50+ Amazing Steve Jobs Tribute Artworks (Huge Collection!)

I’m a huge Apple fan and I sincerely respect Steve Jobs for lots of different things. But who am I to talk about him?

So I thought I’d let his creative fans all around the globe to “speak” instead!


img by bezerrobizarro

img by tobytoons

img by David Fitzsimmons

img by Paul Zanetti

©2011 Chappatte, distributed by Globe Cartoon. More cartoons on Chappatte’s web site. Geneva-based
Patrick Chappatte works for the International Herald Tribune, for Geneva newspaper Le Temps,
and for NZZ am Sonntag.

img by Randy Bish

img by Robert Johnson

This sketch by Tom Lichtenheld shows Steve Jobs in heaven among other angels.
Tom Lichtenheld is VP Creative Director at Cramer-Krasselt.

img by Jeff Darcy

img by Frederick Deligne

img by wagnerloud

img by Steve Breen



img by Richard Davies

img by bhagvandas

img by markdraws

img by jubhubmubfub

img by madwurmz



img by Peter Lewis

img by Danglar

img by gregbo

img by cayasha

img by daraku48

img by wretneck

img by benvista

img by brenibis

img by Bob Englehart

img by gilderic



img by eltigfx

img by behance.net

img by workbynight

img by dabluetouch

img by cornejo-sanchez

img by setobuje



img by benzibox

img by thatcrookedmind

img by colin-bentham

img by wiledog

img by eikomakimachi

img by bonadesign

img by egirldesign

img by olivermerza

img by harveylanot

img by sideshowsito

img by ryannore

While I was searching for all those masterpieces I’ve discovered a really outstanding blog which I want you to check and bookmark:


& in case you want EVEN MORE artworks… here… click this:

PS: if you are the owner of any of the above images and you don’t want them to be here just drop me an email and I’ll remove them.

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  1. Veerendra Tikhe

    wow wo .. thats huge collection ..

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing!…Legen ….DARY!!!

  3. Tom Ewer

    Wonderful post Tim. Bravo.

  4. Justin Germino

    Great collection here, love the Wall-E one and the Carbonite but the comics were great too.

  5. Web Design Company Mumbai

    Nice Collection of Artwork.

  6. Mark Armstrong

    Outstanding collection, many thanks!!

    You might also enjoy this one of Steve making the scene in the Garden of Eden. You can see the original image here: http://bit.ly/qn9aF0

  7. Franck

    Very beautiful collection!
    This is my small tribute to SJ, Original images also in color here : http://www.franckizquierdo.com/mon-hommage-a-steve-jobs.html

  8. Guillermo Aguilar

    So creative!
    This is mine: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/282/a/0/tribute_steve_jobs_by_imageac-d4c9nb1.jpg

    Guillermo Aguilar
    imageac on deviantart

  9. KrisOlin

    Oh, man that Wall-E image is so sad…

  10. George Roberts

    Very moving.

  11. Nội thất fami

    Awesome picture =)) So funny :D.
    Steve is the best!
    Guess how long the world will have a great person like him again….

  12. Anonymous

    This is really great effort to see a genius at one place 

  13. Nora Reed

    Fantastic work!!! These Artwork about Steve life was fantastic…

    Logo Design Blog

    • Tim Soulo

      thanks! It took me quite a while to find and pick the best ones :)

  14. Sai Krishna

    really very rare collection .thanks for your hard work

  15. Web Design

    Great collection of artworks that are spread across a vast majority of different approaches in the art world.

  16. Richard

    Seriously we do lost a man that brought so many innovation products to this world. Nothing but real respect. 

    • Tim Soulo

      yeah… and I think the “fan tributes” like those I’ve listed will never stop appearing

  17. New Web Templates

    Brilliant tribute!! It makes me feel that Steve Jobs leaves a great inspiration behind. Thanks for bringing such a nice post.

    R.I.P Steve Jobs

    • Tim Soulo

      thanks! …& don’t forget to tweet it! :)

  18. Logo Design Contest

    Outstanding tribute for a legendary technology changer, Steve Jobs was really a good human and a great inspiration of tech lovers. 

  19. Artatm

    amazing collection :)

  20. 99designs reviews

    Invention brings a lot of changes on the mind of people to make their life efficient, that’s Steve Jobs did in his life time to make a change on people and tech lovers. I really love this tribute. Good contribution.

  21. Kim

    This is a collaborative 100% recycled collage I did with my high school students. Each students was given a square section to complete without knowing who or what the image was until all of the pieces were completed. Afterwards they each read about Steve Jobs and shared their findings to the class.
    Commercial Art & Design, Anclote High School, Holiday, Florida

    • Tim Soulo

      wow! is there an article about this? I’ll reference it here :)

  22. shalini

    wow all of nice :)

  23. shalini

    wow nice

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