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6 Lessons World of Warcraft Taught Me About Internet Marketing

The most important lessons in life are often times learned in the most unusual places. As an example, one might learn a lot of internet marketing lessons by playing a very complex and social, but also quite fun, MMORPG game such as World of Warcraft. When you have somewhere around 10 million people from around the world gathering for a common activity, you really cannot notice the huge test drive it offers into how the Internet works, how groups interact and what social engagement should be like.

Playing World of Warcraft is not a single-person activity. Most often than not, you are required to join groups, smaller or larger, to get the most out of the game. Just like the Internet – you are not there to play by yourself. So here are a few valuable lessons I picked up while questing, fighting dungeon monsters and raiding in World of Warcraft: Read more…

Using Contests and Giveaways to Boost Website Traffic

Everyone likes gifts and winning something. There is something about the feeling of being faster, stronger, smarter than others, or just singled out from a group to be given something free that’s enticing to all of us and makes us what to come out and play.


Be it a matter of luck or skill or both, there’s hardly ever a matter of contest participants if the prizes and the challenge are right. Read more…