing methods that can give you that amount of free targeted traffic for a few hours of work. But how do you get your guest post published?

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting published in an A-list blog*:

* I'm using examples from the personal development niche because.. Oh well, it's because it's my niche and I know it best. However, this exact process can be applied to almost any niche.

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