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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog Right Now!

There are a lot of posts out there meant to help you blog better, faster or smarter. We have published our share of articles on the matter, exploring bloggingguest blogging and building blog traffic. But when you’re about to start a business that has an online presence, first of all you need to know why a blog is so important in your overall effort.

As it happens in the life of every business tool, channel or method, the death of blogs has been proclaimed just about as many times as that of press releases. Yet they still remain powerful tools of the online world to boost traffic, connect with customers, reporters and potential business partners. While blogs as a concept might have evolved and changed in time, their efficiency and popularity has increased exponentially.

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Three Outstanding Online Marketing Blogs You Must Read Daily

Okay, let’s get real, most of what’s written about making money online is a total BS!

That might sound a bit harsh, but, well, reality is harsh: one of the easiest ways to make money online is to teach people how to make money online, therefore many people who write about it write for search engines with the purpose to get some clueless visitors and sell them some worthless product. This makes things really complicated for people who actually want to learn how to build an honest, sustainable and successful online business. Where can you information that would actually be valuable in the niche that is filled with scams and worthless trash?

I’ve decided to help you solve this puzzle: here are three of my favorite blogs about online marketing from which I’ve learned a lot. Read more…

How Benny The Irish Polyglot Turned His Passion For Languages Into A Successful Online Business

Benny runs one of the most popular language hacking blogs, Fluent In 3 Months , where he shares his language learning tips. Benny is travelling for nine years, eight of which was non-stop. He also speaks eight languages and claims that everyone can learn to speak in a new language in 3 months. Benny really walks his talk, since he is often doing “language learning missions”, which means moving to a new country and learning the language in three months. He’s now in Taiwan, learning Mandarin.

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How to Promote a Free Ebook to Boost Traffic and Increase Sales

We all love getting free stuff. And in order to get free, but quality products and services we are willing to put in some effort – subscribe for a newsletter, like a Facebook page, subscribe to email updates, become member of one community or another.

We know it’s a trick, if we’re required to do something, it’s not really free. But as long as we get value from both the freebie we get and the action we’re required to take, we won’t complain. Actually, we’ll come back for more! Read more…

How Lea Accidentally Stumbled Upon Location Independent Lifestyle And Never Looked Back

Lea Woodward is an online entrepreneur. She’s the founder of, and helps other entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be find and follow their own paths online and off, in business and in life.

Agota’s note: Lea coined the phrase “location independent”. How cool is that?! :D

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The Life Of A Digital Nomad: Interview With Maneesh Sethi

Who am I?

I’m Maneesh Sethi, a 24 year old Stanford dropout from California. who’s been traveling to exotic locations for over four years. Since 2007, I’ve:

  • Lived in and learned the languages of Italy,

    Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and India.

  • Founded an NGO in India that raised $5000 to build a library and computer lab for a poor village in India. (
  • Had a sandwich named after me in Florence,Italy.
  • Built a completely passive business, outsourced with several virtual assistants, that runs on fewer than four hours of work per week.


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