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7 Obscure Blogging Myths Haunting Community Answered Here

So many people start new blogs everyday with the hopes of and traveling the world while living off of passive income, yet so few of them ever make it on blogosphere. This really breaks my heart, because blogging is such a fascinating opportunity to create a location independent business and have more time and financial freedom as a result. I think myths that are floating all around the blogosphere are really fueling this destructive trend of wannabe bloggers failing to break through.

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Warning: How Not To Monetize Twitter On Autopilot

So you’re building a passive income?

What if I say that you were loosing your money all the way from the start?

And it won’t return, I’m sorry…

There are hundreds of “proven” recipes to build a passive income online and you’ve decided to try Twitter. Why not? Sounds easy and fun!

While there are tons of information on what to do to succeed, what about the things you should avoid if you want to see the green bucks?

The path to monetizing a Twitter account is filled with decisions that can derail your project. What are those wrong decisions?

It all starts with… Read more…

How To Develop Really Catchy Concept For Your Blog Success

There are many things that wannabe bloggers often miss and that internet marketers don’t tell them (marketing 101: sex sells, hard work doesn’t), which lead people to a really painful learning curve.  

One of those often overlooked things is the concept of your website.  Read this article and cut that learning curve: do things right from the beginning. Read more…

PageRank 4, 80k Alexa and 20k Visits – All In 3 Months. Detailed Report.

Some say it’s “AMAZING!”… For others it’s just “OK”… For me it’s “ACHIEVABLE” and I think you can outperform me quite easily if you want to.

This post is nothing else but my monthly report of the progress with BloggerJET. (Here are the past ones: 1st week, 1st month, 2nd month.)

The third month is closed and half of the challenge is behind my back now. As I turn around to look at it I have to admit I could do so much better, but that’s a different story. Let’s look at the stats! Read more…

How I Got $500 Worth of Tweets and Reached 900k People for Free

I know you want them to tweet your post!

Influencers, a-listers, celebrities – doesn’t matter how you call them, what matters is they can make you famous with a single tweet.

I know what to do! I will write a killer-post and just email them asking to tweet it. Or maybe mention them in my own tweet and I’ll get noticed

- No! They get hundreds (if not thousands) of such emails daily, what’s the chance to stand out?

Fine, I can pay for it!

- and you head over to BuySellAds just to see that a tweet from @colourlovers (almost 700k followers) will cost you $300. Which makes you go “hmmm”.

I got that tweet for free! And I’m going to show you how you can do it too. Read more…