How I Increased My Email Conversion Rate By 300% Using Content Upgrades

conversion-Post_ImageDo you love case studies?

I bet you do!

You get the detailed instructions on executing a certain strategy and the exact numbers that you can expect from doing it.

What can be more valuable than that?

These days I never take any advice seriously unless it’s backed up with real data.

I’ve learned a ton of highly actionable tactics by reading case studies and I guess it’s time to share one of my own. Read more…

What An Email Response From Rand Fishkin Taught Me About Influencer Outreach

randfish-Post_ImageThe fear of rejection.

A lot of people dream of becoming bloggers and yet they’re unable to force themselves to write their first article. They’re afraid that it won’t be good enough and the whole world will see that.

But the fear of rejection doesn’t end there.

You’ve tamed your inner critic by investing tons of hard work into your article and you’ve published it on your blog, because you think it’s great.

Now it’s time to show it to the authorities. And immediately the next round of “the fear of rejection” kicks in. Read more…

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